FIVB U23 World Championship - 2017 |

  • LOL.

    DOM have 4 martinez! brayelin, jineiry, natalia and larysmer.

    brayelin is not playing in this match?

    So, are all these Martinez the blood sisters? If so then it's a strange phenomenon whereas a family dominating the NT :D :roll:

    It came out the SF match of TUR v DOM was the REAL final (while the host was a tame opponent in the final), it's a very tight match and the victory could go to either's side. It's a DOM's bad to lose the last two points in the 6th set rather easily after led all the ways in that set.

    Congratz to the TUR team for the glorious ending after passed the uneasy, challenging path.

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  • I think this must have been the most biased awarding ceremony I've ever seen by the Slovenians. They didn't even try to hide it xD. Ok, I get it your hosting but having more Slovenians then Turkish players in the dream team is just funny since they got crushed 4-0. I can only agree with Beyza as MB, I could have even given Beyza Arici MVP since she saved the DOM match with like 1000 aces. But Hande was super good too throughout the tournament. Having no Ebrar in dream team is a scandal imo. Also after Beyza 2nd best MB was Martinez with short hair from DOM. She was really good too, can't believe she had no award either. :down:

  • samsara, no, they are not all sisters, just jineiry and brayelin (that i know of ). martinez is a very common name in latin america.

    i made the mistake of looking at the fivb website and of course, the DOM team listed is a wide roster, so there's only 14 players (?) in the tournament. brayelin is listed but obviously not here.

    this DOM coach (from BRA) needs to be disciplined. not just how ridiculous it is to scream and curse at young athletes, i doubt it's helpful to the team. i can't imagine they play any better with all that anger and screaming.

    beri, her name is jineiry. i think she and guillen will be big stars in the future.