Olympic Games - 2016 | 8 | 6

  • Congrats to the USA! As much as I hate seeing the lose sets/matches, I would rather see them struggle and then come up strong and finally take the gold, than watch London all over again

    I really didn't like Kelly in the first 3 sets but then she came alive and really helped her team win.. I mist say she has been really good from the back court.. Alisha should do that more often

  • A plus for the US is how well Hill handled reception. If she had served her usual style with her attacking she would have had a solid game. The serve came back in the end and I'm sure it will be there next match. But to be truly consistent on receive is a huge advantage for the US.

  • hope balkenstien's injury is not serious. good news is she's got some time to recover as they don't need her for the next two games.

    in the other game, serbia didn't start with boskovic. what's their coach thinking? Porto Rico is not Cameroon.

  • Dutch team needs her for every game. Without her, they are very vulnerable :S

    they'll be forced to play schoot more. that just puts pressure on slo and the middle to score as it takes away one point of attack. against serbia's blocking, they got no chance with 2 points of attack in the front.
    but they can probably get by porto rico and no-morale italy with that.

  • I'm curious to see how Korea will play against Russia. Kim looked on fire against Japan.. but they lack another scorer and the MB Yang didn't play fast balls, so maybe against russian block it can be harder. And Kosheleva and Goncharova can have easy life against small blockers such as the setter...

  • Netherlands have provided most of the entertainment so far in the OG, with the right mentality they just might have a chance to take 2nd place in Pool B ahead of Serbia who have looked OK, but have yet to really be tested. KYK is incredible, but she can't beat Russia alone, Yang and Lee will need to contribute as well.

  • Just realized how much of a complete Russian dream team this is :super: Honestly Russians will get a medal and maybe even a gold one. But still #TeamKYK

  • Dutch injury update: Steenbergen's knee is much better and she's ready to play if needed. Grothues has injured her ankle and left on crutches, there is no official word yet but obviously it's quite painful.

  • Any link for RUSxKOR? The stream I was watching suddently turned into a tennis match :what:

  • I just can't believe Marichev, he is just pathetic with those challenges

  • After 3 extra tight sets, Korea wasnt able to keep the rhythm and it is being demolished by Russia. 21-9 so far.

    Kim was impressive as always during almost all the match. It was a nice comeback from Samolyenko. She did good blocks, cover and also fast balls. Voronkova also was a good surprise.

  • Just looked at the livescore of RUS vs KOR match. Korea won 2nd set and it's currently the 4th set 21-9 for Russia. The first three sets were close. I'm unable to watch the video so any feedback from you guys what happened? :)