Rio Olympics - Woman's Beach Volleyball

  • Semi final:

    Larissa/Talita vs. Ludwig/Walkenhorst
    Ross/Walsh vs. Agatha/Barbara

    As expected, the teams who were dominating the season are playing out the medals. Ludwig/Walkenhorst and Ross/Walsh probably have left the best impression so far, so they are my pick for the final match but especially Bra vs. Ger is far from a safe bet.

    By the way, anyone who likes the sport should try to watch the replay of yesterday's quarter between Heidrich/Zumkehr and Larissa/Talita, especially the end of the second set. :teach:
    The rally at second match point for swiss team was absolutely insane :obey:

  • I don't think Barbara/Agatha can beat Walsh/Ross, the other Brazilian duo would have a better chance, but let's's been a great tournament so far.

  • :obey: :white: :super: :dance4:

    Epic performance by Kira and Laura. That was just awesome. i am following Laura since the very beginning of her career and what she played today was incredibly good. Just wow....
    And now take the gold back to Hamburg, girls :super:

  • I don't follow the women's beach volley a lot but i'm really impressed by Laura Ludwig in this Olympics, she serve great, she score and her defence is just phenomenal :obey: .
    Hope to see the German duo in Gold tomorrow, i will be very happy for Ludwig :heart: .

  • What a shock Larissa and Talita are out. But today the Germans were unstoppable, they were great from the start to the end, they gave the Brazilians no chance at all. Amazing performance.

  • I thought I had already commented it, may be I picked the wrong topic ^^'

    Very deserved final for Ludwig - Walkenhorst! I agree with rbdfabio, wonderful performance!

    Now I'm sorry for Brazil, but I will cheer (this time virtually, I won't be able to watch the live I'm afraid) for my beloved Walsh <3

  • Congrats Agatha/Barbara!

    But also to my peace of cake Walsh <3
    In the most difficult moment, after the loss, she – as always – went to thanks every single volunteer on court. A true champion :)

    Edit: I found out this was her first loss in 4 Olympic Games!! And only the third and fourth lost sets :white:

    She wrote that after the match:

  • And the GOLD goes to Ludwing\Walkenhorst, very well deserving, I wanted Aghata\ Barbara to win, but there were no changes for them at all, the germans were hard solid the whole time. Kira is a monster blocker and Laura amazing digger.

    Oh Germany another upset over Brazil.

    I hope Nicolai and Lupo won't upset Alison and Bruno tomorrow.

  • :flower:
    Congrats girls, that was, again, breathtakingly well. Happy to see a lot of familiar faces in the stands having a good time 8)

    After the gold with Brink/Reckermann, it is already the second gold medal for headcoach Jürgen Wagner. Looking at the amazing development of Laura and Kira, individually and as a team, this guy obviously knows what he is doing :obey:

  • Oh, taken by the volleyball QF I missed that this night there where the female finals!! Congrats Ludwig/Walkenhorst, for what I've seen of the rest of the tournament it was very deserved :)

  • Germany with Gold.. Matthias for sure is happy.. but only in half..