Germany - VBL 1. Bundesliga 2017/2018

  • All roster changes known to me are now included, also (see Aachener newpaper), that McKenzie Adams (USA, 1992) stays with Ladies in Black.

    By the way: regarding Erfurt and Suhl not even one player contract is known so far, therefore they have still no team at all...

  • Did they get the license ?

    Yes, for the time being - economical/financial check is still running, but it seems, both clubs can fulfill the requirements. Because of financial considerations they may have not yet made any contracts, checking, how much money for what (especially salaries) will be available. The Wolfsgrube in Suhl is currently updated, especially in height, due to the requirements of VBL, so this obstacle is also removed for the new season.

  • Only guessing, but I think, this will be, what VBL is proposing to CEV regarding European cups:

    CL: Schwerin

    CEV cup: Stuttgart, Dresden

    Challenge cup: Potsdam, Vilsbiburg

    There are some caveats: Schwerin is seriously considering NOT to take part in CL :wall: for several reasons (finances, perspective in tournament), despite they would upset both the VBL and the CEV to no end this way. Stuttgart would be eligible to take part in CL qualification, but we don't want to do this, because foreseeable we would end in CEV cup after elimination in last round of CL qualifier anyway, so it would only put additional load and cost to the team, Dresden is unlikely to take over this spot for the same reasons. Stuttgart could be punished to play just Challenge cup, so Vilsbiburg or Potsdam could move up to CEV cup than. So we have to wait for the outcome.

  • Why should any German team play CL ? Hardly any realistic chance to survive the group stage, only lots of expenses.

    That's right: but if you don't participate, the VBL will lose points in European cups rankings and teams and even VBL may face penalties for not participating. Let it put this way: this is an obligation, which you can hardly decline, despite you have no perspective at all to reach Playoff-6.

  • A newspaper from Thuringia writes, that the demand for a pure volleyball field without other lines costs 30.000 Euro additionally (usual prize in Germany) and has to be applied for each home match in Erfurts Riethsporthalle. Despite they have a solid budget of 500.000 to 550.000 Euro, this is not yet included in calculations, because this demand is usually appied later to new members of first league. I think, they can deal with it, but it delays coach and roster negotiatons.

  • Sina Fuchs from Münster to Wiesbaden. Wiesbaden now has Bednarova, Großer, Fuchs and I think also Grozer as OHs for next season which makes a very balanced line-up and means two good players sitting on bench (hopefully they take turns in that).

    In Stuttgart, Giannis Athanasopoulos is officially the new head coach and Molly McCage the first transfer. Nia Grant, Jennifer Pettke, Valerie Nichol and Karmen Kocar are leaving, the future of Aiyana Whitney and Wanna Buakaew is still uncertain. Junior NT setter Pia Kästner is a possible candidate as backup setter.

  • Whitney wanted to come back to Leonas de Ponce few weeks ago, but the franchise was ousted by the federation from the semifinals because of some irregular staff about Eckerman's return. Maybe she changed her mind. It's good for her to stay there. It was just her first season in Europe.

  • Honestly, I expected much more Nia Grant to stay as her friend Aiyana Whitney. But the last may have a bit more adapted here meanwhile, so she might stay nevertheless. She had a hard time while shoulder injury and expectations from an opposite in Stuttgarts roster are high, of course. And there are at least two very strong outside hitters, who make it difficult for any opposite to stand out in attack (Mlejnková, Sandor).