2017 - 2018 transfer rumours

  • Heavy rumours of Kevin Tillie in Jastrzebski. If it turns out to be true, JW will have a very good team with Oliva, Tillie, Muzaj and Kampa; it would also strongly suggest that Zaksa decided to go with a foreign replacement for Konarski (Sabbi?).

    EDIT: Apparently Torres (offical info from Zaksa website).

  • any news when will we have Korean draft ?( ladies were chosen today :wavy:

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  • So, Bolívar lost Edgar (to japan) and Piá (to SESI) and got Lyneel, Nikic and Theo so far.

    All the argentine players are staying. I think only Aleksiev is left to confirm (I think he will leave).

    I would have hoped they went after an international MB rather than look for OHs, but oh well..

  • Sabbi in Modena (sure for Volleyball.it, not official yet).

    Lube is interested in Sander (as important third, even if they still have the foreign problem to solve...) and also in Sabbi, but hiring him in Italy costs 120.000 euro*; in his shoes I wouldn't chose to be the second of Sokolov rather than being titular in Modena or Zaksa...

    *è lo svincolo ufficiale che le squadre italiane dovrebbero pagare a Molfetta per averlo (sorry I don't know how to translate it correctly, it's like a fee other italians team has to pay to Molfetta if they want him).

    EDIT: apparently Modena doesn't have to pay 120.000 euros to Molfetta, but to Lube, that still his 'cartellino' (smth like property for athletes...)
    So obviously wouldn't have paid, and may be that's the reason they were interested, if that was true...

    Both news were/are from Volleyball.it

    It isn't sure that Piacenza will play in Superlega.

    Modena may be interested in Clevenot... (?)

  • According to turkish voleybolplus Kurek is rumored to join Ziraat Bankasi Ankara as OH despite having 1+1 contract ready to sign at the table. He supposed to wait for the new coach so I guess he does not like the new one (we still don't know who it will be)

  • According to turkish voleybolplus Kurek is rumored to join Ziraat Bankasi Ankara as OH despite having 1+1 contract ready to sign at the table. He supposed to wait for the new coach so I guess he does not like the new one (we still don't know who it will be)

    It's known who will coach Ziraat in the next season. Coach is Joško Milenkoski, former Maliye Mili Piyango coach

  • Yes I mean Skra new coach. It was said that Kurek waits with the signature on his new contract till the arrival of the new coach. He goes to Turkey so I'm assuming he does not like the idea of new coach. He would have stayed under Daniel Castellani.

  • I don't see any team beating Civitanova if they get Taylor Sander and if they keep Jenia.
    I'm just not sure if he's back to his form but if he is then having two high ball hitters in front like Juantorena and the opposite Tsvetan and with Micah who knows him too well will practically destroy every team's block if they get the bic connection like they do in their NT. :white:

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  • Sander is supposed to be a back up (with several opportunities to play), at least in the Italian Championship. In CL obviously there isn't any limitation on the foreigns so no problem.
    Personally I'm not a massive fan of Sander and I think Kovar is better then him (more all-around), but I guess he can't play all the time for the physical problems (controlled, but not disappeared).

    Ps as far as I understand, for now the rumors is that they are interested, not that he is close to sign (obviously It's also possible that has already sign and the journalists don't know yet ;)

  • It's confirmed that Nelli is very close to Padova (that next year may give Balaso to Trento). I still haven't understand if on loan or not (while Tiziano Mazzone will go on loan for sure).
    Now it seems they're trying to hire Orduna, which apparently would like to stay in Modena, since he has another year of contract (but I wonder: does Modena have the money to have a second setter like him? In the past they always picked a young italian setter...)

    Milano, Verona and Perugia are interested in Pesaresi, but Giovi in Verona has another year of contract.

  • Rado Stoychev discussed his choice to coach Modena last week and said a few words about the club's ambitions. Modena's idea is to develop a few local players and to become increasingly threatening both in Italy and Europe on a span of 3-4 years. Which means that probably more money and titles should be awaited in the next few seasons. Right now Modena is said to have a more limited budget which was used to sign Bruno, keep Ngapeth plus some of the current roster and eventually sign a decent opposite. But the interview also went in direction that Modena can't afford Zaytsev or Kaziyski right now, as has been speculated outside the club recently.

    By the way, Matey Kaziyski extended his contract with JTEKT Stings (I think for another season only). Which is a bit weird as he will be (or already is, I don't know) a father for the first time and expressed his desire to return to Europe/Italy. It's still not late, though.

  • Clevenot may go in Modena as third OH (wow!), but he has another year of contract with Piacenza.

    As far as I understood, practically Modena wants/needs to 'get rid' of Orduna and Le Roux, who both have another year of contract. They may agree to leave for Verona (this rumor isn't new, but the first part wasn't that clear before).

  • Le Roux applied on Korean draft so might be leaving.

    Talking about limited budget while signing Stoychev, Bruno & Sabbi (paying compensation) and extending with N'Gapeth and Holt simply doesn't fit :) I'm sure u will agree :D Obviously Modena has money

  • KOVO Draft:

    Mitja Gasparini stays in Korean Air Jumbos.
    Krisztián Pádár stays in Woori Card Wibee.
    Árpád Baróti stays in South Korea, but moves from Korean Electric Power to Hyundai Skywalkers.
    Thijs ter Horst stays in Samsung Bluefangs.
    Bram Van den Dries signs for OK Savings Bank.
    Alexandre Ferreira signs for KB Stars Insurance.
    Felipe Banderò signs for Korea Electric Power.

    Some surprises. Edgar is out.
    Bartman wrote on IG he had a very bad first day at the try-out (so I expected him to be out).
    Banderò is a huge surprise.