Turkish League 2016/2017

  • Gözde + VB''s bench won the set
    Özgenur served well and second setter Cansu did a good job Raşiç bloked well..Gözde is the soul of this team

    EcV lost from 20-10..incredible!!
    Barbolini's double sub. didnt work well this time..

  • ECZ need to get their heads back in the game or else this won't end well for them...

  • I've noticed Kubra changed surname, is she married now?

  • In Fact I really like Kosheleva but she does not seems a great atacker as she was in the past. An amazing Hitter, but with no much hitters over blocks as before.

    Vitra totally lost his confidence... Kosheleva its trying to encourage her teammates but without success

  • And tiebreak it is :white:

  • Nilay palyed horrible, high and unprecise balls.. And all of a sudden Boskovic and Kozubasioglu disapperead. I'm sorry for Eczacibasy, total meltdown in the last two and a half sets.. at this they could have been already celebrating from an hour!

  • That moment when Özgenur, the young setter Cansu Özbay and Vakıf bench was all they needed to get from 2-0 20-10 to 2-3. Really shame on Hill and especially Sloetjes. I said it before and I'm saying it again... Sloetjes does not deliver this season, at all.

    Btw Naz and Nilay were both very bad. Young setter Özbay outplayed both.

    I also liked Kosheleva today she made the 2-0 basically.

  • I was going to say Nilay played well until 20-10 in the third set and then she totally fell apart with the rest of the team. Only Kosheleva played well for Eczacibasi. I just hope this collapse doesn't hurt the team for the rest of the season, they need to bounce back.

    Vakifbank played very well once they got rid of Naz and Sloetjes. Zhu was unstoppable at times.

  • this must have been a good lessson for EcV's players..you cant feel relaxed even you were leading 20-10 and 2-0

    congrats VB, what a come back!!!

    Gözde and the bench made the magic in the third set and Zhu completed the mission

    i liked setter Özbay,my congrats. to her

    i think VB's foreigners must have seen that they were not that indispensable!

    Lonneke hasnt been playing good enough even playing badly against the strong opponents

    M.Rasiç is a key player for this team together with Gözde S.

    for ECV :
    Larson seems offensively to have passed her prime but with her reception and digging skills,she is an important player for the team.yet she should attack much better
    i dont like Nilay's game...even youngster Özbay outplayed her..she is a very experienced setter but still living timing and the other problems with the players :aww:
    Kosheleva played good enough but her reception is a problem
    Barbolini should use the players on the bench much better than that!!! :down:

  • Just watched the match in Youtube. WOW!! just WOW!! Good reason why we should never tear our sport lottery tickets into pieces before the end of the game.