Germany NT 2017

  • It's a pain in the ass for German NT but I kinda agree with her thoughts. I hope she will come back soon.

  • Wow this is indeed a big shock :white: She was considered to be even bigger prospect than Fürst :aww: Any other prospects in MB position?

    I don't think she was considered to become better than Fürst, in fact I don't expect any German MB to even come close to Fürst in the near future.

    The next one to be compared to Fürst is Youth NT player Camilla Weitzel (2000) from Dresden's talent team, she's very tall but moves well and has great potential both in block and attack. But then, also Berit Kauffeldt was compared to Fürst when she was a youth player and we all know what has become of her :whistle:
    Other than that, Marie Schölzel (1997) from Schwerin is for sure a good talent, but overall MB is currently the weakest position of NT IMO.

  • Germany will play two friendly matches against Hungary tomorrow and on Sunday. The one on Sunday will be streamed live on the official Facebook page of DVV:

    According to the press release there are 18 players in training but there are 19 on the photos from the official photo shooting, the 18 listed on the previous page plus Kimberly Drewniok who was supposed to join after Montreux.

  • Germany will play two friendly matches against Hungary tomorrow and on Sunday. The one on Sunday will be streamed live on the official Facebook page of DVV:

    According to the press release there are 18 players in training but there are 19 on the photos from the official photo shooting, the 18 listed on the previous page plus Kimberly Drewniok who was supposed to join after Montreux.

    could you please write about more detail of game like when it will start?

  • My impressions from today's match:

    As expected, MB is our weakest position. I'm very curious who will make the cut for WCHQ there. Jennifer Pettke started in both friendly matches and did a decent job, so she should be there for sure. Jule Langgemach didn't play at all, so she should be out for sure. But among the others ?( Kauffeldt had a couple of good blocks today but she can't attack, Schwertmann did basically nothing today, Schölzel also got some good touches in block but can't attack, Wezorke today played very little but apparently did well on Friday. Really hard to tell...

    As for setter, Denise Hanke will be starter but 2nd setter is wide open for me. Möllers has more experience, Kemmsies has much more talent. She played two sets today and I really liked her performance. She had some clear inexperience mistakes and bad decisions but also many really good plays, plus I like her leader attitude on court, she communicates very much with the team.

    At OPP, Louisa Lippmann is the key and it looks like Koslowski goes with Stigrot as backup. Stigrot didn't convince me today, apparently she was better on Friday though.

    OH is another position full of question marks. Brinker and Geerties will start for sure, but then? Poll didn't play at all on Friday and only as reception substitute today, whereas both Großer and Grozer got more time on court. Today I especially liked Dora Grozer, she had some really good kills and also serves well, but she needs to improve her backrow skills. However if she can always perform like today she sure can make the cut.

    At libero, Lenka Dürr showed that she is our most important player right now. Always where she needs to be in defense, taking a lot of space in reception and being an emotional leader. Anna Pogany today made her debut in NT and did a good job in defense but for a libero her reception needs to be better.

    The players now have a day off and meet again on Tuesday, then after a few more days of training Koslowski will announce the 14 players going to Portugal.

  • Maybe I missed it but why is Izquerdo out of the picture now? :teach:

  • Omg wait Im late but what!?! Wiebke Silge retires from volleybal!! This is really hard for me to understand although I get she wants to focus on studies. She was actually my fave player on German NT lately :white: I hope she decides to come back anyway after finishing studies... Does anyons know/think there was more going on then just her wanting to study? Are there any rumours about something more going on?

  • I don't know where your informations is coming from ... but Schölzel did very good job ... 67 % in ATT...good blocking and serving ... give this youngsters little time !!! :thumbup:

  • 14 players for WCHQ:

    S: Hanke, Möllers :aww:
    OPP: Lippmann, Stigrot
    OH: Brinker, Geerties, Poll, Grozer
    MB: Kauffeldt, Pettke, Schölzel, Schwertmann
    L: Dürr, Pogany

    Irina Kemmsies, Tanja Großer, Barbara Wezorke and Jule Langgemach were cut for this tournament but will for sure play in Montreux according to Koslowski. He says for this tournament international experience was a big factor to choose players. Well...Lena Möllers is very experienced at being a mediocre setter, so why risk bringing the younger but more talented Kemmsies? And our MBs are also very experienced at being unable to attack in front of the setter and only a little better behind :whistle:

    It will probably be enough to win the pool, but in the long run I want to see some changes.

  • The young GER team has a good tournament in Montreux entering the semifinals, catching up the attention...

    the players with the most distinctive plays within the team are Lippmann, Brinker (the Captain)...

    just to float this thread

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  • After the pleasently surprising performance in Montreux that came unexpected even for Felix Koslowski, the team now has a week off. Next week 22 players will gather in Schwerin to prepare for WGP. Berit Kauffeldt is recovering from a surgery on her hand and there is no mention of Saskia Hippe in the press release. The players who were rested after WCHQ return and five new players join the training.

    S: Denise Hanke, Irina Kemmsies, Lena Möllers
    OPP: Louisa Lippmann, Lena Stigrot (also OH), Kimberly Drewniok, Frauke Neuhaus, Aisha Skinner
    OH: Maren Brinker, Jennifer Geerties, Jana Franziska Poll, Dora Grozer, Tanja Großer, Lisa Izquierdo
    MB: Jennifer Pettke, Marie Schölzel, Leonie Schwertmann, Barbara Wezorke, Juliane Langgemach, Lisa Gründing
    L: Lenka Dürr, Anna Pogany

  • According to this article about Lisa Izquierdo, she still hasn't joined NT due to recovering from her injury. She says she tore all ligaments in her right ankle in January and sat out for 1.5 months, then her Turkish club forced her to return on court for the playoffs even though she still had problems with the foot :white: :down: So the injury got worse again of course...She says she hopes to be able to join NT in August and make it to ECH roster.

  • That's funny because I watched all play off matches and didn't see her in any of them...? :whistle: 8|

  • German roster for WGP:

    S: Denise Hanke, Irina Kemmsies :woohoo:
    OPP: Louisa Lippmann, Kimberly Drewniok
    OH: Jennifer Geerties, Jana Franziska Poll, Tanja Großer, Lena Stigrot
    MB: Jennifer Pettke, Marie Schölzel, Leonie Schwertmann, Barbara Wezorke
    L: Lenka Dürr, Anna Pogany

    Dora Grozer is out due to physical problems, Maren Fromm (ex-Brinker) is probably on Honeymoon though her husband should be preparing for WCHQ with men NT, Lena Möllers will partially train with the team during WGP and be the first back-up if someone has to be replaced. However it's really good to see Irina Kemmsies in the roster.
    With Drewniok being there as back-up OPP I expect Lena Stigrot to play as OH which IMO suits her better at least attackingwise.

  • German team now has two weeks off after WGP and will start preparations for ECH on 14 August with 20 players. I assume it will be the 15 from WGP plus Lena Möllers, Berit Kauffeldt and Lisa Izquierdo, maybe Dora Grozer and one more MB (Langgemach?).

    As for the performance so far this summer I have to say I'm fairly pleased, it could have gone much worse. Especially the fact that many of our current key players are just in the early 20s makes me hopeful for the next years. In fact Fromm is the only player over 30 and only Hanke, Poll, Pettke and Dürr are in their mid/late 20s, everyone else is under 25.