Italian NT 2017

  • In case of clenbuterol, food contamination had already been proven. Clenbuterol is/was used in China in heavy doses for meat production. After a trip to China, a couple of years ago, a german table tennis player had been caught on clenbuterol. He could prove later, that staff members had the same, small, level of clenbuterol in their blood. Later tests with businessmen arriving from China proved that "theory".

    Oh, that's what they mean for food contamination!
    I thought it was like 'medicine dropped on the food', not 'ingesting positive meat due to use of the medicine on the animal'. That's make slight more sense, at least.

    Anyway with FIPAV and Bergamo agreement/cooperation she (obviously) asked for the counter analysis, that will be made in the same lab in China.

    Another fact is that the dose was very little (at that can support the 'contamination theory'), but on the other hand the medicine doesn't last long so the fact the dose was little may not be that indicative.

    I guess she risk 2 years of disqualification... unless she proves somehow it was contaminated food...

    And I hope the rest of the team is not at risk of losing its WGP silver medal.


    And think that Moky gave Sylla her medal since Italy went to the podium with all 16 players and the medal weren't enough... (in fact also Tirozzi didn't got it, if I saw well the video). It would be kinda cruel if she will actually lose the medal because of Sylla :wacko:

  • An interesting link from WADA website, but it was written in 2011.…-due-to-contaminated-meat

    China and Mexico may have may have meat contaminated with Clenbuterol.
    But it's quite clear that the responsibility of the assumption is still on the players shoulders.

    This advice was written (I think) after the case of the tennis table player Tim mentioned, and there was a similar case with a Spanish cyclist but that happened in Spain, not China.
    As far as I read, he German prove his innocence with a voluntary hair test, that showed no evidence of the substance, while it usually shows if you use it (at least if you have dark hair, which he does – the blonde may be negative even if they're using clenbuterol).

  • Poor Lia!!! ;(
    For the second time in a row out of the blue she won't join the most important tournament of the summer for Italy!
    And this time she was even titular! So unlucky :(

    Disaster week end for Bergamo as well, for the record... well, at least this year they don't aim for the top, so they don't lose that much...

  • Without Malinov and Sylla, our chances to win a medal are way lower. Especially Malinov is a big loss for Italy, since Orro didn't show good things whenever she was given a chance to play this summer. I think Cambi is better than Orro, but she never trained with NT this summer, has no connection with the rest of the team and she is probably out of shape. It was a huge mistake by Mazzanti to work with only two setters for all summer. As he is an experienced coach, he should know injuries can happen anytime so he shouldn't have taken such a high risk. I hope this for him will be a lesson for the future. 3 SETTERS at least must be in the NT during the preparation of big events.

  • According to Egonu's instastory, Cambi is already working with NT

    Yes, she reached the team yesterday evening.

    Without Malinov and Sylla, our chances to win a medal are way lower

    Malinov absence obviously won't help our chances, while about Sylla I'm not so sure... I mean, she could have helped, but it seems in Mazzanti idea she wasn't titular anyway.
    I wonder which OH Mazzanti will bring at the ECh. Who will stay home between Loda, Guerra and Tirozzi? Will he confirm the preference for Loda?
    EDIT: and now there is also the question Diouf/Sorokaite... But I don't think Sorokaite has trained also as OH (I thought it was possible after the GP).

    3 SETTERS at least must be in the NT during the preparation of big events.

    From a certain point of view (the one you pointed out), I do agree.
    From another one, having 3 setters means less court time (during the training) for everybody, or at least for the two subs, which I think is very important for the setters... I mean, you have to give to every setter a certain amount of time with each spiker. And we have like 13 of them.
    And the more setters you use, the more you will have a slight different game every time...

    Or at least, that is the explanation I gave myself to answer the question 'why almost everybody train with just two setter?'

    Ps this afternoon friendly match (h18.00) will be aired on the FIPAV FB page (I don't know if also on the youtube page)

  • My guess is that they all stay in the same hotel.

    Yes, they were all in the same hotel!
    Now the 'food contamination' seems definitely a strong possibility! And may be if the contaminated meat was given by the hotel (hard to prove, but easy to suspect) they won't even be considered responsible for it (while usually you're considered responsible for ingesting/assuming doping by accident)! 8o

  • Bad thing for Italy is that they are in a such weak group and they won`t be challenged at all in any of the 3 matches. It is always nice to face at least a decent team because that will help you later, just like Serbia facing all 3 decent teams C.Republic, NED and Belgium.

  • just like Serbia facing all 3 decent teams C.Republic, NED and Belgium.

    didn't you recently call these teams as weak teams, how fast did they improve to be "decent teams" ? :rolleyes: I am also surprised that you are concerning about italia's ECh performance, who cares? it is such a weak tournament anyway :whistling:

  • Bad thing for Italy is that they are in a such weak group and they won`t be challenged at all in any of the 3 matches.

    I don't like take things for granted, but yes, it appears we have a strong chance to directly access the quarterfinal. But in case we will reach them, we're quite unlucky we are probably meant to face Serbia or Ned, almost an anticipated semifinal imho.

    Even if in general I would agree with you (an easy pool don't prepare you well for the next phase), in this case I think it may help us having (in theory) more affordable matches, because during the pool we will need to find our game without Malinov.

    On the other said, Pool A seems to be the weakest overall. Russia and Turkey looks like the favorite to grab the semifinal on this side of the schedule, and they're both on the same pool.

  • Although I am sad for Antonijevic being handed a positive test and a possible suspension... It is definitely a good sign for Sylla and Antonijevic which may put into light the truth. Having a coincidence like that is just too convenient and lucky for the both of them it happened back in China and not somewhere else.

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  • can you italian guys make some comparisons amongst Caterina Bosetti,Partenio and Pietrini pls?

    i remember C. Bosetti was considered to be a superstar in the future but we now see her recent situation..Parteni used to be thought a promising talent etc..

    Do you think Pietrini can be the star of Italian NT in the future...could she be like Piccinini f.e.?

    Pietrini has a very good height C.Bosetti is a short OH.

  • Pietrini is considered a 'meant to be' player (and I really wish she will!), but as we learned in the past being top in the juniores isn't a guarantee of success in the future: Caterina was MVP of the 2012 U20 WCh, but now she's 'just' a good OH, not a top player. Plus, she is the only one in the NT from that team of 'champions' (with Diouf if we consider an enlarged NT).
    Guerra was called the new Piccinini, but for now she didn't even make it to the final cut in the NT.