Olympic Games - 2016 | 8 | 6

  • don't guess what's with Cameroon, don't know those players...


    1 Stephanie Fotso Mogoum CAM MB
    2 Christelle Tchoudjang Nana C CAM OP
    3 Jacqueline Ntozi Mpgenga CAM OP
    4 Raissa Nasser CAM L
    5 Theorine Christelle Aboa Mbeza CAM MB
    6 Laetitia Crescence Moma Bassoko CAM OH
    7 Henriette Nadege Koulla CAM S
    8 Raissa Tatiana Baran A Bissene CAM S
    9 Marthe Linda Aboa Essama CAM L
    10 Berthrade Simone Flore Bikatal CAM OH
    11 Victorine Pauline L'or Ngon Ntame CAM MB
    12 Abdoulkarim Fawziya CAM OH
    13 Bodo Essissima Madeleine Samantha CAM OH
    14 Yolande Juliana Amana Guigolo CAM S
    15 Emelda Piata Zessi CAM MB
    16 Ruth Manuela Marie Bibinbe CAM OH

    It appears that only 5 players play outside of Cameroon. Mogoum, Nana, Fawziya (all 3 with VBC Chamalierois), Nasser (France National 2D), Bassoko and Koulla

  • Bonitta invited 15 players to NT training camp for OG preparations:

    S: Ofelia Malinov, Alessia Orro, Eleonora Lo Bianco
    OPP: Valentina Diouf, Nadia Centoni
    OH: Serena Ortolani, Antonella Del Core, Alessia Gennari (from 8 July), Miriam Sylla, Paola Egonu
    MB: Martina Guiggi, Anna Danesi, Cristina Chirichella
    L: Ilaria Spirito, Monica De Gennaro

    I assume that one setter, one L (for sure Spirito unless he wants to use her as backrow sub) and one OH/OPP will be cut. If Gennari doesn't recover in time one decision is already clear.

  • does Orro recover herself ? otherwise the two setters seem clear also.

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  • OG preparations in Bar:

    S: Ognjenović, Živković, Radenković
    OPP: Bošković, Brakočević, Malagurski
    MB: Rašić, Stevanović, Veljković, Popović
    L: Ćebić, Popović
    OH: Mihajlović, Malešević, Nikolić, Buša

    so Djerisilo is out eventually and it's right move :thumbup: so 1 S, 1 OP, 1 MB and 1 OH or 1 L will be cut ^^

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  • Oh Okkk... Yeah because someone really posted that they were gonna play with South Korea and when they go to Rio they would be practing together with Russia.... but if they will play with NED and practice with Brazil that is even better.

  • The idea of bringing 3 setters is just weird to me. Plus, cutting Fawcett is a bad decision. Trust me, Lowe will crack under pressure, as well as Murphy. I don't think the US will get to the final this time.

  • I'm afraid if Marichev got motivated by Kiraly's idea and would take 3 setters too :aww:
    No Olympics for Fawcett, Dixon and Gibbemeyer...I feel sorry for them, they must have been working their ass off.

    After today's beating by Brazil, I don't think so. I hope Marichev surprises us and brings an actual 4th OH (*cough* Pasynkova *cough*).