Women's World Grand Prix 2017

  • Turkey played a great match, almost, quite narrowly to account for an upset victory. Tandara is the star of the Brazilian team today, at least during the ending part of the match.

    Kubra is big but sooo slow... and Hande could even hit with more power than the big Kubra.

    Btw I think Simge Sebnem Akoz is one of the most beautiful libero volleyball players nowadays [definitely the most beautiful libero], if not the prettiest one :love: so lovely :rose:

    Here's one more great pic :-)

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  • Matea Curak is the WORST setter that I have ever seen. Luketic is in front line, zone 2. She got perfect reception from reciver and She still gave Luketic ball 3m from net.

    And She is out and everything is better. I can't believe that this girl is in NT.
    Our setter, Lara has only 16 year old :lol: :lol:

  • Oh my, Nasya Dimitrova least of all players deserved that serve error at 13:14 :white:

    Or she can try to take less risk at such important points. At this point its just her own fault. Hande for example jump served all match but she didnt trust her serve that much so did float serve at tiebreak. Its not even like Dimitrova has a Mihajlovic serve that its worth it to risk...

  • I would play Glass over Lloyd any day, Carli is good of course but I saw Glass as arguably the best in the world and Lloyd is not quite on that level IMO. Just watch Glass' performances at the WCH 2014, she was awesome.

    Agree with those saying the criticism of Karch is too much. I get that people want Hooker in the team and that his TOs are mostly useless and he should never have brought Thompson to the OG but his results are good. The first ever WCH gold for USA is a major achievement. Let's not forget how unlucky they were at the OG: they beat both China and Serbia in the group and only lost 15-13 in the tiebreak in the SF. If Foluke had not got injured at the start of the 2nd set they could be Olympic champions.

    Put Karch as head coach of a total mess team like Italy or Turkey and see what he can do... nothing.
    The put Guidetti as head coach and see the difference.
    People forget USA Team has so many potential starters to build 3 teams with them.
    No one ever had so many good players all together and managed to reach a worse result than McCutcheon and Lang Ping, the one who actually did the miracle.

    Last year he could chose among Akinradewo, Harmotto, Dixon, Adams, Gibbemeyer, Ajanaku. 6 world class MBs. And guess what. That was the one and only position where he almost didn't make disasters, since Ajanaku, Dixon and Harmotto injured and just the last one recovered (being useless for the team to be honest).

    I wish we had a real coach like Guidetti. He made Netherlands a powerhouse when they had disappared from high level volleyball since 2009. Just imagine what he could do with 6/7 to chose on each position. :cheesy: Pity he signed for Turkey. IMHO their local players aren't as good as the dutch ones. Not sure what miracles he can do there. ?(

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  • Or she can try to take less risk at such important points. At this point its just her own fault. Hande for example jump served all match but she didnt trust her serve that much so did float serve at tiebreak. Its not even like Dimitrova has a Mihajlovic serve that its worth it to risk...

    I guess you don't play volleyball yourself? Serving in crucial moments, and 13:14 in tie-break being the most crucial of all, is a vicious circle. The less risk you intend to take and the more afraid you are of making a mistake, the shakier gets your hand and the more likely becomes making a mistake. I remember serving balls thinking "don't hit too hard, make sure it just goes into the court" and the ball decided to float 3 meter out. People who play will understand what I mean...

  • I actually do play volleybal ever since highschool and now in my college team and I know what you mean however, the thing is this girl clearly has a big problem with jump serve at crucial moments. Your theory might be right for you and a lot of other ppl but so far she has given away two important matches in a short time span because of her serve. Another thing is the coach could sub her which would be the best option imo.

    She s serving as you say and its not working, she misses it so better sub her or float serve if you cant get it in. Thats my opinion and other professional players are doing it too so its not something new.

  • I wouldn't be sorry for Gergana, but Nasya played such an impressive match today and then the serve floated too long :hit:

    I remember Annerys Vargas had a drastic drop in her performance some years ago so I was sure she'd no longer be in NT for the new Olympic cycle, but now with 35 she plays again like 10 years ago :white:

  • I actually only watched the 4th set and couldnt watch the tb of
    the match so that explains my ignorance :P Was all just based on your post, thought you were referencing Qualifications at first and I dont know all Bulgarian players by their names. With that said though yea thats truly unlucky for BUL and Dimitrova.

    PS: I really like the Dominicanas this year!

  • Matthias, Do you still think Lenka Dürr is the only Germany player on a very good level? I really like Großer, she didn't seem to be so tall and I just checked that she's only 1,77cm :white: I also like the two young MBs (Schwertmann and Schölzel), they may not be good enough on international level but I see that they are improving day by day. Jen Pettke would like to have some more playing times I presume.

    Can't believe Hanke and Dürr already belong to veterans in German NT along with Fromm, I still feel they are babies in the team :D