Brazilian League 2016/2017

  • 10th ROUND

    Vôlei Nestlé: Bia (MB) 17 -8 blocks-, Paula (OPP) 11, Bjelica (OH) 8;
    Valinhos: Carla (MB) & Mari Capovilla (OH) 7, Priscila (OH) 6;
    MVP: Bia (MB)

    E.C. PINHEIROS 3x1 SESI-SP stats
    Pinheiros: Bárbara (OPP) 26, Maira (OH) 16, Lays (MB) 12;
    SESI: Lorenne (OPP) 27, Ju Mello (MB) 13, Isabela Paquiardi (OH) 12;
    MVP: Bruninha (S)

    Minas: Rosamaria (OH) & Hooker (OPP) 21, Carol Gattaz (MB) 10;
    Rexona: Juciely (MB) 23 -6 blocks-, Monique (OPP) 20, Anne Buijs (OH) 10;
    MVP: Juciely (MB)

  • Yes, someone mentioned that in here..I just dont know how bad it is , and when she will be back... Rio really needs her, she was best blocker and serve of the past edition.

    I was gonna say.....Im not happy with Fabi, sure she makes some digs, but some easy ones she misses. And I feel that she does not brings any energy to the team at all.

    Anne made it up only in the end...Monique and Pri Daroit played great mostly the game, but in the they got overwhelmed.

    Juciely outstanding with 23 points, and Monique has been playing really well, probably the pressure of having Helo on the bench, makes her to play harder to secure her spot.

    Osasco vs Valinhos - Both Paula and Bjelica played. How did that happen? One of them played as OH?

  • Bjelica played as OH

  • I think that Destinee Hooker is playing really good for now. This is her second game and She scored 21 points.

    Her confidence is still growing and same with her shape. Give her 2 or 3 more matches and She will play at her 80% already. And with her 80% She is still better than any other OPP in US NT. :wavy:

    Don't forget that they played against really good team yesterday...

  • I just watched a full match even in 3. and 4. set Destinee looked so good, strong attacks and She is already jumping so high, few time She already jumped over the blocks.

    And Fabi is still AMAZING libero...