Serbian NT 2017

  • Ana Lazarević I thought the days of selecting such useless players were behind us.

    Branko Kovačević is her coach in Olympiakos and i think he is the assistant of Terzic in NT.Maybe thats one of the reasons...
    She is a good player but even in the weak Greek league she doesnt make the difference...

  • Jelena Nikolić, Jovana Brakočević and Suzana Ćebić confirmed that they have definitely retired from NT.

    Maja Ognjenović on the other hand didn't totally discount the possibility of playing at WCh next year, but she's for sure taking this year off.

  • Brako ;( :rose:she's only just turned 29 y/o but with Tijana in Serbia it will be hard for her to ever be starter again indeed and being a back-up is nothing for a player of her caliber either. It's just a little sad to me cause she's such a legend!

  • i think serbia will never have a good libero and i m dissapointed with brako she didnt mind being sub on olympics where she won a medal seems her pride is in the way of joining the nt she can t handle being a sub to 20 year old it seems and it is petty and lame,1 good thing thought ana antonijevic is back!

  • Well Mila Kocic was the best libero in U18 ECH so we will see how she develops perhaps she could be a great libero in a few years

    As for Jovana, I don't think she is being petty. If she doesn't want to be a backup player then she doesn't have to be. Serbia don't need her anymore as they have Boskovic and Malagurski is a very good backup. If she wants to spend the off-season being a mum rather than playing even more volleyball then good for her

    PS: happy birthday :cheesy:

  • Maja officially retires from the Serbia NT. How will this affect the team? Does Serbia has good back up setter because I don't really follow the team, I only watch Maja on court because she definitely is one of the best setters of all time.

  • Maja officially retires from the Serbia NT. How will this affect the team? Does Serbia has good back up setter because I don't really follow the team, I only watch Maja on court because she definitely is one of the best setters of all time.

    Antonijevic is an excellent setter. Or she was a few years ago anyway, I have not seen her for a while and she has had injuries which may have affected her game. But like I said on the other thread there is still a small chance Ognjenovic could come back in 2018


    A very nice and interesting interview with Jelena Nikolić about her time on NT.

    She made her debut in 1998 (!) when she was just 15 years old. And she was do excited that she carried the paper with invitation with her wherever she went. :D Over the time, her NT teammates included all the way from Svetlana Ilić (born in 1972) to Tijana Bošković (born in 1997). They asked her to make an all star list of all the players she played on NT with, but she declined it, saying it would be too difficult and unfair to many players. She only said that Maja Ognjenović would definitely be on that list. And reflecting on her own longevity, she said she expects Mihajlović, Stevanović and Bošković to play on NT for at least another 10 years - and Tijana probably even longer.

    She emphasizes how important Terzić has been for her career. She went abroad when she was very young and didn't really have the opportunity to progress individually because the focus in her clubs was on the older, more established players. So, he used to work with her a lot during the summer and it would help her tremendously. And it's how it also went later on. Whenever some of them had a bad season in their clubs, Terzić would make sure they got back on the right track. Her career would definitely not be the same without him and she only regrets that she didn't have the chance to spend an entire season with him in a club he coached - but, as she adds, there are so many players who never had the privilege to work with him in any way, so she feels lucky.

    She shared some of the key moments of her NT career:
    the most treasured moment - lifting the trophy at the ECh '11 in Belgrade, with all of her family watching her from the stands
    the biggest achievement - the silver medal in Rio
    her favourite medal - bronze at WCh '06, which came as a total surprise for everyone
    the match that stands out the most in her memory - ECh' 07 semi against Poland, which Serbia easily won against all odds, with Poland being the overwhelming favourite and Serbia only playing in the semi in the first place because Poland had beaten the Netherlands
    the season to forget - 2010

    Now she's going to have her first summer off in many years and she's going to spend it in Belgrade, because she's been away from her hometown for so long and wants her son to get to know it as well. But even though she retired from NT, she still enjoys playing volleyball, so definite retirement is not on the cards yet.

    I know she's been far from her best the last few years and her contribution on the court wasn't that big, but she was "the face" of this team for so long and it's going to be a bit weird without her. :flower:

  • Jelena really is the face of Serbian volleyball.. She has really carried the team for some many years, and motivated her teammates.. I have really good memories of her playing for Serbia, I remember watching her since I was pretty young 2006 maybe.. :heart:

  • Wow when she debuted one of her future team-mates was only 1 year old :lol:

    For sure one of the main reasons why Serbia is now a women's volleyball superpower. It was time for her to go (maybe even a few years ago) but she was a great player for so long so she will be missed.

    It was a nice interview, thanks for the translation :thumbup:

  • Terzić and the players that were at CWCh should join the rest of the team today, so I guess that when the new captain will be decided. I also think it will be Rašić, she's the one with most NT games played now.

    In the meantime, Serbian squad that stayed in Belgrade had two friendlies against Bulgaria, the scorelines were 2-3 and 2-2. What stats for Ruseva in the first match! Mihajlović seems to have done the best in the second.
    I'm not sure Malagurski made a strong enough case for herself in these games. I can easily see Bjelica being taken to Warsaw instead of her.

  • Both had a good season, but Malagurski had a better one than Bjelica once she spend half of the season as a sub. I just don`t want to see Malagurski getting cut again. I wish Terzic would try her as OH. I`m not sure how many players he can take, but I think the only game Boskovic must play is against Poland, he should let Malagurski and Bjelica play the other ones.

    For captain I would vote for either Rasic or Popovic.

    Vow, the rest is joining them today? They did not get any rest at all.

  • The squad for WCh QT in Warsaw:

    Ana Antonijević
    Bojana Živković

    Brankica Mihajlović
    Tijana Malešević
    Bianka Buša

    Tijana Bošković
    Ana Bjelica
    Sanja Malagurski

    Stefana Veljković
    Jovana Stevanović
    Mina Popović
    Nađa Ninković

    Silvija Popović
    Jelena Blagojević

    No Rašić :white::white::huh:8| She must be injured or too exhausted, I dunno. The rest is expected. Hopefully it will be enough for the 1st place.