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2017 FIVB World League

  • Holy Holy what a GAME.... I think this was the best WL ever, and ended as the best game ever, or at least ties with Brazil vs Serbia (2003 and 2009).

    A great and dramatic final cannot make up for a weak tournament ;) No matter how entertaining the final was, this WL was far from being the best ever. The 2016 and 2017 editions, starting even just from the competition formula, were very weird. Besides, it is Division I that you are probably referring to, there were some really boring and low-level matches in the other divisions. Even the finals in Curitiba weren't as spectacular as one might expect. The drama started more or less in the semifinals, before that people were talking more about the weather and the conditions in the stadium than volleyball. Some teams clearly underperformed because of that. Others found a way to cope with it and provided some entertainment, but it was too little and I believe I won't be the only one to think so.

    Last but not least, let's ask Slovenia whether they took part in the best WL ever :)

  • How true that Slovenia will sue FIVB?