CEV Cup 2017

  • Sorry if I'm late to comment, I couldn't continue during the match.

    In the second set Vasileva was back and Busto was asleep, in the fourth I really really hoped they could take the match to Golden set :(
    Overall I think Busto – except for the third set – did almost his best: Martinez is the one that was missed the most, but the others imho played at their own level.
    About Diouf, I think that she doesn't have a good technique and that she is goofy and slow, but not actually 'lazy'. And I'm very sure she cares A LOT about her team and teammates :)

    Well, I really wanted to believe it was possible to win, and the first two set helped me with that, as big part of the fourth...
    This evening I had the Golden set that didn't wanted and didn't have the Golden set I wanted, I guess I'll have to cope with it :(

    In the end, congrats do Dinamo, they really deserved the victory, they did what they had to do in the most important moment, and that's what makes you a winner ;)

  • I agree, we all know why everyone dislikes Diouf but imo its getting a little out of hand sometimes. I really believe Diouf cares and is a sweet person behind all that drama. People should stop judging her based on her personality and more on her game. Which I agree she's not the best even though she has all the length in the world but I also think it's no just laziness all the time. Her technique is quite bad and she has a slow approach. I don't know if people watched Busto's matches this season but thanks to her they sometimes had a set filled with all side out points. She can step up her game and has been the most important player for Busto all season, including them even reaching this final. Kazan was just a little better tonight and last match :teach:

    Overall I guess this was a horrible night for Italian volleybal fans, so stay strong Italy I would say :rose: :lol: