Eurovision Song Contest 2017

  • I was afraid Sweden would score another BS victory after the jury vote, but then the televote brought a delightful surprise. They really need to do something about the juries now, though. There should never be that huge a difference between the two votes. That was just wrong.

    I'm not too fond of the Israeli song, but I can live with it as the winner. At least she had a truly compelling performance.

    I agree about jury votes. They are mostly BS and also make the ranking phase too fast, which is a bummer because that's best part of the show! :aww:

    By the way, what a blow for Portugal, from first to last :white:

  • My favs.

    1- United Kingdom (I`m already obsessed with this song...already download and listening non-stop)
    2- Germany (I`m in love with him)
    3- Ireland ( in love with this song)
    4- Lithuania
    5- Israel
    6- Malta
    7- Portugal
    8- Australia

  • Well your taste also differs from rest of Europe apparently :D