Croatia 2017 NT

  • In 2017. Croatia NT will play:

    * ECH 2017 (Pool B with Italy, Belarus and Georgia)
    * FIVB EQ (Pool A with Russia, Hungary, Greece, Austria, Georgia) - host
    * WGP (3 weeks + Final) host of 3.round
    *Mediterranean Games (Still no more info, I only know that they are gone play)

    As you can see in 2017. their is a lot of competitions. I think that younger players will go to MG. because for some players this is just to much :white:

    I still don't know what is gone happen with some players, if they are retired from NT or not. What will Aksentijevic do. He can make some new generation or He will stay with Jerkov, Topic, Milos, Grbac :wall: etc. Maybe it is just not time yet or maybe it is.

    S: Klara Peric, Bernarda Brcic, Ana Grbac, Vedrana Jaksetić
    OPP: Samanta Fabris, Bruna Ana Vrankovic, Jelena Alajbeg, Dinka Kulic
    OH: Mia Jerkov, Mira Topic, Lea Cvetnic, Klara Klaric, Barbara Dapic
    MB: Maja Poljak, Ema Strunjak, Ivana Milos, Tamara Susic, Iva Jurisic, Beta Dumancic
    L: Rene Sain, Nikolina Božičević

    I think that our NT can expected a lot of from Klara Peric, Ema Strunjak. They are our the biggest talents in our NT and with Samanta Fabris who is playing amazing this season they can become leaders in our new generation. I just hope that Samanta can continue playing like this. I don't know what is with our players that are in US colleges are they gone play PRO. volleyball or what. So many young players went to US and I don't know how they developed.

    If you would ask me... I would gave up from some players(Ana Grbac) and give space to younger players(Klara Peric) and try to make great players from them.

  • Despite her age, Barun is showing a really good performance (not only this season but also during previous two season, she show constantly good level). Is there any chance that she would play in NT? In the case that she would, do you still think that Fabris should be the starter?

  • Some of the Croatian girls in the NCAA.

    Mirta Balesovic 6`3 MB, is playing for Texas and they finished in 2nd place this season and last season. Mirta is a reserve and she`s not getting a lot of play time.…px?rp_id=6619&path=wvball

    Katrina Pilepic 6`0 OH, Arizona University

    3 Croatians playing for Seattle University…ml?SPSID=94325&SPID=10769

    Dora Lulic 6`2 MB Coastal Carolina…tt/dora_lulic_975704.html

    Lucija Barac 5`8 Setter

    Barbara Dapic 6`3, Arkansas

    2 Croatian with UTSA

    3 Croatian playing for Oral Roberts ( Im not sure if they play Divison I) but one of them seams to be really good, Laura Milos 5`10 OH.

    "Check the NCAA leaders and you'll find the name Laura Milos multiple times.
    The Oral Roberts outside hitter, a junior who hails from Croatia, leads the nation in aces per set (0.80) and ranks second in attacks per set and fourth in points. She plays all six rotations, and though Milos stands only 5-foot-10, coach Sheera Sirola promises her star would thrive in any conference.
    "She can do anything," Sirola said. "She'll find something to score off. Even her tipping is phenomenal. She makes it so it will go right down your neck, and there's no way you can pick it up."

  • serdar I really don't know who is better. Both of them are great. Croatia doesn't have problem with OPP. Main problem is our S and OHs.

    Angel I don't think so, their is better OHs to give chance first. Lea Cvetnic is playing amazing in our league and She played great at CEV Challenge Cup and with U19.

    @rbdfabio Big problem for this girls that they don't play pro-volleyball after college. Laura Milos was part of Junior NT, and She played with Senior NT(Mediterranean Games). So She will be with NT after her college ends for sure. I didn't watch her game for a long time.

  • S: Klara Peric, Bernarda Brcic, Ana Grbac, Vedrana Jaksetić
    OPP: Samanta Fabris, Bruna Ana Vrankovic, Jelena Alajbeg, Dinka Kulic
    OH: Mia Jerkov, Mira Topic, Lea Cvetnic, Klara Klaric, Barbara Dapic
    MB: Maja Poljak, Ema Strunjak, Ivana Milos, Tamara Susic, Iva Jurisic, Beta Dumancic
    L: Rene Sain, Nikolina Božičević

    Why are you putting here some names like Bruna Ana Vrankovic :wall: :wall: ...every better voleyball fan in Croatia know that she didn't even deserve to play in Croatian league. God knows how she went to Italy, and Bolzano also realased her. There are lot of young players like Kulic, Sain, Jaksetic, Cvetnic, Volmut and we need to put them slowly in National Team

  • I'm not Aksentijevic so don't be angry at me :lol:

    I agree if Topić retired from NT(Don't know), we need to find new young OHs (Not Karla Klaric) and I think Croatia can start with Dinka Kulic-Lea Cvetnic duo and I don't why do you think setter is problem for us when we have big young talent Klara Peric ?? I like her a lot, She learned a lot from Lloyd. When She got chance to play She showed good not great performance, but still She can and will learn a lot in Pomi. She will stay 2 more years in Pomi...

    And btw. Volmut is not even for B NT team...

    My starting six would be:

    Bozicevic or Sain

    Very very young team and they would have huge problems with a lot of things, but we can try. We didn't won anything with Jerkov, Milos, Grbac and Poljak so why not. But still I would call Poljak and Jerkov.

    I watched Dinka Kulic at MEVZA CUP, playing half seasons as OH and She improved her reception in short time, still need to learn a lot, but She has powerful jump serve what I like a lot. Lea Cvetnic need to work at her reception so much, but on other hande she is so strong attacker. She has strong spike like Fabris but she can't jump high like her. She was leading U20 by herself, Still a lot of things to learn.
    We all see how much did Strunjak improved in NT in only 1 year, to bad that she could continue to play at high level because Croatian league is very weak.

  • I am not angry, just cant see name Vrankovic :down: :down: ...I agree for Peric, but my favourite is Jaksetic. Anyway, now we have some problems, for 2-3 years shouldnt have.

    Then, speaking of Volmut(she played last summer for u22 and was on big list for NT), i watched her on Croatian Cup and talked with some people, she has a best reception of all these young OH's an I bet that she will be on list for some competition this year, we need some young player like she is.

    Kulic and Strunjak are biggest talents in Croatian league, work at Mladost and I am not afraid of them. Kulic just need to decide what is her position, I would like to watch her at OPP, but that are sweet decisions.

    Cvetnic is my biggest dissapoitment, watched her in lot of games this season, awful defence and reception and she doesnt even work on that. If she stays in Kastela more than this year, I dont see big future of her. Mladost and even Osijek are working much better with young players.

    To be clear, you can see that I more like better reception than big attack, but we need to make young good OH's with great reception, not just attackers with bad defence.

  • Aksentijevic first roster with 29 names for NT this year.

    S Ana Grbac, Klara Perić, Matea Ćurak, Lara Štimac, Lea Deak
    L: Rene Sain, Nikolina Božičević, Ana Matić
    MB: Maja Poljak, Ivana Prokopić (Miloš), Beta Dumančić, Ema Strunjak, Božena Butigan, Danica Uljević, Astrid Popić, Martina Šamadan
    OPP: Samanta Fabris, Katarina Barun-Šušnjar, Dinka Kulić (Playing for club as OH), Jelena Alajbeg, Katarina Luketić
    OH: Mia Jerkov, Lucija Mlinar, Karla Klarić, Lea Cvetnić, Natalia Tomić, Matea Ikić, Bruna Ivanković, Nikolina Jelić

    I'm happy to see few names like Katarina Barun and Matea Ikic, but I still thinks we need to start with new generation without some olders players.

    For me Jelena Alajbeg, Nikolina Jelic, Ana Grbac don't have place in NT anymore. I would gave younger players a chance to show what they can do, like Dinka Kulic(OH), Lea Cvetnic(OH), Ema Strunjak(MB), Astrid Popic(MB) and Klara Peric(S).

    I don't believe that Maja Poljak, Mia Jerkov and Katarina Barun will play at WCH in Japan(If they go ofc.), so younger players needs play much more this season with NT. Only if they want to help NT, QT for WCH will be in Croatia...

  • Completely agree , especially after his weak season in France. she was bench player in one of the worst team of the league !

    Les pieds dans le fumier, mais toujours le verbe haut et la tête droite ! Cocorico !

  • Definitely agree about Nikolina Jelic. She's embarrassingly weak, I don't even know how she's playing on a pro league...It may sound harsh but she's just so bad. She could pass a little that's just it.
    Strange not seeing Brcic, I think she's more creative than Grbac but I haven't seen her for a while so I'm not sure.