Hiwassee College (TN) has New Scholarships Available for Women's Volleyball!!

  • Dear Friends at Inside VolleyCountry,

    My name is Anthony Tricoli, I am currently in Orange County, CA recruiting new student/athletes for Hiwassee College, a small, private institution in Tennessee. My wife is the president of this small college, and I am the former president of a small college in California and a large college in the South. So, Robin and I understand education, and have dedicated our professional careers to helping young people like Inside VolleyCountry's volleyball players to make good choices about their formal education beyond high school.

    Hiwassee College is a four-year private institution located in the beautiful foothills of the Smoky Mountains. Because we offer both the AA and BA degrees, students can earn two college degrees in four years. The cost of attending Hiwassee College is amazingly low, just $23,429 for tuition, room and board. In fact, we've heard others say that we're the least expensive private college in the nation. That may be true - I don't know, but what we do know is that we provide students and parents a great option for any college student to receive an outstanding and quality private college education at a public college cost. Our teacher to student ratio is 12/1, and oftentimes it is 10/1 depending upon the class. The majority of our students receive federal financial aid, which lowers their cost to attend significantly. We also currently have NEW scholarship funds for both athletic participation and academic work as well as for service to community! We are searching for just the right student/athletes (women's volleyball players) to join us in the fall of 2017!

    Hiwassee College is in the perfect geographical location for the parent who would like their college student to live in a quiet and safe atmosphere away from large overwhelming masses of people, gangs, guns, crime, and freeways loaded with cars and people in a hurry. The college is surrounded by thousands of beautiful tree covered acres, with crisp clean air, babbling brooks, streams and rivers, and miles upon miles of solitude in the Smoky Mountains. The area where Hiwassee College is located may not be for everyone, but for some it will be their mecca!

    Hiwassee College provides a personalized college education to each and every student. Our list of college degrees is not overwhelming, nor is any other part of college life here in our corner of the America. Student activities are fun, and run the gamut of those typically offered at other colleges. Our athletic programs are awesome and bring great school spirit and pride to our students and college. Our men's and women's residence halls are like most others, but the food in our cafeteria is truly great, it is not typical of most colleges - students enjoy their meal times here.

    I have a few documents that I believe will answer all your questions about the College. Just email me and I will send you the FAQ's. I hope you will share them with your HS seniors and juniors, and their parents.

    Our athletic director and coaches stand ready to assist every student/athlete. You can reach our Athletic Director Gabe Watson at watsonga@hiwassee.edu, and our Women's Volleyball Coach at Bryan Woodlief at bwoodlief12@hiwassee.edu.

    I am ready, willing and able to meet with any group of students or individual students and their parents while I am here in Orange County, CA. Please call me immediately (423) 836-5606 if you know of any student who could benefit from an education at Hiwassee College, or email me at anthonystricoli@gmail.com.

    Most Sincerely,

    Dr. Anthony S. Tricoli
    Executive Admissions Ambassador

    Hiwassee College
    (423) 836-5606