Turkish NT 2017

  • Of course she can improve, but wasn't she the receiving libero in Fener? I don't think she was bad.. And Simge did nothing other tham coming in to pass for Kosheleva, and wasn't so good

    yes she was but she had made 7-8-9 passing mistakes in some matches..thats why i said she had to improve more and more

  • I think what we are lacking in Turkish NT today are an overall libero and a dominant opposite. Gizem Örge is the best alternative we have today and in my opinion she is just an excellent serve receiver, her defensive skills are pretty bad. I would even prefer that they use someone like Guldeniz as defensive libero and play with 2 libero system. Other liberos are unfortunately far from Örge's quality right now. We need to wait 1 more season to see which liberos will shine. Buse might have a good season in GS under Ataman's coaching and might prove her potential. Melis also needs one more season to show her qualities and get more experience.

    Unfortunately, I don't see any options to be developed in a year as a dominant opposite. Polen will be a back up for Rahimova which means she will never make it to that level anymore. Other young names like Ceren K and Ceyda Aktas are pretty useless. Meryem has a great opportunity now, if she can perform well in her club this season again, we will most likely watch her as main opposite next summer in the NT. Other alternatives are very likely old names like Neslihan and Seda, depending on how they will perform in GS this season, if they will play like their prime times. I won't be surprised if Guidetti decides to switch to a receiving opposite system instead, like they used to use Gözde Kirdar in Vakifbank with Glinka. In this way it will be possible to use both Neriman & Hande on court.

  • I don't agree on Orge.. Yes it was like that few seasons ago, when she and Kiridayi played in Vakif, but she has improved her defense a lot.. Not every libero can be as good defender as Castillo or Cardullo.. Defense is not her strength but it's pretty solid nowadays. In fact I think her reception has gotten worse, she's not that good of a passer

  • I don't agree on Orge.. Yes it was like that few seasons ago, when she and Kiridayi played in Vakif, but she has improved her defense a lot.. Not every libero can be as good defender as Castillo or Cardullo.. Defense is not her strength but it's pretty solid nowadays. In fact I think her reception has gotten worse, she's not that good of a passer

    That as well. I think her receiving problems are temporary, she has the right technique. However she needs tons of experience to be a good defender. To me, she has problems to read the game and therefore reacting very late. That comes with age of course but watching most Italian liberos, Örge is nowhere close to that level in defense. I mean if you watch Guidetti's reactions when Vakifbank plays, you can see how not satistifed he is with Örge in defense, trying Ayca desperately. Funny fact is, both Melis and Buse have the same problem, that's why Fenerbahce and Canakkale used 2 libero systems last season.

  • I agree with both of you :P I think sometimes Örge is a flawless all around libero as well (Champions League finale) She was amazing here and a lot of people thought she deserved best libero award which I agreed on. The thing is a libero needs to be more solid and not only good all around on finale matches because with NT its harder to reach that then with VB. Imo she doesn't lack much skill but rather needs to work on her mental strenghth. If you can do something once you should be able to do it again with good mental strength... She can still work on that and I have faith in her but it surely is a problem atm like Meatballs said. I'm curious to see what she can do in GP and what Buse Kayacan can do next season in Galatasaray!

  • as far as i get from the tournaments at the present and upcoming :Yeltsin,Wgp etc..

    Guidetti is trying to find/figure out his options available observing the new players in the closest tournaments for the big tournament like WCH and local big tournament ECH

    i guess he will play WGP with Ezgi Dilik next to Gamze Alikaya if Çağla Akın doesnt improve her game with the team

    he is planning to use Gizem Örge as main libero and after libero Gülden's retirement he is testing the other liberos next to Gizem Örge.Simge Aköz hasnt looked solid in Yeltsin Cup so far.Other option : Melis Yılmaz (she is on the wide roster for WGP) .Maybe he should re-work with Gizem Karadayı or one of Dilara Bağcı,Buse Kayacan ,Ayça Naz Ihtiyaroğlu,Merve Dalbeler.

    OPP position is troublous.Meryem Boz is the first option.Polen Uslupehlivan hasnt been playing well.Ceren Kestirengöz and Ceyda Aktaş dont seem good enough.Melis Durul is not enough.Neslihan Demir's situation is not clear.one of Hande Baladın or Neriman Özsoy also could be tested as options

    The middle blockers are good enough.Eda Erdem Dündar,Kübra Çalışkan,Dicle Nur Babat and now Beyza Arıcı are the options.Aslı Kalaç and Bahar Toksoy Guidetti are the other options.

    as for the OHs : I guess Fatma Yıldırım comes out as a good option if keeping her good performance next to Gözde Kırdar,Neriman Özsoy,Güldeniz Önal

    unfortunately Guidetti doenst seem to consider Birgül Güler for the NT

    Naz Akyol - Gamze Alikaya
    Meryem Boz - Polen Uslupehlivan/Hande Baladın
    Gözde Kırdar-Neriman Özsoy-Güldeniz Önal-Fatma Yıldırım
    Eda Erdem Dündar-Kübra Çalışkan-Beyza Arıcı-Dicle Nur Babat
    Gizem Örge-Gizem Karadayı/Merve Dalbeler/Melis Yılmaz

    Guidetti could make a suprise and take Hande Baladın instead of Polen Uslupehlivan to WCH 2018.If Polen cant convince him with her performance till that time.Moreover, Baladın can be used as OH too

  • S: Gamze Alikaya-Ezgi Dilik
    OPP: Meryem Boz- Polen Uslupehlivan
    MB: Dicle Nur Babat-Kübra Akman-Beyza Arıcı-Asli Kalaç?
    OH: Fatma Yıldırım-Meliha İsmailoğlu-Şeyma Ercan?-Hande Baladin
    L: Gizem Örge-Melis Yılmaz

    So judging by today's friendly match vs Brazil this is going to be pretty much the roster for WGP.
    Today they didn't play amazing especially the back up team but that doesn't have to mean that they will fail ofcourse. Lets see what differences Guidetti makes tomorrow and how that works. Still a very new team that has to connect with each other. I think roster is very good and all players deserve to be here. Of course it's not our strongest line up but players like Eda are taking a break and other good/young players like Beyza/Dicle will get a chance. (Taking MB position just as example)

    Overall if they work together and fight really hard this team can make some nice surprises imo in WGP and the future too. :win:

  • lets look at the other Turkish opp excluding Neslihan- Seda Meryem

    so Polen - Yeliz Başa - Gözde Yılmaz trio is not very special but not bad.

    Polen is going very badly. she was superb in 2012 but then she couldnt reach that performans...

    Gözde Yılmaz is slow but she can be usefull like diouff if she worked this summer with guidetti.

    yeliz başa isnt special but she knows how to play
    i remember that Yeliz Başa was very usefull last grandprix against Brazil.

    and also Tutku Yüzgenç could be in this team but she is in u-20 team why? we dont need a medal in u-20.... look at u-23 opp is Galatasaray setter Nursevil (1.87):)

    And also Ceren/Dilara/Gamze Turk(1.95)/Ceyda. this players are tall but not strong. except Ceren.

    if meliha played good maybe she could be the second opp, but she is bad so that melis durul is in the team.

    its very complex problem to guidetti
    Turkey have got a lot of players but they are useless :whistle: :whistle: :down: :down:

  • OH NOOO..... :)

    She`s only 18, she has all the time in the world to improve her reception. Sure, Turkey needs a OPP, but they also need a strong OH, Turkey would benefit in the long run having a strong OH like her... It is easier to turn any average player into a Top OPP, and this should not be something hard for Guidetti to do.

    But anyways, Turkey has been playing "kind" well, or at least they are not terrible. If Guidetti was not their coach this team would have easily lost today in 3-0, and they would never have taken 2 sets from Brazil last week.

    Guidetti is already working his magic.

    There are some rumours that the volleyball world is reading this forum. So let's make this trending :P


  • Its not that I don't trust she can improve her reception it's just we have enough OH options for next olympic cycle and even the one after. I don't think we should look 10 years in the future as a lot can happen by then, which is why I don't see why Hande would not become Opp. Guidetti could make one crazy Opp out of Hande while we still have enough young, experienced and even older OH's

    Tugba Senoglu!! (Very talented 18 y/o OH) I would focus on making Tugba who is 18 and will be in Vakif next year one of the main OH's while we still have experienced names like Neriman, Fatma and even fairly young ones like Meliha. Ugh we dont need yet another OH imho. Hande should be Opp thats the only way I see it. Thats the only thing Turkish NT would lack now and in the future.

    Btw Turkish U20 team with Tugba Senoglu (and Zehra, Yasemin) beat Italy 3-2 in WCH! Italy was considered one of the favorites so this is very good to hear.

  • Zehra is a very tall MB (if im not mistaken) and im cautious about very tall Mbs for the fear of them being slow
    my fav is Yasemin Güveli..she looks like serbian Mbs..of course Zehra also could be a very good mb she has a very good potential..its up to her to be!

  • I really don't understand why Simge is still here......can anyone tell what is her talent as a libero? not receving well not defending well not passing well and leaving some easy balls away