Women's World Grand Prix 2017

  • In the past few years Serbia and China have not played the GP with their main roster, last year for example Serbia played the 1st weekend with B team, and the main squad only played 1 game and that was against Brazil, other games they were all mixed up, different roster each time, same goes for China.

    China qualified for the Finals in the past few years but only sent their B team.

    Brazil and USA have always played with their main roster preliminary and finals. Serbia and China did hide their game in the GP and it paid off in the World Cup and Olympics.

    This year there`s no major tournament for China and Serbia, which means they have nothing to hide and they are playing with the main roster. But remember they dont have Maja and Nikolic anymore, Popovic is resting and Boskovic has not played yet ( only a few minutes against Thailand)

    I don't get it, why does Serbia bring their whole main squad for this tournament?
    USA only use their B team, and some of the players are not even in the big list.
    I like team Brazil, but where are the young players?

  • This is not USA B team, they are only missing 5 players, Hill, Adams, Robinson, Larson and Foluke. But Larson and Foluke are even considered question marks at this point. Either way they will all play at the Grand Champions Cup. USA goal this year is to win Gold at the Champions Cup Men`s and Women`s

    ( But the Champions Cup is considered worthless for a lot of teams).

    Serbia is also trying a lot of different combination. They have a different line up almost every match, going from Zinkovic to Antonjevic, Bjelica and Malagurski; Stevanovic and Veljekovic; Malesevic/Busa/Milenkovic; Pusic and Blagojevic.

    Well Brazil has Rosamaria ( 22) Drussyla (20) Naine (21). They all have been playing in the GP.

    edit: Serbia has the European Championship, which is really important, but it is not like WC or OG.

  • I think we can call this USA squad a B team because Murphy and Lloyd are the oly players who are in the Olympics, KINGDON, BARSTH, WONG, COURTNEY, HANCOCK, MCMAHON, BENSON, WILHITE, the TAPP twins, even Gibbemeyer and Dixon who is injured and not on her 100percent. Those capslock names are all B teams, admit it...Barsch maybe is an experience palyer but she never had an experience with the NT...

  • The libero from last squad is RETIRED - Which means this new libero will be the main libero for this squad
    The setters are retired Glass and Tompson - Which means Lody and Hancock/Carlini will be the main setters for this squad
    The OPP Lowe is retired - I don`t think Faucett will come back ( at least she should not)
    MB - Ditzen is retired.

    Looking at the 2018 World Championship, as of right now this would be USA roster.

    S - Loyd, Hancok
    OPP- Murphy, Liz
    OH - Hill, Robinson,Larson,Bartash,Kingdon
    MB - Adams, Foluke, Gibby, Dixon
    L - (one of the 2 that r playing in the GP).

    Players in Red are the ones playing in the GP>

    Bartash played in the GP last year and she has played in Pan American Cups, I think she might have played in the Pan American as well.

    In this case, should be call this Brazil`s B team??? Once they don`t have Sheilla,Thaisa,Fabiana,Dani Lins, Fabiola,Leia,Gabi,Garay,Jucyeli,Jaqueline from the OG??? Only Natalia and Adenizia were part of the past squad. But Adenizia was only bench.

    As I said it before, the new faces or old faces that you see on the US right now...are the same faces that you will see in Tokyo, they will all be part of the main squad for Tokyo. Which means if they were considered B until last year.....they are considered A from on now.

    If only 5 players are missing from this GP roster (Hill,Adams,Robinson,Larson,Foluke) and a Team needs 14 for the WCH, we can say that 9 players from this GP roster will be at the World Championship.

  • This is a B team USA.... only Lloyd and Murphy are in from the olympic squad... Hill, Robinson, Larson , Foluke and Adams , have already confirmed will be back for WC...
    i also heard Glass hasn't retired , and has hope to come back after having her baby ( although for me, USA has the luxury to have quite a few talented setters right now where to choose from)

  • This a B team USA.... only Lloyd and Murphy are the in from the olympic squad... Hill, Robinson, Larson and Foluke have already confirmed will be back for WC...
    i also heard Glass hasn't retired , and has hope to come back after having her baby ( although for me, USA has the luxury to have quite a few talented setters right now to choose from)

    It is not about last squad, it is about the CURRENT squad.

    Did you call the US in 2014 that won the WCH B team once they did not have Hooker, Tom, Scott, Heather,Berg that were part of the past squad??? ...

    Anyways u guys don`t get it. Done with this conversation. :wavy:

  • the main and big difference here is that none of those players ( Hill, Robinson, Adams , Foluke , and even larson haven't retired from USA's NT)... they have already made clear that they will be available to coach Karch...so having and knowing this, this team playing the WGP can be considered as a B one ( just take a look at its left wing spikers: -bartsh and Kigdom. Do you think they will take over Robinson and Hill's spot just like this? Unless of course they prove and show they really want to be starters at the main squad. :drink:

  • I know these 5 players have not retired and they will be back for the Champions Cup. But to bereally honest I don`t think Larson will make to Tokyo, if she plays as she played this season for Vitra, I dont even think she will make to the WCH, I do think Bartash and Kingdom are playing better than her, and I think Kindgom is a better spiker than Robinson.

  • WHAT!!! COURTNEY, BENSON, WONG, KINGDON, WILHITE, TAPP TWINS, HANCOCK, are not from the B teams of USA. seriously? We don't get it right?

  • Thanks rbdfabio for the good summary of the current and future USA team, players do come and go as time moves on... your post of this one serves somewhat as a guidance to understand the contemporary USA squad.

    Of course the team pictures of all teams will be pretty clear to be seen during the 2018 WCh... all bets are put on the table by then :D

    “There are decades where nothing happens; and there are weeks where decades happen.”

  • The OPP Lowe is retired - I don`t think Faucett will come back ( at least she should not)

    Karsta Lowe is retired?? :what: wtf ? she's just 24 now and she will be only 27 in 2020.

  • Hodge is also missing! I don't think any ouf the OHs from GP squad can make it to the WCH roster. To me team A or B distinction should be made of starting 7 players since they are the one who does the job most of the time. Thus, considering 4 out of 7 players are missing from starters, it is mix of A/B team but definitely not A team. :whistle:

  • I guess when someone saying B team it is cause your are playing with your back up team...and that is USA team looks right now..maily, only two starters, the rest will be at best back up team, so it is kind of a B Team.... if there was no one from the 14 at all then it would be like a C team? :rolleyes:

    But the same goes for Brazil, I believe, Brazil is also not complete, I expect Natália, Tandara to be the starters....maybe Carol....not the rest...

    I dont believe everyone that is out right now will actually return tho, maybe only Fabíola, Thaisa and Gabi..and Leia? or at best Dani Lins?...I dont see the rest returning...JAque, Garay, Fabiana, .....honestly would be bad for Brazil to keep them, the team needs to think about the future, Brazil already having hard time finidng quality new players and add to that the fact they have no international experience almost what so ever....so brining the oldies back wont help with that....you might control things for Tokyo, but what about after that, would be a disaster....I think Zé even took way to long to bring some of the young girls on board, that should have started in the last Olympic qhad already....

  • Turkish Volleyball Federation needs to believe on their players, against Italy right now, their showing the potential of being great team. In the span of 1-2 years TurkeyNT will be a force to be reckoned in the world Volleyball...1st move they need to make is let this players play in the clubs and do nt bench them all the time..POTENTIALS are overflowing evryone...

  • Thanks god Eczaci will start to let Hande play as starter this upcoming season. Gamze, Örge, Kübra, Fatma and Seyma are going to play as starters as well. Meliha shows her potential but decided to go to ECZ where she will be the back up of Hande same for Ezgi being Ognejenovics back up

    Turkey also needs something similar like Cub Italia in the italian League. Look at the U20 team, they all have potential and its a good generation but will they find a starting position in a club?

  • Nice to read that, these girls needs playing time, Hande will mke sure in the starter for Ecza...