2017 - 2018 transfer news

  • De Cecco signed with Perugia for 3 more years (and added that he will retire from the NT after Tokyo)

    I really feel no flexibility on Perugia with this renewal on too many foreign players.

    They should focus on developing ther local roster or they are going to have problems in the long run again being too dependent on their foreign players. They have Atanasijevic and De Cecco as their starters and no decent Italian OHs to replace Ivan when he's messing up again on the attack while Russell has to play well every game to where Zaytsev is doing not so much good at which is attack efficiency until the servers will punish him with the heavy services to silence him during the crucial stretches of the game. Atleast they have Bari who is shanking every pass known to man. :teach:

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  • Matt Anderson extends his contract with Zenit Kazan until the end of 2017/18 season.

    Source: http://www.zenit-kazan.com/news/?id=5168

  • Maciej Muzaj(OP) has extended his contract with Jastrzębski Wegiel for the next season.
    Lukas Kampa(S) and Salvador Hidalgo Oliva((OH) have signed 2 more year contract with the club.

  • That`s nice. Panasonic failed to qualify to the semi-final or final. But that shows the club is happy with him and he is happy in Japan. He said he would not play in Poland because the clubs are foolish and pays international players more $$$ than for the locals. Good for him.

    Michał Kubiak extended his contract with Panasonic Panthers until the end of season 2018/19.

  • He said he would not play in Poland because the clubs are foolish and pays international players more $$$ than for the locals. Good for him.

    Indeed. Kubiak deserves a lot more, for he is an amazing outside hitter.

    But as far as I can remember, he got injured twice this season in Japan?... Been a bit worried about him, one of my favourite OHs.

    Another issue is, some famous coaches, i.e. Alekno, and Shipulin, remarked before that many top players dropped their levels after playing in Asia. Hope Kubiak manages to improve instead.

  • Piotr Gacek (L) retires, while Jakub Jarosz (OP) will join Asseco Resovia Rzeszów

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  • French setter Antoine Brizard (22 years, Toulouse) signed 2-year deal with AZS Politechnika Warszawska

    Serbian MB Dejan Radić (32 years, AS Cannes) joins Ajaccio VB on a 2-year deal.

  • Jochen Schops and Marcin Możdzonek for 2 more years in Asseco.

    Michał Kędzierski S comes back to Asseco.