2017 - 2018 transfer rumours

  • Thanks saishuu!
    Dante was verry good in the finals and not all the seazon!He was the mvp together with Safranovic in the Greek league finals
    Sergio Felix is a good receiver or only offencive OH?

    Also they wrote about Facundo Conte but i dont know his salary....

    He is a decent receiver, but his serving and spiking skills are his best qualities.

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  • Spoleto (A2) is looking for Bari.
    No news about Tosi. I think Cesarini is a great second libero for Colaci, but I'm sorry he will stay on the bench.

    Birarelli in Verona, so the MBs spot are finished (with Pajenk and Mengozzi).
    I wonder where Piano will go :( I'm afraid he will have to stay in a lower level team at this point: all the top teams seem to be done with the MB...
    Stankovic Candellaro Cester in Lube
    Holt Mazzone (Bossi) in Modena
    Podraskanin Anzani Siirila (Ricci) in Perugia
    Eder Kozamernick (Zingel) in Trento
    Birarelli Pajenk Mengozzi in Verona
    Yosifov Alletti and (?) In Piacenza, but I don't think they will pay Modena for Piano because Alletti did his job last year...

  • Reading rumours that setter Sergei Grankin leaves Dinamo Msk and heads to apparently Belgorod. Grankin's agent has confirmed the first part of the goss, there's still no confirmation re Belgorod. If we trust the source, Grankin will be swapped for Poroshin. In any case, Dinamo Msk is to become a *very* different team now, as many things were spinning around Grankin in there. His departure may bring troubles but at the same time may open new doors.

  • http://www.worldofvolley.com/N…-up-for-atanasijevic.html

    I check his IG account and Perugia Instagram has followed him so there could be truth to it.

    I just wish he can play as a receiver. He's a good size it could help in the blocking when Berger is not playing well on the attack.

    But i'm not too fond with his attacking efficiency. 43 percent seems low for a positive attack.

    He's cute though. :mirror:

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  • It seems Hoag will go in Trento (there was a rumors before that Trento was interesred, but back then they hadn't decided yet if having a foreign libero or the italian couple).
    Nice back up!

    On the other hand, the second opposite will probably be a foreign and not the young Bisi (which I don't know).
    I wonder if the Giannelli-Vettori situation during the WL somehow guided that decision...

    I'm sorry Trento won't bet on an italian opp, but after losing Argenta I don't blame them.
    On the other hand I'm happy Chiappa will have big chances, and that Cavuto will finally arrive in A1.
    After all we will usually play with 4/7 italians on court (5/8 if we consider to liberos) so I can't complain. And this WL proved how much Antonov needs to stay on court, imho.

  • It seems that after all Piano may go to Verona, with Mengozzi leaving for Milano. (Volley News)

    It's not clear if Modena finally decreased the cost of his 'cartellino' (Volley news says 160.000 euros!! No wonder why not even the top teams in need of an italian MBs took him!) or if Verona will pay all of it.

    Edit: Bossi officially in Modena so I guess the news about Piano is true...

    Edit again: Volleyball.it said that the 'Verona' hypothesis is still far, and also that Piano refused an offer from Modena.
    I wonder if he may decide to go abroad or buy is on 'cartellino'...

  • According to Modena local press now Modena want's 180t Euros for the cartellino of Piano so Verona is far away, as they wanted 120 earlier and it was way to much. They offered him new two year deal and he said no for it, so the situation is complicated as there is no more MB spots in Italian top teams.

  • Savani is back. I hope he's in a good shape. He wasn't sure about coming back to Italy last season because, as he honestly said, after 3 short seasons China his shape dropped a lot.

    I'm very happy about it anyway! :drink:

  • Facundo Conte may stay in Shanghai in Season 17/18.

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  • yes, still in Chaumont, newcomer team in Champions League

    Les pieds dans le fumier, mais toujours le verbe haut et la tête droite ! Cocorico !