• what kind of music do u listen to? any recommendations?

    well, i listen to Pop, Rock, RnB, House etc etc :wink2:
    and u definitely have to check out Tina Dickow (or Dico)! she makes accoustic pop/rock songs!
    check her our here:

    and currently im listening to some house tracks from the sampler: Big City Beats 6....

    so guys, ur turn now :wink2:

  • I'm more into Metal and Dream Theater are just... perfect! Last week they were here in Portugal and, of course, I made 600 Km to listen to them alive once again...

    But I also like other kinds of music, if the interpreters are good and professional... Rock, Blues, Bossanova, Classical...

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    Dream Theater are just... perfect!

    Scene from a memory : One of my favorite album ever !

    Otherwise, I'm a huge Smashing Pumpkins fan, last CD I buy was Goran Bregovic's "Karmen with a happy ending" along with a french music compilation including groups like les ogres de Barback (2 brothers and their twins sisters playing more or less 20 different instruments together at every concert) , Debout sur le zinc (one of my favorite french group since a few years , especially good in live for their ability to build emotional mood) or the mythic têtes raides. These 3 groups are a fair sample of what is called "nouvelle chanson française" (= "new French Song")

    I also enjoyed two debut album from two french bands singing in english:
    Hushpuppies (pop/rock)
    Mr Lab (electro/pop/rock)

    One of the last show I saw was a Dionysos concert , one of the best french group of the moment, absolutely amazing live.

    And I also like a lot Mercury Rev.

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    I love lyrics Coma's songs.

    I don't understand the lyrics but that sounds very good to me... :)

  • -edyta bartosiewicz (polish rock singer)
    -hey (polish rock band)
    -katie melua
    -panic at the disco (i hate emo but really like it)
    sometimes guns n' roses
    and various artists ;)

  • This Coma is very impressive. I didn't like the clip, but the music is more than OK.
    Aha, and Hey is from my city :D

    The most important 3:

    5th place - Prediction Game - World League 2011 :D

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    -edyta bartosiewicz (polish rock singer)

    uuuh i really like edyta! especially the song ostatni :oops:
    since we already started to talk bout polish music, i have to mention my all time favourite Kowalska :wink2:
    the song "do złudzenia" is off da hook!

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    since we already started to talk bout polish music, i have to mention my all time favourite Kowalska :wink2:
    the song "do złudzenia" is off da hook!

    oh i like kaska kowalska too. my favourite 'co moze przyniesc nowy dzien' and 'wyrzuc ten gniew'

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    I don't understand the lyrics but that sounds very good to me... :)

    Same here... :wink2:

    I like a lot of singers/bands, but my favorite are Black Eyed Peas, Aerosmith, U2, Shakira, Pink, Pitty, and Laura Pausini :wink2:

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    My fav bands are:
    Epica, After Forever, The Gathering, Delain, Nightwish, Therion, Leaves Eyes, Elis, Within Temptation...anyone knows any of these?? :lol:

    i know just nightwish and within temptation...
    too bad that tarja turunen had to leave nightwish :? she was the best singer for this kind of music :roll:

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    The new Nightwish singer is soooooooo bad :x I don't understand how they could choose her.
    Nastja, there are better singers than Tarja :wink2: Listen to the Decipher album from After Forever.

    sure there are, but i dont know tarja has the full package somehow :roll: and for nightwish she was perfect...

  • I love listnening songs in spanish, french, brazilian portuguese, serbian/croatian and russian. Very musical and romantic languages who sounds really good. Really, I have chills. I love also how polish sounds, but I don't understand very much this language.

    Of Polish singers I know Kayah, because she singed songs of Goran Bregovic. I have all the CD of his former 70s-80s yugoslavian rock band Bijelo Dugme. In general I love Balkan music. So I love also turkish music.
    Another kind of music I like is brazilian music. All the song such as mais que nada, fio maravilha, taj mahal, brasil etc.
    Music from carribeans, south american. Also of not that known singers.

  • wow international taste :D
    what kind of russian music u listen to? maybe i can recommend u some new music?

    for me, polish rock music is the best ever :D esp. Chylińska and Kowalska! damn how i love them :lol:
    and about russian hmm Tatu :oops: BUT dont laugh guys! they might be very commercial but their lyrics are really nice (at least the russian ones ;))

  • hehe i remember when I got the CD tatu 'nas nie dogoniat' buehehe i was so happy and then :shock2: 'what am i listenin' to?!'

    kayah is cool:)

    recently much i'm listening goo goo dolls :love: