2017 - 2018 transfer rumours

  • Unless Modena is such plenty of money they can aire Zaytsev as opposite...

    I am still digesting the fact that Stoychev chose to go to Modena, but it will surely take me way longer to imagine Zaytsev next to Ngapeth in one team :huh:

  • I am still digesting the fact that Stoychev chose to go to Modena, but it will surely take me way longer to imagine Zaytsev next to Ngapeth in one team :huh:


    Urnaut is close to Modena

    Yes, it was given practically for sure by Volleyball.it few days ago.
    Still, imho Modena first of all needs to close with an Italian opposite (it doesn't seem as easy as it was before) to have Urnaut. Unless they've money to waste for Urnaut as second of Ngapeth 8|

    They may lose also Djuric for Russia.

    Rumors about contacts with Modena for a triplet: Orduna, Le Roux as opposite, Piano.

  • Yes, but now it seems Sabbi also has a bigger offer from Zaksa, so things are more complicated. In any case he is Modena first choice without doubt, so I guess they will fight for him if they can ;)
    Other possibilities are: Nelli, Zaytsev (hardly), Le Roux with an italian OH (but at the moment it seems Botto is the only real possibility...)

    From Volleyball.it:

    Shaw may be the second setter of Perugia.
    They are also interested to [b]Pesaresi[/b] too (Volleyball.it says De Pandis has already sign), even if he still has 2 year of contract.

    Lube is interested in Sander (as important third, even if they still have the foreign problem to solve...) and also in Sabbi, but hiring him in Italy costs 120.000 euro*; in his shoes I wouldn't chose to be the second of Sokolov rather than being titular in Modena or Zaksa...

    *è lo svincolo ufficiale che le squadre italiane dovrebbero pagare a Molfetta per averlo (sorry I don't know how to translate it correctly, it's like a fee other italians team has to pay to Molfetta if they want him).

  • Ps also Bruno Da Re (Trento sportive director) practically confirmed Daniele Mazzone and Urnaut in Modena.
    He also said they will probably have a quite definite team in 10-15 days, but some decision are done and some are still in progress. They will aire young players but he confirmed they're interest in Eder.
    According to him they're still speaking with Vettori about the contract but they're willing to close. Obviously it's absolutely possible he said that even if Vettori has already signed ;)

  • Ukrainian Dmitriy Teryomenko (MB) from Belogorie Belgorod is rumoured to join Cerrad Czarni Radom

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  • Modena called Bossi back from Ravenna, according Dal15al25. Does that mean Piano doesn't want to sign with Modena/Modena doesn't want to sign with Piano?

    Now Piano's name is even given as a surprising hypothesis for Perugia, but may that's more a guess than a real rumors, who knows.

    Perugia may hire also Marra for the defense (with De Pandis to receive); nice duo for me!

  • I hope both Shaw and Marra won't come.

    Marra is just too weak. On the other side Shaw is too good to be a back up, he should be going to a team where he can be starter (or stay in Padova). On the other side Piano is a good solution for us, since De Cecco doesn't go so often to his MBs (you know, he has this very annoying all-about Atanasijevic attitude) and we need a good italian one (more blocker than spiker). I'm more than fine with Mitic (good blocker and server).

  • Christenson -Sokolov -Juantorena -Kovar- Candellaro -Stankovic -Grebennikov vs . Christenson -Sokolov - Juantorena -Sander -Candellero -Piano -Grebennikov
    I think second option is better, maybe they will win CL with this team.
    :offtopic: Vettori's post is just legendary :obey:

  • Scarpetta, we often agree but this time I must admit I wouldn't have a second of doubt choosing Kovar over Sander (despite Kovar physical problem) and Stankovic over Piano (even if I have high esteem of him) ^^'

    But I agree that if Lube can afford to have both Sander and Piano (Candellaro) on the bench they would be even stronger than last year!

  • I think he is among the best diggers of the Superlega...

    Milano interested in Anzani and close to Ruben Schott from Berlin.
    They are still trying with Cebulj (while few weeks ago it seemed he was leaving Italy) and they're thinking about Pesaresi.

    It's confirmed that Piacenza is interested in Baranowicz. Considering that many players are leaving for sure, I'm surprised there are so few rumors about Piacenza beside opp and setter (and also in these cases we have just one name).

    Bira should stay in Perugia (that's imho is a bit contrasting with the rumors about Piano...)