USA NCAA 2016 Women's Volleyball

  • I don`t like how some teams take their OP out when they go in the back row and bring "another libero" in. With Florida State for example, Kubrura is their best hitter by far, and yesterday she was the leading score, but when she leaves the court even with a good pass there`s nobody to kill the ball, and what sense does that makes? none...

    Remember this is the difference between FIVB limited substitution and the NCAA fairly free substitution (15 subs and unlimited entry). Some coaches will choose defense and/or passing over the opposite. I agree that it makes no sense sometimes, but the NCAA rules make the game more specialized.

  • Round of 8 (Regional Finals)

    Fourth Round, December 10, 2016 at Lincoln, Nebraska, hosted by Nebraska 4 PM EST (9 PM UTC)
    (1) Nebraska Cornhuskers (31-2) 3-0 (8) Washington Huskies (29-5) (25-16, 25-10, 25-21)
    Nebraska jumped out to a 4-1 in the first set and just kept pushing it. In the second 9-0 start for Nebraska and the Huskies were never in it. The third set was fairly tight until 14-14. Nebraska puts a 5 point run together and close out the match comfortably. Washington could not pass on service receive and Nebraska kept up the service pressure. Washington as a team had 26 kills in 3 sets, with 18 hitting errors on 91 swings. You won't win a set, let alone a match with those numbers.

    Fourth Round, December 10, 2016 at Austin, Texas, hosted by Texas 8 PM (1 AM UTC)
    (4) Texas Longhorns (26-4) 3-0 Creighton Blue Jays (29-7) (25-19, 25-20, 25-11)
    Texas started out hot in the first set and Creighton couldn't catch up. Creighton got out to a lead in the 2nd set, but Texas caught up and pass them on a 9-4 run after being tied at 16. Texas put the throttle down to start the 3rd 8-2 and never looked back. Nebraska vs. Texas looks like a really good semifinal.

    Fourth Round, December 10, 2016 at Madison, Wisconsin, hosted by Wisconsin 6 PM EST (11 PM UTC)
    (3) Wisconsin Badgers (28-5) 2-3 (6) Stanford Cardinal (25-7) (25-18, 26-24, 21-25, 21-25, 9-15)
    Inky Ajanaku was unstoppable for Stanford in the middle, 20 kills, 6.5 blocks (2 solo, 4.5 double). Lauren Paolini only gets to one Final 4 in her four years, which was in her first year.

    Fourth Round, December 10, 2016 at Minneapolis, Minnesota, hosted by Minnesota 10 PM EST (3 AM UTC)
    (2) Minnesota Golden Gophers (29-4) 3-0 (10) UCLA Bruins (26-7) (25-23, 25-20, 25-22)

    Semifinals at Columbus, Ohio (Nationwide Arena), December 15, 2016
    (1) Nebraska Cornhuskers (31-2) vs. (4) Texas Longhorns (26-4)
    (6) Stanford Cardinal (25-7) vs. (2) Minnesota Golden Gophers (29-4)

  • See, I told u Nebraska vs WA was not even worth watching, olololo. And I knew Stanford could beat WI, it should be a 3-1 if Stanford had not messed up the passing in the end of the 2nd set.

    I have a feeling UCLA will beat Minnesota.

  • Sounds like they wont show the first semi-final on TV, streaming only, which sucks....I dont know why they wont do it, instead they will show a High School Basketball game.

    brahmin , do u know why they play with long sleeve shirt?

    My predictions for tomorrow.

    Stanford 3 -1 Minnesota

    Nebraska 3 - 0 Texas

  • :bump:

    both semi-finals and the final are going to be on ESPN (instead of ESPN2)

    edit: the final match is still on ESPN2

  • Oh ok, I need to check again, because I just set to record and there`s only the second semi-final on ESPN2 ....I will check again...thank uu

    on my Tv guide on ESPN there`s still High School Basketball set for tomorrow and no volleyball...and on ESPN2 they have the 2nd semi-final...maybe they will update soon..

  • Oh ok, I need to check again, because I just set to record and there`s only the second semi-final on ESPN2 ....I will check again...thank uu

    on my Tv guide on ESPN there`s still High School Basketball set for tomorrow and no volleyball...and on ESPN2 they have the 2nd semi-final...maybe they will update soon..

    I just checked ESPN's website and the semi-finals will be on ESPN. They tweeted about it:…43809?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw

    By the way, AVCA just announced the All-America teams, full list:…ivision-i-allamerica.html

  • ESPN changed from ESPN2 at the beginning of the week. ESPN2 had been the semifinals home in previous years, but ESPN liked the numbers from last weekend and with no other live programing, pro or college basketball planned, they moved it up. FINAL IS ON ESPN2

    Semifinals at Columbus, Ohio (Nationwide Arena), December 15, 2016
    (1) Nebraska Cornhuskers (31-3) 0-3 (4) Texas Longhorns (27-4) (18-25, 23-25, 21-25)
    Texas gets revenge against Nebraska from an early season sweep (Aug. 27) to sweep Nebraska in the semifinal. Texas got a small lead in the first and slowly kept growing. In the second the lead kept switching, until 20-20, Texas got a 2-point lead and then side outed to win. In the third Texas got out to 4-point lead (9-5) and Nebraska did get it 1 (16-15), it never got closer than that. Ebony Nwanebu (who had transferred from Southern California (USC) had 17 (15 k, 1b, 1a) and Paulina Prieto-Cerame with 12 (12k) led the Longhorns. In an odd night for Nebraska the Rolfzen twins really had little to offer Amber with 4 kills and Kadie with 7 points (6k, 1b). Mikaela Foecke had 16 (13k, 1b, 2a) to lead the Cornhuskers.

    (6) Stanford Cardinal (26-7) vs. (2) Minnesota Golden Gophers (29-5) (26-24, 25-19, 22-25, 25-22)

    This was a very tight match, excluding the 2nd set. Lots of long rallies throughout the match. Inky Ajanaku (Stanford) was just a force in the middle with 20 points (15k, 5b). She did have help from Kathryn Plummer (Stanford) with 19 (15k, 3b, 1a) but she only hit .104. Minnesota was very dependent on Sara Wilhite with 26 points (25k, 1b). Alexis Hart 13 points and Molly Lohman 12 were the only other players in double figures for the Gophers.
    Ajanaku who had an injury in 2015 has played great in the tournament and will probably make some European team very happy next year.
    I thought that Nebraska and Minnesota would meet in an all-Big Ten final, but I was mistaken.

    Championship Match at Columbus, Ohio (Nationwide Arena), December 17, 2016 9PM EST (2 AM Dec. 18 UTC) on ESPN2
    (4) Texas Longhorns (27-4) vs. (6) Stanford Cardinal (26-7)
    This is the 8th time (Stanford 5-2) these two teams will have faced in the tournament, but the first time in the final. Texas has a very tall block, and Stanford is very good in the back court. Stanford is youngest team to get to the championship game (average age) while Texas is more junior and senior heavy.
    It should be a great match on Saturday.

  • Stanford `s smaller hitter is Inky at 6'3, and their setter is 6'1, then they have 6'8, 6'6, 6'6, 6'4, I don`t think Stanford is that good on the back court, especially Plummer she`s very shaky. And I think Stanford`s chances depends a lot on her.

    And Texas`s setter is short, I think she`s 5'7,Micaya White is 6'1, Paulina Prieto 6'2, Ebony is the tallest at 6' Stanford should use that to their advantage.

    Nebraska showed they only know how to play when they have their crowed behind them, they were totally off and had no energy at all.

    I don`t know who I want to win...maybe Texas...because I think Stanford will dominate the next 3 years...

    Paulina Pietro won it before with Penn State, if she win`s now with Texas, she will be a champion with 2 different schools. Plus reaching the final 3 times.

  • Championship Set 1, Stanford 25-21

    Stanford comes back for two 3-point deficits. Paula Prieto-Cerame for Texas could not put the ball in play in the first set. 6 errors on 15 swings, only 1 kill, for -.333 hitting percentage, ouch. Other than her Texas hit 13 for 29 with no errors. Ebony Nwanebu for Texas with 5 kills. Inky Ajanaku led Stanford with 4 kills and 1.5 blocks (3 two-person blocks).

  • Championship Set 2, Stanford 25-19

    Prieto-Cerame is still bad tonight, 2 kills, 8 errors on 26 swings, -.231 hitting. Texas only has 3 hitting errors otherwise. Micaya White and Nwanebu have 9 kills each, but not much help elsewhere.

    Inky Ajanaku with 8 kills and 2 blocks for 10 points. Kathryn Plummer with 9 kills for Stanford.

    Long rallies in this match, can Texas solve the Prieto problem? If they can they are right in the match, if not Stanford clinches in three.

  • Prieto had a terrible night :wacko:, of course Texas could not win without her.

    But it was a really boring final... :down:

    edit: Or maybe it was boring because of Sunderland? He keeps talking too much about random things and totally forget about the game.

  • I watched the final, I think the game was interesting, there were a lot of errors...but it was a interesting game with a lot of score runs...

    I was really impressed with Stanford libero and setter, both Freshman! Stanford team is so young yet, they will have some good future with these players, and Hodson still to return...

    Plummer also someone to watch, with her high she is actually quite skillfull in the back considering...she can be really worked for USA future. I think Texas didn play in the level they were playing before, but well, it happens..

    Congrats Stanford!

  • The US NT is already working a lot on Plummer, she`s a member of the indoor and beach programs, and mostly of these girls are also. And remember they don`t only play in College, they play at other tournaments and training camps throughout the year, like in the summer they go play in Asia and Europe, which give them international experience. And all these training camps are all really tough.
    They are kept really busy. And they get some of that also in High School.

    There are 1,787 colleges with Women`s Volleyball Program.
    26,915 thousand women playing in College and 432,176 thousand playing in High School.

    Of course all this takes a lot of money/investment. Something that a lot ( or maybe none) other countries has to provide :wacko:…Represented-in-NCAA-Semis