• Theme song for the 2018-2019 V.LEAGUE by BananaLemon called "Clap, Smile & Dance"



    Megumi Kurihara - JT

    Manami Kojima - NEC

    Rina Hiratani - Kurobe

    Hisae Watanabe - Hitachi

    Mari Horikawa - Toray

    Akane Yamagishi - Ageo

    Mio Sato - Toyota

    Mai Shimizu - PFU

    Nana Sakamoto - Denso

    Mizuki Ugajin - Okayama

    Yuka Taura (?) - Hisamitsu

    Interesting choices. It's hard to Clap, Smile & Dance

  • I have the WORST taste in music, love everything most people hate. Oh and I only listen to local (Turkish) stuff.

    One of my jams :lol: typical friday night hit. Our neighbours probably hate us.

  • I only listen to local (Turkish) stuff.

    I have a bunch of Turkish pop type stuff on my iPod. This is one of my favorites:

    I don't know if it's cool or uncool to like it (like if you told me you had a Celine Dion song on your iPod I would think it was uncool) :P

  • sitenoise A Tarkan and Nazan Öncel duet is definitely not considered uncool, don't worry


    The hidden romantic in me is loving that song btw...

  • [youtube]


    Toni Braxton :heart:

  • particularly Namjoo's vocal work at 03:13 is unbelievable and at some other minutes

    it is called "nağme" in turkish..i dont know how it is called in persian language

  • Is that considered 'classical' music in Iran?

    Also, the sound engineering of that performance is amazing. Like thirty instruments and voices and you can hear every one of them. Skilled performers helps with that. Very nice share!

    edit - yes, that vocal waterfall at 3:13 ... wow

  • sitenoise

    i think we can't call it iranian classical/traditional music (btw i dont have any expertise on iranian music lol) this is a song arranged on modern western instruments but it should also be containing some traditional ingredients in itself such as vocal technic (those vibes) ,sense, melodic structure etc..yet it should be kind of personal experience of Namjoo's himself rather than a traditional song

    you could listen to Mohammad Reza Shajarian who makes traditionla iranian music and who is/should be a very important artist in iran

  • pay attention to 06:12, 06:20 and 06:24 :white: she is making/taking out two sounds at the same time/ she is polyphonic/many-voiced

    im first time witnessing something like that



  • Very cool. On top of that it gave me goose bumps how deep into the pocket the rhythm section jumped right after that.

  • i think music is one of the rare beauties mankind creates for the world..you know the rest is generally damaging to the world,other species etc..

    here is a voice from Korea : So Hyang



  • That one is too dramatic for me and my history with the song :)

    Several years ago I made a youtube playlist called Cultured (pronounced "Kool Terd") which was me exploring music from around the world. This is the song I picked to start things off:

  • a Kurdish Band

    Geezus. I watched/listened to that about 12 times in a row and immediately procured two of their albums, which unfortunately neither of them has that particular number. It's an almost perfect piece of music for me: both lilting and aggressive, half-tones, poly-rhythms, female vocals more like an instrument than a word-giver, harmonies both ominous and poppy.

    It's confusing to me to see that audience of middle-aged people watching/listening to that quietly. We used to have to take LSD and bring on our most punk, nihilistic attitude to make music of that ilk--while admittedly, certainly not of that caliber.

    On the other hand, I've seen Diamanda Galas twice and sat there quietly.

  • Hippe is singing one of the most famous greek songs. She has said one of the reasons she wants to learn greek is to unterstand the songs.