2017 CEV Challenge Cup

  • my projection for the final four :

    Bursa BB.,Schwerin and Yenisei seem to be in the final four

    Asterix - Olypiacos : i havent watched Asterix so far and dont know what they can do but i liked Olypiacos team play. which team do you think can prevail ?

    i say Olypiacos wins it

  • 4th Final

    Naturhouse Ciudad de LOGROÑO (ESP) – BURSA BBSK (TUR) 1-3 (15-25, 25-27, 25-19, 21-25)
    Top Scorer: Helia Gonzalez 15, Daniella Pereira 14, Fernanda Gritzbach 13; Joycinha 20, Horvath 20, Soroglu 10.

    Viteos NEUCHATEL Université (SUI) – SCC Palmberg SCHWERIN (GER) 0-3 (21-25, 20-25, 22-25)
    Top Scorer: Campbell 11, Wigger 8, Bugg 7, Reesor 7; Tapp 13, Lippmann 12, Brinker 11, Gebhardt 11.

    Asterix Avo BEVEREN (BEL) – Olympiacos PIRAEUS (GRE) 2-3 (22-25, 25-11, 25-19, 20-25, 12-15)
    Top Scorer: Herbots 20, Lemmens 15, Van Gestel 12, Van Avermaet 11; Hippe 22, Lamprousi 11, Malasai 11, Lazarevic 10.

    TJ OSTRAVA (CZE) – Yenisei KRASNOYARSK (RUS) 1-3 (16-25, 23-25, 25-22, 15-25)
    Top Scorer: Kojdova 19, Zednikova 14, Toufarova 7; M. Frolova 19, Manziuk 16, Kuznetsova 12, Harelik 7.

  • So as expected, Bursa, Schwerin, Olympiacos and Krasnoyarsk are supposed to reach the "money time" (where the medals are given), because they won on the road and have now all even home advantage. Final remains speculation, but I think Krasnoyarsk is the strongest team in lower half, while Bursa vs. Schwerin is hard to predict this time.

  • Bursa play Schwerin

    what do you think about this match ?

    it seems to me all the teams in semi finals have chance for the final
    Olimpiakos can beat Russian team if they play well though they are still not qualified for semi final

  • To be honest: I can't guess the strength of Bursa presicely, so for me it remains open, if Schwerin can beat Bursa. The last team has the advantage as two years ago to have the second match at home, therefore also a possible Golden set, which they exploited the last time to win. Schwerin is now considerably stronger than 2015, but Bursa might be too...

  • BURSA BBSK (Tur) – Naturhouse Ciudad de LOGROÑO (Esp) 3-0 (25-18, 25-12, 25-18 )

    SCC Palmberg SCHWERIN (Ger) – Viteos NEUCHATEL Université (Sui) 3-0 (25-15, 25-15, 25-20)

    Olympiacos PIRAEUS (Gre) – Asterix Avo BEVEREN (Bel) 3-1 (25-18, 25-16, 19-25, 25-21)

    Yenisei KRASNOYARSK (Rus) – TJ OSTRAVA (Cze) 3-0 (25-23, 25-20, 26-24)

  • I don't understand one thing.

    According to italian wikipedia in Quarter- in draw Bursa was higher than Schweriner but in Semi- 1st match is in Germany, 2nd in Turkey as advantage to Turkish Team. Why?

    In 2nd half everything is OK. Greece higher than Russia and 1st match in Greece.

    Someone helps Turkey to reach Final?

  • Not only the tree of teams is determined by the draw, but also the order of matches in each pairing in the tree. So usually the best seeded (Turkey/Bursa) gets the home advantage in the return match with eventual golden set, in the lower half up to the semis the second seeded Russia/Yenisey KRASNOYARSK and so on. This scheme is not always stuck to by the way, don't ask for details, but Schwerin had also return match against Neuchatel in quarters, like Olympiacos against Asterix, where Olympiacos inherited it from Canakkale (Turkey), which were only by Balkan qualification victory eligible to participate in Challenge cup.

  • Schweriner's coach Koslowski talks about Bursa BBSK as if they would play Vakıfbank not Bursa BB .
    should be kind of Guidetti tactic to put the pressure on the opponent's shoulders before the match.lol

    You are right: first of all, he was coach under Guidetti before he became headcoach of German national team, second he was at begin of season happy to attribute favorite role to Stuttgart. As matter of fact, championship favorite is now his team Schwerin and a big threat to Bursa without any doubt...

  • Bursa while I can't say it looks easy, Schweriner didn't cause as much trouble for Bursa as one could have imagined. IMHO this is not even the best I've seen from Bursa, I except an easier match in Bursa...

    As for Olympiacos, I knew they could beat the Russians after watching their matches. They played well and I'm also very glad for what looks like it might be a neighbor finale :win: (ofc we have to wait still for Russia)

  • Congrats. to Bursa BB.
    winning second set seems crucial for the match

    I think, that Schwerin was once more vulnerable especially in the head: the statistics of Schwerin were not that bad, but they started bad in first and fourth set and couldn't get managed the crunch time. Of course Bursa has the advantage to play in a much stronger league than Schwerin, who has only one truely (nearly) equal opponent in Germany (Stuttgart), while Bursa plays lots of matches in the season against powerhorses like VakifBank, Fenerbahce, Escacibasi or at least nearly equally strong opponents like Canakkale. Anyway, to win with three points in Bursa is kind of mission impossible for Schwerin, the chances are heavily on Bursas part at home...

  • Go Olimpiakos!
    i want them to make it to the final :D

    German national Saskia Hippe (opposite) was once again like a scoring machine, Olympiacos is certainly glad, that they hired her (despite Germans are not that popular in Greece currently for reasons, but this is a friendly sport and it seems not to be an issue there luckily).

  • German national Saskia Hippe (opposite) was once again like a scoring machine, Olympiacos is certainly glad, that they hired her (despite Germans are not that popular in Greece currently for reasons, but this is a friendly sport and it seems not to be an issue there luckily).

    she leads Olimpiakos..
    now Bursa BB - Olimpiakos final is possible though Olimpiakos still has to win away while Bursa BB is going to play at home