Olympic Games - 2016 | 8 | 6

  • China has pulled off a Brazil 2012 comeback. Playing bad at the preliminaries and placing 4th, then rebounding at the quarterfinals and semis all the way to winning gold! Congrats! :super:

    Too bad for Serbia. Still, good tournament for them! It's a big achievement for them to win silver :flower:

  • Aww, I'm happy for China! They have tremendously talented players, and while I wouldn't say things "came together" for them tonight, it was enough to win. Both they and the Serbian team will be threats for years to come.

    The women's game is changing a lot right now. Either you're a team with a lot of all-round players, or you're a team with a single star and a supporting cast. I'll admit, I prefer the former, but I love watching KYK, Zhu Ting, and Goncharova fire off ruthlessly against a well-prepared team. :-)

  • Congrats China for olympic gold medal!! :cup:

    They did their best match when it was necessary.

    Zhu Ting will make history if injuries respect her.

    And Congrats to Serbia, they did an awesome tournament but they felt the pressure of a historic match for them and "only" take silver medal.

  • Congrats to China team
    Quallity strategy>strong serves strong hits

    Zhu ting MVP of the tournament(Number 1 player in the world for me)
    Hui made a verry good game tonight

  • Great win for China, the youngest team won , average age 22. They are young, talent and fierce. Lang Ping is a genius, we always wondered what was China`s starting liine up, because she never had one, and that was her plan, She did not had only 7 starts, but she had 12. She really build a "team". And there`s no doubt China will dominate the next 4 years to come.
    Zhu is the best of the best. But she did not carry this alone.....China did not have a starting 7, they had 12...no other team had to 12 players like China.


    ABout Serbia, a silver medal, that is really amazing, only their 3rd Olympics and alreday with a medal. And they will be 2 second power team this next Olympic cycle.
    But I was dissapointed with their attitute today, not the performance because Lang Ping changed the team just like she did vs Brazil and NED....she knew what she was doing everytime and there were no stopping China.

    But I said this before, Mihajlovic probably has bipolar disorder, sometimes she shows up alreday looking tired, and from the beginning of the match I knew today was not her day. Is esay to read her.
    Maja, too bad she had a bad day again, if she was not "Maja" I would say a lof of crap about her right now, but I wont.

    Terzic taking Malesevic out when she was scoring? Bad Move....

    and Serbia should have known better....China lost first set to Brazil, and they came back to win....vs NED they were down 10-4 and came back to win.

    In the 2nd set, Serbia felt comfortable....in the 2nd set Serbia should have fired up and went for. but they did not. But they did let China fire up, and then when the set was gone is when they decided to get angry, and then Terzic decides to take Malesevic out and they lost.

    And Popovic totally screwed Serbia up...

    An their mistakes , 27 vs 17 from China...

    It really sucksssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

    But CHINA played the best :rose:

  • I just have a question:
    What did Brakocevic say after she was replaced?
    She looked very angry.
    because injured Ognjenovic was in and Mihailovic was out?

    My favourite roster of Chinese (in 2022)
    male NT:
    S - Yu Yao-chen, Chen Lei-yang
    OP - Jiang Chuan, Dai Qing-yao
    OH - Zhang Jing-yin, Yu Yuan-tai, Liu Li-bin, Fu Hou-wen
    MB - Zhang Zhe-jia, Peng Shi-kun, Li Yong-zhen, Jiang Zhen-yang
    L - Yang Yi-ming, Yang Tian-yuan

    female NT:
    S - Yao Di, Diao Lin-yu
    OP - Gong Xiang-yu, Sun Xiao-xuan
    OH - Li Ying-ying, Wang Yi-fan, Wu Meng-jie, Zhuang Yu-shan
    MB - Yuan Xin-yue, Wang Yuan-yuan, Zheng Yi-xin, Liu Yu
    L - Ni Fei-fan, Xu Jia-nan

  • it's clear pressure got to serbia this game. only rasic played really well.
    congrats to china. they deserved it. they are not the most talented. but i'm sure they worked the hardest. they made a lot life style sacrifices for this, being in china.

    China showed to be the most talented as a Group...and a few talented players together wins GAMES...A Talented group makes a TEAM and wins CHAMPioNships

  • China showed to be the most talented as a Group...and a few talented players together wins GAMES...A Talented group makes a TEAM and wins CHAMPioNships

    i would clarify by talent i only meant the god given physical gift which is something you can't teach.
    obviously that's a narrow definition of talent. if you include skills, team chemistry, mental strength, etc., you're equating the most talented to the best team.

    btw, if serbia didn't have so much rest leading up to the games, and instead worked harder on the fundamentals, maybe their game wouldn't have been so error prone. i'm pretty sure team china logged in the most training time among top teams.

  • this was such an unsettled tournament until the end. unlike 2008 and 2012 , there was not a strong favorite, and the champion even finished 4th in its pool. and when did we ever have 4 semifinalists all from one pool? i think any of SRB, US, BRA and CHN could have won, but congrats to CHN. i wish SRB had controlled their nerves better, and their serving, passing and setting had gone better. they'd have been able to set the middle more and relieve brankica and boskovic. those two alone can't carry the team.

    i was on the fence a lot about kiraly, but now i think he's really just not that good a coach. what a waste of some of the best players in the world! I don't mean destiny; he still had some great players, but he can't give them much direction or technical insight, it seems.