Turkish League 2016/2017

  • I`m not saying their are not important, everyone is important, but what I`m saying is that, Vitra turned out to be a great team, but they are not like what we were all were thinking they would be after the CWCH, unbeatable. Boskovic was unstoppable during the CWCH, now she is still playing really good, but not like she was during the CWCH, and seams like there`s nobody to fill her shows when she`s not 100%. ( Like, Kosheleva did it in the FInal vs Pomi)

  • as it was said Eczacıbaşı is to play better in CL due to its midddles...it is true
    about depending on Boşkoviç'S performance : Boşkoviç can play badly or well..when she is not good EcV has enough good players to raplace her with Neslihan,Hande etc. beside the starters

    the basic matter is not to deliver % 100 at spiking but playing team play very well...if Ecz can play a very well-organized team (they are not play but still play better than that) play then no matter who plays badly on a day..f.e. fb won both matches with natalia's bad perf. in turkish cup

  • btw..Idmanocağı got a very important win at home againt Bursa BB..
    with Polish player Skowronska's coming..setter Matienko lost her spot in the team
    Idman won by Birgül Güler's pretty good performance :thumbsup:

    those who missed Ecv- FB match..now can watch it on FB TV

  • Beşiktaş's main problem their local players contribute little except youngster Tuğba..
    Sarıyer's Ivana Djerisilo transfer doesnt looked a good choice
    Seramiksan'S Krsmanoviç delivered a good performance in her first match except for her blocking (0 block) but her team lost 3-0 against Galatasaray

  • i know teams transfer players to meet their needs and some other situations
    but i find it interesting while Cuban Celeger is playing in the second divison and Nilüfer transfesr an unknown ukrainan young player for first division.
    is about money? could samsun ankent fron second divison be richer than Nilüfer or is it just about the need in the team ? or wrong transfer policy ?

  • Cuban Celeger is playing in the second divison and Nilüfer transfesr an unknown ukrainan young player for first division.

    I think Cleger got really good offer. She was practising with polish team KSZO Ostrowiec. They were really close to sign with her but she decided to play in Turkey.

  • Eczacibasi is paying back their silly transfer's policy decisions. How can you not transfer proper local players when you have none that are decent?

    In this squad of Eczacibasi, there are only 2 very good locals: Gulden and Neslihan. Busra is fine and Hande can develop.
    What they needed desperately was to find a defensive local OH which was not so difficult to find, look at Fatma Yildirim, Guldeniz Önal or Birgul Guler who is making miracles in Idmanocagi. That would mean, Larson could be benched and they could have Maja, Thaisa and Kosheleva on the court at the same time. Boskovic could come in when needed with double substitution.

    Unfortunately, there are no good local MBs, setters, offensive OHs in Turkey right now which would reach Eczacibasi's standards. The only position they could easily fill would be defensive OH with a local player.

    Nilay is bad but I feel terrible for her. Since she had this reputation of making double touches, referees are being really harsh at her while allowing other teams' setters do anything. That's why she was yelling in the second set to the referee "don't call double touches only to me then!". I agree on earlier comments, Eczacibasi needs to focus on transferring good local players next season and having a more balanced team. Nilay, Gözde Yilmaz, Ceylan should be sent, Arelya, a good local OH and a two proper local MBs should be transferred. I think Melike Yilmaz is still Eczacibasi's player and she is for sure a better blocker than Busra and Ceylan.

    Congrats to Fenerbahce! They are doing great with a very limited squad. I'm surprised that they actually stand strong so far since they have many weaknesses. It's quite basic actually, if you stop KYK by serving hard on her and if Fenerbahce has bad receiving, then the only option for them to side out is Natalia, who makes many errors...I don't agree on comments about Tomkom, just move her to Galatasaray and watch how she is performing with scorer MBs, proper receiving and hitters who like fast sets. The only bad move of Fenerbahce this season is, Maret. They could find a better alternative, though I think Abbondanza wanted someone who can hit from zone 2 and receive excellent when Natalia or KYK are failing. What he doesn't know is, Maret has been attacking from zone 4, not 2, although she is left handed. That's why I think her attacking looks terrible now :whistle:

  • The Results of 14th Week :

    Eczacıbaşı - Fenerbahçe : 2-3 stats
    EcV was close to winning with 13-10 but they failed.Kosheleva coudnt kill the balls in tie breaker..if she had killed one of those sets it would have been 14-11 for EcV and they could have won
    Idman Ocağı - Bursa BB. : 3-1 stats
    after second set i never thought Idman would win but they succeded.Congrats to them! short Birgül played with 21 pts(%49)..Horvath and DA Silva's scorer games were not enough for Bursa to win
    Beşiktaş - Çanakkale B. : 1-3 stats
    Beşiktaş started well but couldnt concluded it as they wished
    Seramiksan - Galatasaray : 0-3 stats
    i had expected a better game than Seramiksan at home.
    Sarıyer B. - Halkbank : 1-3 stats
    Ana Starcevic started to raise her game recently
    Nilüfer B. - Vakıfbank : 0-3 stats
    new transfer Bytsenko played with 17pnts (% 50) .i hope she keeps playing that way

    Standings :

    1.Vakıfbank 43,08 points (14-0)
    2.Eczacıbaşı 34,87 (10-4)
    3.Fenerbahçe 34,36 (11-3)
    4.Galatasaray 28,2 (9-5)
    5.Çanakkale B. 27,87 (9-5)
    6.Bursa BB. 23,08 (7-7)
    7.Beşiktaş 19,72 (7-7)
    8.Halkbank 19,05 (6-8 )
    9.Seramiksan 10,87 (4-10 )
    10.Idman Ocağı 9,45 (3-11)
    10.Sarıyer B. 9,3 (3-11)
    11.Nilüfer B. 7,71 (1-13)

  • The Schedule of 15th Week :

    Fenerbahçe - Idmanocağı NTV SPOR at 11:00 (CET)
    Galatasaray - Nilüfer B.
    Çanakkale - Eczacıbaşı NTV SPOR at 14:00 (CET)
    Halkbank - Beşiktaş
    Bursa BB. - Seramiksan

    Vakıfbank - Sarıyer B. NTV SPOR at 11:00 (CET)

  • What do these points mean? I don't remember...why are they decimal?

  • i watched besiktas vs canakkale game and my observations:
    the big problem is in libero ( bihter IS HORRIBLE libero) and MB
    zehra start this season very good but now she is playing very very bad. yasemim is playing better.
    cagla no is playing bad for me.
    i like tugba.

    the wing spiker is playing well
    ceren kestirengoz played very bad ( only 3 attack ) and she no make good season.
    buse in reception is medium for bad
    one good MB this season turkish for me is beyza arici. she have good block and strong attack i want see her in national team u23 - senior.

    eczacibasi vs fenerbahce

    nilay is horible setter. why barbolini no chosen arelya ?
    ceylan is fiasco block. she is block play like one setter maybe naz block better than ceylan. i remeber turkish fans say: ceylan will learn with poljak hahahaha, the major mistakes in carrer of ceylan is stay in back up for 4 season.
    and busra? hahaha maybe busra and turkish fans believe that busra can play in good level. she is slow, only 185 heigth and bad attack.
    barbolini no believe so much in hande
    and i not think gozde gooood player but i think she need play more.

    melis yilmaz in recepetion is the best libero turkish this season.
    dicle when want play, play good
    eda continues very good
    polen continues in back up ( 4 season in back up)
    ezgi for me play better ( in fenerbahce) better than tomkom

  • I wouldnt blame only the players. Turkish teams these season in general have terrible transfer policies. I'm a bit scared because it feels like volleyball in Turkey is becoming like football. Managers are suggesting bad or wrong players to teams just to earn money and teams accept these players without considering what they really need.

    Some teams made better decisions during the holidays, like Seramiksan transferring Krsmanovic or Idmanocagi transferring Skowronska (though I would prefer a local OH, especially Gözde Yilmaz).

    On the other hand, most teams failed badly in their transfer policies, Eczacibasi is the leader in this case and Fenerbahce is also in the list with the transfer of Grothues. What a waste of money!

    There are few local players impressing me this season who can be considered for the NT: Gamze Alikaya is so far the best local setter, being more consistent than Naz. I would go with Gamze & Cansu Özbay to a preliminary tournament and then add Naz for more serious tournaments. Birgul Guler is doing an excellent job and taking the spot from Fatma Yildirim. The only impressive local MB is Eda, she is amazing. Rest are so inconsistent. Beyza, Asli and Kubra are still better alternatives than Özgenur (spent a season in bench again!), Busra, Ceylan etc. Same with opposites, Meryem was great and she played a bad match last weekend. The best libero Turkey has right now is Gizem Örge, Melis is nowhere closer.

  • I think mid level teams had good transfer policy;

    Bursa BB: They might be the team with best transfer policy. They got the best local setter and defensive OH available, renewed contract of Joycinnha and Milos who had good seasons, signed with unknown talented OH Horvath. The only position they have problem is libero position but it is hard to blame them since Ceren had a fantastic season last year so it made sense to transfer her. I have no idea why she is underperforming so badly right now. She was supposed to be best receiver libero in the league while she sucks badly at reception this season :aww:

    Halkbank: Salas and Starcevic duo works great so far, Tutku Burcu is inconsistent but she is so young. I think they should have trusted her more instead of transferring Yeliz (I really find her overrated). Aslihan and Seda are also good setter duo, Derya shows consistent performance so far. The only player that I didnt like is Grigoreva, they could have found way better player than her.

    Canakkale Belediyesi: Kulan and Jerkov also strong OH duo. Ceren is underperforming but there is not much options among local Opps, Beyza is playing surprisingly good, Seda is not a special setter but she delivers what is expected from her. They could have got a good foreign MB after first half of the season.

    Besiktas: They could get more experienced foreigners to lead the youngsters in the team but so far all young players in the team delivers good performances (except the libero Meliha)

    Sariyer: In theory, they also did a good job with transfer policy, signing experienced local OH Esra, and Yaneva who had a good season with Ilbank last year, strong Opp Fawcett, talented setter Arelya and scorer MB crimes. They were my favourite team with Bursa before starting of the season. I have no idea why a bunch of good players did not work well. Most of the time the problem is either the trainer or the bad mood among players in the team, I dont know which one is the case for Sariyer. On the other hand, signing with Djerisilo was not a bright idea :thumbdown:

    Bad transfer policy is valid for Nilufer and results so far also proves that

  • Thaisa is injuried. I don't know the name in English, but it's a partial rupture of something in her knee.
    She got injuried in the match against Bursa, and still played against Uralochka for CL, and then the injury got worse.
    She is not playing in the next weeks.

  • How

    [quote='Sidney','index.php?page=Thread&postID=330855#post330855']Thaisa is injuried. I don't know the name in English, but it's a partial rupture of something in her knee.
    She got injuried in the match against Bursa, and still played against Uralochka for CL, and then the injury got worse.
    She is not playing in the next weeks.

    How ironic. She ruptures her bursa sac in Bursa.