Women's Club World Championship 2017

  • i m surprised that people are surprised how well ana antonijevic is playing when she was at the peak of the form before all those injuries she was better then maja imo she definetly deserved that silver in rio more so then zivkovic to be honest,i hope she find a good cl team i would like to see her in fener,novara or modena cause everything else would be a waste of time if she wants to win something internationally in the near future

    No, i am not suprised. I am justt happy because she was really good before injuries and i was a big fan of her. But injuries could take a lot from players and i am happy that she is still good.

  • I would have never said Rexona would have reach the final, especially winning the first two sets in such a convincing way. Congratulations to them ,much work in defense and in block, so that Volero couldn't find good solutions.. Carol

    Carol has been underperforming during the Superliga but she stepped up her game during the time when it matters most. Too bad she is leaving Rexona. Juciely-Carol duo is such a great team, like Natalia-Gabi duo.

    Either Osasco's uniforms are very unfortunate or Nestle is sponsoring some players with a bit too much candy

    That's what I thought. Osasco players has an average women body - voluptuous and curvy. That momentum gave them huge advantage in terms of spiking power but affect them in terms of blocking height and quickness and agility.

  • Either Osasco's uniforms are very unfortunate or Nestle is sponsoring some players with a bit too much candy

    I kind of like Osasco's white uniform better and I especially like how they have what look like cherry blossom on them since they are playing in Japan.

    And apparently at the start of the live comment for the match at wcwc website they stated that Risa Shinnabe suffered a groin injury.

  • And I need an apology from everyone who bashed me for saying Olesia is a choker. :whistle:

    Favorite players: M: Maxim Mikhaylov, Murilo, Serginho, Aaron Russell, Otavio, Simone Giannelli, Ivan Zaytsev, Tsvetan Sokolov, Michał Kubiak, Mariusz Wlazly, Pawel Zagummy W: Sheilla, Zhu Ting, Natalia, Fe Garay, Fofao, Gabi, Thaisa, Foluke Akinradewo, Wei Qiuyue, Ding Xia, Carli Lloyd, Fabi, Natalia Goncharova, Yuko Sano, Saoris Kimura and Sakoda

  • I said I would not post anymore, and I won`t and I swear this will be my last, but I was just pissed last night that I just want to say something.

    I don`t understand what was Barbolini`s plan for last night. Boskovic(28 balls) got the same amount of balls as Hande (28) and Larson (27) and Hande scored only 7 and Larson 10. And both got blocked so many times that I even lost count, and still Maja kept setting them, and this can`t be only her decision, she could be just following Barbolini`s plan. So basically Boskovic getting the same number of balls as these 2 is a joke.

    And the 5-1 inversion with Neslihan makes no sense at all. You only do this when you have a back up at the same level or when you are loosing by a bunch, I love Darnel but she`s not even close to Boskovic`s level. And this happened not only last night, but in past games, whenever Darnel/Nilay comes in the opponent team goes on a run.

    2nd set - Vitra was leading the whole time until 18-16, Vakifbank scored 3 points 19-18 with a Hande`s spike out, then he goes and take Maja/Boskovic out. You can not take your best player out when you are winning and she`s playing well.

    3rd set - Vitra was leading 17-14, then he goes and takes Boskovic/Maja out and Vakibank goes on a 6-2 run 20-19.

    I guess this could be a protocol from the owners to make sure Neslihan gets some play time??

    It was nice to see Bursa and Ceylan playing well, and the reason they played well, is because they knew they could just play with no pressure with getting replaced if they just made a single mistake and would not be compared with those called " Foreigners Super Star Players" that no matter what they are always better than them. Same goes for Hande, she made a lot of mistakes but still made a lot of great plays, and with was clear Kosheleva was not playing no matter what, and Hande knew it, so she was able to relax and do her thing on the court.

    That really shows how these Turkish players are underestimated and they could all become really good if they were given the chance to play instead of sitting on the bench.


    Rexona beat down on Volero was the most fun to watch so far. Like I said before, Blocking has nothing to do with height, Carol with 1.83 cm had a Block Party with 10 blocks :heart: . Gabi with 1.80cm got 3. While Foluke and Malkova are over 1.90cm got 0 :down: Orlova got only 1.
    Rexona 18 blocks vs 8 Volero. So tonight if Vakibank outblocks Rexona again, don`t think it is because they are taller, it means they are great blockers and their height has nothing to do with it.

    About Antonijevic, I want to see her in Italy or Turkey also. Against the Rockets, Volero in the 3rd set was loosing (I think it was 19-12 or 11) Antonjevic comes in and Volero turn things around and wins 26-24.

    Just in case some of u dont know, Drussyla is only 20 years old, and this is her first Senior Tournament as a starter, she spent all season long benching for Anne, and she only got the starting spot during the semi-finals series.
    Bernanrdo did study Volero really well, they knew everything Volero could and would do, That`s why Terzic had to replace almost his whole starting line up. Monique was digging all Olesia`s ball, same as she did with Goncharova.. Will be interesting to watch tonight what will be his game plan against Vakifbank, and if he has any solution to stop Zhu, or better, any solution to stop Naz.

    Most bizarre thing happened in the game Moscow vs Hisamitsu. The game was tied at 8-8, but Moscow won 25-9, they went on a 17-1 run.

    As of right now, if I was the one handling out the awards I would do.

    Best OH - Gabi ( 2nd best receiver)
    2nd Best OH - Zhu
    OPP - Boskovic ( Best Score, Best Spiker, Best Server)
    Best MB - Poljak ( Best Blocker with 24)
    2nd Best MB - Juciely (Best score among all MB)
    Setter - Maja
    Libero - Popovic ( Best receiver)

    MVP - NAZ, of course it could be Zhu, but Naz has always been doing a great job, and setters/liberos never get enough recognition. And NAZ has been the engine of this team for so long.
    But if Rexona wins, I would give it to either Drussyla or Gabi depending on their performance in the final. They are the best OH duo in this tournament.

    Ok u guys wont ever hear from me again. Peace. :flower:

  • Mostly I agree, also Akinradewo may have a chance of an MB award if she plays well tomorrow but she's only had 1(!) kill block so I don't think she should get it.

    I think Naz is a great setter and agree that setters don't get enough recognition but I don't really see her as the MVP of the tournament. She is playing a pretty normal game, not using the MBs very much but she knows Zhu and Lonneke can kill it against double blocks so it doesn't matter.

    About the Boskovic thing I agree as well. Problem is at times this season Boskovic's level has dropped when she has got a lot of balls like in the golden set VS Fenerbahce so I think Barbolini did not want this to happen again. She still should've got more balls IMO.

    Nice to see you here I hope you post again :wavy:

  • Rasic is always one of the best MBs recently. I don't think she's really done anything to deserve it this time. Juciely, Poljak, Akinradewo, Kubra and Ana Beatriz are all better choices IMO unless Rasic plays great in the final which is always possible.

  • Same fate for Goncharova. She's consistently the best scorer in most tournamnents she plays, only to be robbed out of conetention due to her team not reaching the finals. What a shame she played good even against Vakif, but Rexona scouted her really well.

  • I don't think that Japan will host this event in the future. Reasoning has to be as follows.

    1. Attendance has been horrible
    Only 2 matches in pool play got over 1000 people, both of which were Hisamitsu matches
    And one today with Hisamitsu.
    I wonder if they thought that people would pay 8000 yen (US$70 according to Oanda) to sit in any seat at floor level. If I am watching 4 matches for that price, that is a great value. If I paying that to watch a Japanese team get blown out, then no. Maybe they could have made it two matches for the price.
    Even 2nd level seats were 6000 yen (US$52), which is still too high in my mind. 3rd level seats were general admission and 3000 yen ($26)
    Additionally, if they could have put this tournament during Golden Week (a week long batch of holidays), which was the week before, attendance would have been better from the Japanese fans.
    I have to think that this will be a money losing tournament for the Japanese Volleyball Association.

    2. Japanese clubs performance
    These two teams are the best in Japan, but they are so far behind the teams from Europe and Brazil. The Brazilian teams are more domestic, but the European teams are really all-star teams and with only one foreigner on the Japanese teams, the gap is huge

  • Yes, a total embarrassment for Japan.

    Just because I want to ... I believe the Japanese teams would have done better if there were 5,000 fans there cheering them on.

    [Edit to say] The embarrassment in my mind is for Japan as host.

    I don't think the Japanese teams are that far behind (as I look through my rose colored glasses). Hisamitsu has injuries. The Red Rockets got spanked big time in their first match (not surprising, they played monsters) but I think they came around respectably after that. If they'd just learn to serve the ball instead of giving away points they'd have done better, maybe taken more than one set.