Women's World Grand Prix 2017

  • Meanwhile, the Dominican team looks far less erratic than they used to. Might they finally be able to fulfill their potential after many years of disappointments?

    Looks like the answer still is "no". At 2-0 and 18-10 they looked like the sure winner but the Dutch refused to stop playing and the longer the match lasted the more mistakes they made. Kwiek once again looked like he didn't have the slightest clue what adjustments he could make once the opponent started to play better.

  • The key issue is Mihajlović, IMO. When she's not having her day (like yesterday against Brazil or in the Olympics final), there's really no one else to replace her. And considering that Terzić seems to have given up on using Malagurski as OH,

    It is hard to find someone to replace Mihajlovic. Malagurski going from OH to OPP was a mistake, and I personally feel she would be more comfortable as OH player instead of OPP both in club and NT.

    Serbia and Russia are way ahead from everyone else when it comes down to the OPP position. Even Adela Helic and Marta Drpa can be better than a lot of OPP we see in other National Teams.

    The clubs in Serbia should stop being lazy and start working reception/defense with the girls. They all to OPP because they never learned how to pass, and don`t feel comfortable enough.

    Big example is Boskovic`s BFF Natasha Cirtiz, she`s 1.93cm and very fit. If she had the proper training in reception/defense she could be a great OH.
    Busa is not performing well, but she`s only 22, there`s time for her to improve, but she must work for it, and if she will be on the bench in Chemik that will be a big big mistake, would be better if she had gone to a smaller club but be on the court full time.

  • I haven't seen anyone complaining about Wolosz in quite a while, and knowing how much some Polish fans "love" her this shows how well she performs. For me she's the key player of this team, she enables all attackers to show their best game.

  • yesterday she was not playing that well but today yes :) of course she is the key player but she can do anything she wants, Grajber is useless in spiking (even Rosner was a beast comparing to her) and Tomsia is out of form

  • I have never been impressed with Kwiek. I know the NT had some good results under him, but I mainly put that down to the players, actually DOM should be a bigger threat to the top teams than they seem to be. Dreadful choke today :wall:

  • Is Bulgaria not interested in making the F4? They didn't bring Ruseva and Vasileva to the 2nd weekend and today they start with their bench players which might not necessarily be enough to beat Canada...

    What brings winning of F4 ? They will change the rules from the next year so Bulgaria doesn't get place even if wins this division ? Or i'm wrong ? For me the most important matches will be in World Qualification and European Championship and Grand Prix i assume is as preparation for them because Bulgaria always fails in the important tournaments. Butt is till can't understand why Bulgaria is not in the list of participants next year while is better than many of the teams in the list ?

  • the games are all here:


    click on live replay...

    the problem with going to this page is that it tells you the result of the match that you are going to watch... just started watching USA x ITA. egonu is ridiculous... i can't believe how high she jumps and how hard she hits. if she could just stop those bad mistakes, she would be unstoppable. and she's only 18!

    i don't think the US bench's chants are obnoxious, but i find the "here comes the boom, boom, boom..." and "my block, my block, my block..." really annoying.

    this must be the first time THA beat BRA. congrats to the THA team! they beat before, if i remember, RUS, CHN and USA, but i don't think BRA before.

  • sylla is now listed as 184 cm? did she grow a lot recently? last year, she was 179.

    the only reason i said malagurski was useless was because every time i see her on the court, she gets blocked. i guess i haven't watched her enough.