South Korea - KOVO 2016/17 V-League

  • KOVO NH Nong-Hyup 2016/17 V-LEAGUE AWARDS

    Fair Play Award: OK Savings Bank

    Best Dresser: Choi Seok Gi(Korean Air)

    Best Coach/Coach of the Year: Choi Tae Woong(Hyundai Capital)

    Best 7
    Libero - Bu Yong Chan(Samsung)
    Setter - Kim Kwang Guk(Woori Card)
    Middle Blocker - Yoon Bong Woo(KEPCO)
    Middle Blocker - Shin Young Seok(Hyundai Capital)
    Outside Hitter - Jeon Kwang In(KEPCO)
    Outside Hitter - Thijs Ter Horst(Samsung)
    Opposite Hitter - Moon Sung Min(Hyundai Capital)

    Best Rookie/Rookie of the Year: Hwang Taek Ui(KB Insurance)

    Regular Season MVP: Moon Sung Min(Hyundai Capital)


  • Seems like Kevin Le Roux is also going to participate in the try-out? I'm not that sure but "KEVIN" was written in a news article. All I can remember is Kevin Le Roux who played for Hyundai Capital in 2014/15.

  • FA 1st Round*


    Hyundai Capital: Park Joo Hyung, Choi Min Ho
    KEPCO: Seo Jae Deok
    Samsung: Ryu Yoon Sik, Park Chul Woo, Bu Yong Chan, Yoo Kwang Woo
    Woori Card: Kim Jung Hwan, Kim Si Hoon, Shin Eu Ddeum, Choi Hong Seok


    Hyundai Capital: Jung Sung MIn
    Korean Air: Kim Hyung Woo, Jin Sang Heon
    KEPCO: Bang Shin Bong(Retired)
    Samsung: Ha Kyung Min
    Woori Card: Park Sang Ha
    OK Savings Bank: Han Sang Gil

    FA Rules:
    1st Round: Negotiation with their current clubs from end of the season to May 10.
    2nd Round: Negotiation with other clubs from May 11 to May 20
    3rd Round: Negotiation with their current clubs again from May 21 to May 31

    Soruce: 1, 2

  • List of drafted foreign players

    Rush&Cash: Bram Van Den Dries - opposite (BEL)

    KB Stars: Alexandre Ferreira - receiver (POR)

    KEPCO Vixtrom: Felipe Airton Bandero - opposite (BRA)

    Sky Walkers: Arpad Baroti - receiver (HUN)


    Samsung Bluefangs: Thijs Ter Horst - receiver (NED)

    Woori Card Hansae: Krisztian Padar - opposite (HUN)

    KAL Jumbos: Mitja Gasparini - opposite (SLO)…-will-play-in-korea-.html