• hi guys, someone recommended me this forum as a volley fan :bump: I am from Ankara, Turkey. Why not start y first post with music I thought :D an Iranian song here that really is epic to me, very interesting, haunting song. You can feel that there's a very great meaning to it even as I don't understand the language. It's about the terrible Islamic regime in Iran I heard from a friend, this artist is wanted by the government... :(

  • Special one for serdar here a Dutch rap jam of mine:

    "Je gaat uit maar kan de huur niet betalen,

    Ben met je chick maar blijft naar me staren..."


    Dutch rap is my go-to when I'm there, vandaar die Surinaamse accent misschien XD

  • Good one! I added it on my playlist. Dutch rap is my guilty pleasure:lol:

  • I was lol'ing through the first half of that with all the tears and swooning, and then he did one of those melisma/glissando things--at 2:56, queued up:

    Not the kind of music I listen to but what a voice!

    I'm really liking all this Kazakh stuff you post. I looked on my iPod to see if I had any and all I could find was this (unfortunately no live performance I could find on youtub):

  • Killdozer: "I Am I Said" (Neil Diamond cover)



    Too good

  • As an anecdote to the preceding sloppy drunk interpretation of The Diamond's existential crisis, I have this queued up to a moi Caprice song's 16 bar outro.

    <3 more love more love more happy happy love <3

  • From Oscars 2020 'Best Original Song' category: [ Beyonce in shock, even without nomination here ]