2017 / 2018 Transfer Rumors & Discussion

  • Regarding Haak's departure to Scandicci - I'm really happy for her, I hope she learns a lot in Italy especially under Carlo Parisi as he's most likely coming along with Bella :rose: Many young girls have developed under his coaching system and she's gonna play in my favorite league (her favorite too I guess).

  • I don't think this is possible. He has his team that he started from zero with his own money and now they are on the process of dealing with sponsors.

    I just hope this doesn't turn into another Vôlei Amil situation where he forms a team, leaves and then it disappears. :S

  • Adenizia - stay in Scandicci but Arrighetti go to Foppa Bergamo.

  • Stefano Lavarini leaving Foppa Bergamo . He go to Pesaro next seasons.

    Foppa Bergamo want Marco Gaspari.

  • :rolll:
    This is why I like Natashka a lot, she's so straight forward. Besides it makes quite much sense, if you feel like home, get some good money and get to play in CL there's no need to leave and play abroad unless you are adventurous which is not Goncha's case.

    I didnt know Goncharova was so ignorant. This is not about Turkey but in general about being open to new perspectives. As a person who is living in abroad and now planning to move to my next destination, I can tell that she is missing a lot. Living in a new place, learning a new lifestyle, meeting new people, a new volleyball culture and lots of other things add a lot to you as a person. You simply gain multiple perspectives, understand how people think on the other side of the world, you get a worldview. It's her choice and I respect it but I am not gonna clap ignorant declarations. To me Kosheleva is worth much more than her and although she had a bad season in abroad, she will go to her next destination with a bag full of experiences and new perspectives.

  • I don't think it is all about that. Goncha is known for being Mrs Ice Lady, showing no emotions warm emotions on court. She would't feel comfortable somewhere abroad having no friends and I guess it would be difficult for her to build new friendships with foreigners. That is what I assume but could be wrong.

  • Fenerbahce and Natalia are on the way to seperate roads due to financial disagreements (Natalia asking for too much money): https://www.voleybolplus.com/2…usmesinden-ayrilik-cikti/

    natalia worth the money. Kim's performance gradually become worse each year. According to the official stats of spiker, Natalia outperforms kim in both turkish league and champions league. She worth 1 million wage.

  • The departures out of Dinamo Krasnodar continue... MB Anastasiya Samoilenko joins Dynamo Kazan (giving them a nice trio of Zaryazhko, Samoilenko and Maryukanovich).
    -I wonder if Malykh will leave Krasnodar this summer, surely a lot of teams would be interested in her services.

  • I think Natalia this year won 500.000 USD. Probably she took 600.000 appx. But She wants 1m USD for example This is impossible.Cuz We never Ecz or Vakıf These ara very rich clubs all the world.
    For me If Natalia accept offer We will happy.No accept Good Luck For Natalia Pereira Zilio

    Also Natalia Goncharova probably no want to CL cup.This is her choose

  • natalia worth the money. Kim's performance gradually become worse each year. According to the official stats of spiker, Natalia outperforms kim in both turkish league and champions league. She worth 1 million wage.

    Agreed, FB had maybe the most balanced OH duo in league with Natalia&Kim. There is not much alternatives for her who can both receive and attack. FB simply does not have the luxury of losing neither Kim nor Natalia if they want to be competitive in CL next year :whistle:

  • If Natalia went We can interest Kelsey,Bricio,Hill,Zhang,Egonu,Kosheleva
    I think Abbondanza return to Italy . Who will come?
    Ezgi,Kim,Kelsey,Eda,Dicle,Egonu,Melis etc

  • WoV said that Ecz is looking for Sinead Jack for the next season.
    Well......Dunno why they are always looking for players who are superior in attacking. Kosheleva Boskovic Adams all are dominant scorers within their positions. The team only depends on a shaky libero and a steady libero placing in the OH role to defend and receive. The missing of Thaisa opens the middle completely to their opponents...
    And they are finding another attacking MB again to replace Adams...
    Indeed Admas is doing a good job in attacking but what the team needs desperately is a blocking MB!
    Come on, you have to find somebody receive (I mean the OH replacing Koshe) and block! Jack is of coz a good scorer but when it comes to blocking... If they are choosing players in this way, they will never succeed.