Turkish League 2016/2017

  • Meryem is playing really good and played good in the past seasons also. I hope she can play like this in NT. Playing for an avarage team and being the best scorer is a thing and playing for NT and being best scorer is another thing. I am not saying she can't play this well, what I am trying to say is she has to prove that she can do the same in NT.

  • i think meryem is the best opposite turkish in the moment. the big problem of turkey national team will be opposite maybe only meryem and polen will play. i like burcu yuzgenç but she is playing medium for bad in halkbank. i miss pelin aroguz. she was excellent opposite but she live in USA now.

  • Wow! Ataman yelled badly to Gamze at the end of second set saying "This is the second time and you are not running to save when it is a bad receiving". Gamze looked bad already there and didn't set almost in 2 rotations although she was on the court. Then GS starts with Nursevil in the third set and loses it. So far her setting is terrible. I hope Ataman's anger won't cost GS points :white:
    Gamze is not back in the 4th set either!

  • GS was lucky today! Quality of Nursevil's sets is bad. Especially when we watched Gamze two sets and then Nursevil 3 sets, it is like day and night. Now I can see how much Gamze contribute to this team, making simple spikers like Guldeniz and Leys shine. Centoni had a bad day. I'm glad Seda came in as opposite and did an excellent job! Now it is also an option to use Seda as opposite and substitute Asli with Ruseva when block height needs to be increased.

    I think GS performed very different than the 1st half of the season, during the first two 2 sets. Amazing serves, good receiving and easy side-outs. It was nice to watch a great defensive work again. I think having Guldeniz-Leys as spikers is still the best option. Seda is like an all round player who can come in to replace anyone failing to attack. Unfortunately it all fell apart when Gamze left the court. However, I think we will watch a much better GS from now on.

    I like Ataman as a coach but today it was too much. Gamze didn't deserve such a reaction since the receiving was getting worse and worse. Instead of yelling at Leys, Nihan and Guldeniz, he yelled at Gamze which you could hear easily from tv and even Bursa players and staff looked shocked. It's not easy for a setter to remain strong mentally when your coach insults you infront of everyone. I know both Gamze and Ataman are sane people so I'm sure they will be fine again :box:

  • The Results of 13th Week :

    Fenerbahçe - Beşiktaş : 3-0 stats
    Idman Ocağı - Eczacıbaşı : 0-3 stats
    Halkbank - Nilüfer B. : 3-1 stats
    Nilüfer is literally playing with just two foreigners and the rest of the team contribute pretty little
    Çanakkale B. - Sarıyer B. : 3-1 stats
    bad start from Djerisilo from Sarıyer
    Vakıfbank - Seramiksan : 3-1 stats
    Bursa BB. - Galatasaray : 2- 3 stats

    Standings :

    1.Vakıfbank 40,08 points (13-0)
    2.Eczacıbaşı 33,87 (10-3)
    3.Fenerbahçe 32,36 (10-3)
    4.Galatasaray 25,2 (8-5)
    5.Çanakkale B. 24,87 (8-5)
    6.Bursa BB. 23,08 (7-6)
    7.Beşiktaş 19,72 (7-6)
    8.Halkbank 16,05 (5-8 )
    9.Seramiksan 10,87 (5-8 )
    10.Sarıyer B. 9,3 (3-10)
    11.Nilüfer B. 7,71 (1-12)
    12.Idman Ocağı 6,45 (2-11)

  • The Schedule of 14th Week :

    Eczacıbaşı - Fenerbahçe NTV SPOR Live at 11:00 (CET)
    Idman Ocağı - Bursa BB.
    Beşiktaş - Çanakkale B. NTV SPOR Live at 14:00 (CET)
    Seramiksan - Galatasaray
    Sarıyer B. - Halkbank

    Nilüfer B. - Vakıfbank NTV SPOR Live at 11:00 (CET)

    the match of the week : Eczacıbaşı - Fenerbahçe
    Beşiktaş -Çanakkale B. and Seramiksan - Galatasaray matches

  • I agree, they have a hole in the middle. Adams or Thaisa would be more useful, also to free the other attackers and of course in blocking.

  • Ecz simply can't play with Busra and Ceylan.. They have to leave Kosheleva or Boskovic on the stands

    Büşra should kill some balls..she has enough experience for this level..but the setters are not thinking of setting to her much
    Ceylan is simply invisible :aww:

    Diclenur is not a superb middle as well but ezgi can set to her