CEV Cup 2017

  • I'm waiting for Trentino Fenerbahce match for days but I'm very disappointed that Fenerbahce is no longer exists on the game and it's very boring.

    Turned off the game at 20-8 in the second set. This is beyond boring.

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  • I don't like to speak too soon, but so far I have to admit this i boring even for me, a Trento fan.
    I wanted to ask you if Trento is simply too stronger or if Fenerbahce is playing way beyond their true game. It's been a long while I don't watch Fenerbahce playing, so I've no idea of their level (but I expected more than this having them won their own Championship).

  • I don't like to speak too soon, but so far I have to admit this i boring even for me, a Trento fan.
    I wanted to ask you if Trento is simply too stronger or if Fenerbahce is playing way beyond their true game. It's been a long while I don't watch Fenerbahce playing, so I've no idea of their level (but I expected more than this having them won their own Championship).

    Well, you might just look at my earlier post about the match.

    Trentino Vs. Fenerbahce, this compare would be interesting.

    Unfortunately I don't have enoguh volleyball knowledge to detect the differences between Trentino and Fenerbahe, however I have never thought that Fener would be powerful than Trentino.

    Other Turkish teams are not so powerful. If I catch the broadcast I watch Halkbank, Ziraatbank, Arkas, Maliye, Galatasaray, Besiktas, vs and you can't compare these teams with Italians like Trentino, Lube, Modena, Perugia vs. Italians are more more diciplined then our teams.

    As a result, if these 2 teams play for the final game, I would bet all my money on Trentino and enjoy the play until last point.

    As a result, Trentino's pre-match exercises' are even more tougher than this match I think. Italians are definitely not joking if the subject is volleyball.

    On the other hand, yes Fenerbahce is beyond their true game. At least they could make their defence and services better. This match was a disaster. Trentino has a lot of offence plays but Fenerbahce didn't do their homework. They couldn't stop any strike easily. However my volleyball is knowledge is not wide, that's what I think about the game.

  • Thank you for the answer!
    The third set was tight, but – even if I missed the middle part so I can't judge properly – probably was even more boring because also Trentino played so and so (I mean, my impression was that in the third set Trentino lowered his game more than Fenerbahce enhanced his).

    Still, obviously I'm glad Trentino won and without having to waste too much energy.

    Little notice: I thought the second libero (Chiappa) was going to be the 4th OH instead of Antonov, but he was second libero as usual. I wonder if there is some rule in CEV Cup about that or if may be Lorenzetti hoped he could use him for a while if the match was going smoothly enough (but the third set was tight so there was no chance).

  • For the other semi, United Volleys proved to be too light weight for Tours tonight.

    Numbers look pretty bad for the german team and if you consider that they still had chances in first and third set you can say that Tours didn't play that well tonight too. They defended Dünnes pretty well and that was already half the win, as both OHs couldn't really help today. In this context, I wasn't impressed by Zimmermann's setting. Very predictable and boring, and when all hitters have such bad numbers, some blame goes to the setter too.

    Tours served well in the right moments of the match and with canadian OH Ryley Barnes, they had the best attacker on court. So generally, i don't think that United Volleys can turn this around. Sure, they can play better than today but so does Tours......

  • Trento in fina having won the 4th set (their second set won)!

    Today Fenerbahce-Trento is definitely a more interesting match, even if I still didn't not found it very entertaining except in the end of the 3rd set; Trentino from 21-24 to 25-24 (with Nelli in for Solé to serve from 22-24: no direct aces, but 4 excellent serves in a row).

    Ps I forgot how annoying it was playing without video check -.-'

  • Trento's players would've loved it today :whistle: Urnaut seems pissed at the referees all the time.

    Yeah, I hated not being able to know if he was right to be pissed or no xD
    The referees rarely called the ball touched (for both sides), so I suppose that statistically speaking they missed few touches ;)

    EDIT: Lorenzetti complained about the referees in the post-match interview, and was quite severe: he said something like 'I wonder why Italian teams risk money playing the CEV Cup if this is the level of the referee... I think we made around 32 points in the third set'
    Being Lorenzetti a coach that hates excuses and never complain about this stuff (and having get the final, so no need to be frustrated) I must admit I believe he's right, even if I just watched the match on laola so no way to properly evaluate a touch or a in/out.

    I do think that probably there were errors also in favor of Trento, though.

  • Today at 18.00 pm (in Italy) Fenerbahce vs Trento ^^

    @fossa, I hope you'll manage to go to the arena and watch the match live ;)

    It has been a busy weekend so I can reply just now about the match. We enjoyed whole match. Especially 3rd set was amazing. 4th set is the final to audiance. Fenerbahce did their best and nobody was expecting a 3-2 score for the match. Thanks to both sides and good luck to Trento at the final.

  • Today the final Trento-Tours at 8.30 pm!
    Return match saturday in Tours at 8.00 pm (if I recall well).
    Unfortunately I won't be able to watch live the match, I'll try to watch it on Laola without having spoilers but I don't know if it's possible (on Raisport for example it's impossible because they gave you the result in the name of the video).

  • First set 30-28 for Tours that is playing very very well. Trento canceled a lot of set point (like 5) but it wasn't enough.
    Trento underperformed a bit in reception, but for the rest I'll give almost ll the credits to Tours for this first set victory.

    ps Tours fans are amazing! And the idea of giving a withe shirt to every one for the event worked very, very well.
    But I can still hear the few Trento fans, and I'm glad for it ;)

    Pps in Trento there were the video check, I hoped also in Tours there would have been, since it was a final...

  • Second set for Trento, 25-22 (after leading 23-16...).

    When it was 23-16 for Trento I thought that despite being a similar result to the set played in Trento, while in Trento the home team dominated the sets, this time Tours put on a strenuous fight every point. So it wasn't such a clear victory.
    In the last part of the set there were more Trento demerits than Tours merits imho, but Tour server was doing a great job.

  • Nice one from Tours. Guess this will wake up Trentino. haha

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