Croatia 2017 NT

  • We played really good but how can you win with Grbac, She use MBs at all in 4th and 5th set. When match is tie She just stop playing. She is just giving to Barun or Fabris and that sets were super bad...
    Mlinar replaced very good Ikic same as Bozicevic Sain. She saved the most important ball in 4th set but after that they haven't used that... But overall Sain is better libero.

  • And what are you guys expecting ? Their is no good OHs or libero in Croatian NT and because of that you can expect anyting.

    What I'm hoping to see Klara Peric and Vedrana Jaksetic back in NT and Ana Grbac out for real.

    Ema Strunjak had good season in Bergamo and I'm expecting from her to grow even more.
    Martina Šamadan (MB) will make her debute and from this girl I expect a lot because She is monster in attack and I believe she will left HAOK Mladost and some good club will transfer her for next season, but for NT again you need to have good reception and good setter to make your players look great.

    When it comes our OHs duo I think it will be Lucija Mlinar and Dinka Kulic. Only if Matea Ikic decide to play for our NT than she will be starter because this girls can't keep their levels.

    Barbara Dapic will probably make her debute in NT too.

  • I think Jelena Alajberg deserves to be called if it is going to be fair. No she is not 19 years old or a Zhu Ting however she played some really good matches in Çanakkale this season, she could play as Oh or Opp. Definitely much better then the players I saw in Croatian NT last season...

    Çanakkale vs VB
    For example the 1st set vs VakifBank (Çanakkale won 29-27) she played quite good especially when you realize VB is one of the best teams in the world. She played even better in some matches and bad in some other matches but she definitely deserves a call in this current Croatian NT again only if the Croatian fed/coach is serious this time... :whistle: