Women's World Grand Prix 2017

  • I started to watch turkey-belgium from 16-15 in third set..turkey served well and blocked well..Gamze showed her good game..Kübra showed worldclass blocking of her..Polen used many tips..she should think of hitting first and more.Meliha's game was positive.
    Belgium was bad bcz their setter was pretty bad passing also was bad of course..Belgium''s job is not easy with this setter after Frauke Drickx

  • Plus, I still don`t get why a lot of people over here underestimate the Chinese ( and sometimes the Brazilians) players so much.

    If the Chinese players were so weak as some of you guys think....and if the Europeans were so much stronger, would be easy for any of the European Teams to beat them.

    I`m all for the underdogs. and I`m always rooting for Europeans Teams, but the European Volleyball is so so far behind from the Americas and Asia. Europeans in general ( besides Russia and Italy in the past and Serbia at the moment) only have height, but they lack talent, athleticism, mental toughness.

    Just watch it.... even though Brazil, USA and Russia are not playing their best, they will easily enter the Final 6. ( China would reach the finals as well). Serbia will make it. Which means there`s only 1 spot left .

    And how boring is that? having the same teams in the Final over and over again... and it is not only reaching the Finals...but it is about winning as well. I would love to see a surprise here, but all these Europeans Teams ( Besides Russia and Serbia ) plays so crap all the time, and they simply does not offer any challenge for China, Brazil and USA.

    ( I know a lot of people will say a lot of S%#$#@ back at me.... so i won`t even read the posts. ) :gone: :gone: :gone:

  • So weird to see Ferhat in the bench for Japan lol
    Nice game between them and the Dominicans so far. The gym and the atmosphere in Holland look great!

    I love the Dominican hairstyles.

    They look gorgeous indeed. :D

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  • I don't see the connection to my initial statement, but....even when Guidetti was GER NT coach I didn't like some of his behaviors and I have the impression that he became worse over the years (or with increasing success?). And many times he harms his own team the most with his freak-outs. Remember last year when there was this ridiculously wrong challenge decision in Montreux semifinal CHN-NED? It got reversed eventually, but Guidetti made such a big fuss about it that his team didn't score a single point afterwards :!: As far as I remember it went in 4th set from 20:20 to 20:25 and losing the whole match.

    i m also angry at Guidetti''s reactions against referees even i hate them however Matthias seems to have been feeling frustrated /disappointed since Guidetti left German team ..no offense! :win:

  • @fbdfabio

    the other european teams in group 1 you meant are playing with new rosters,young players etc except Dutch and Belgium teams. Dutch team may make it to the finals like Italy
    on Chinese players..They are sure good enough but no need to proclaim some players as world stars from now..they have to prove themselves first and winning some big tournaments regularly etc winning local league mvp doenst make a player automatically world star

    on europeans : i agree about them lacking mental power but not agree that they are not athletic..about talent ..i would say so-so neither superb talented nor too bad on average talent in europe

  • The thing that I really like about Kim is that even when she plays an average match overall, which happens because she's not a robot :!: , she can always step up her game to push the team when it really counts. Yesterday she was invisible in 1st set and then did very well, today she had big problems to score for 3 sets (also due to the team's unusually poor passing) but in 4th and now in 5th she's on a totally different level.

  • there is some time for the finals but according to the current teams' curent perfromances. Serbia is the better team than the others therefore they seem to be the most important candidate for the gold at the moment..
    of course by time some other teams can step it up and play much better .. such as China,Brazil ,Usa even Russia and Italy

  • I'm really glad Ana Antonijevic gets some chances to play, even though she was out of NT owing to her injury for a while she's still very good. I mean Zivkovic is also a solid setter but Ana is simply on another level IMO.

    I'd hate to play against Rasic-Stevanovic duo, they're just too strong both in attack and block. Veljkovic is also very good, pity that she's always been 3rd MB in NT, nonetheless she's always there to help the team, if I'm not mistaken she's been with NT for 10 years and is still 27 :white:

    You are right. Veljkovic's debut was on WC 2007. Something curious is that she played as opposite in U18. As she jumped high, Terzic made her play as MB and now that is her current position.

    Serbia has great MB. Even Rasic, Veljkovic and Stevanovic can play well against any oponent

  • Bulgaria won 3-2...Bulgarian Mbs had a very good match both Ruseva and Nasya Dimitrova and bad game by KYK (talking by the stats of course ..i cant watch the matches)

    btw.. whats wrong with Japan ?...they are 2-0 behind against DR