Germany - VBL 1. Bundesliga 2017/2018

  • Wow you're such a bad loser, sorry :white:

    First, there were no "scandalous" referee decisions in the first match. They were controversial, no doubt about that, but by no means "scandalous".

    Second, Stuttgart had their weeks of great performances during regular season and deservedly finished 1st, but it's not like they were dominant throughout the season :roll: Just as a reminder: Stuttgart and Dresden won 17 matches in regular season, Schwerin won 16. Biiiiiiig difference :aww:

    Third, an injury of Perovic from the beginning of the season is definitely not a reason to lose the final series :rolll: Pusic's absence also wasn't a major problem because Annie Cesar replaced her very well, especially in the first final. The only real factor was Daalderop's absence, but if Sandor and Mlejnkova had performed as they can, Stuttgart still would have had all chances to be champion. So what's the excuse for their bad performances? :whistle:

    And finally: I don't remember any statement neither from Schwerin nor from Dresden (except for their manager complaining about Stuttgart's debts) that show "lack of respect" for Stuttgart. They won the Cup twice in the last years and played four consecutive championship finals, so neither Schwerin nor Dresden look down on them, I'm sure about that. But it's a fact that they lost all four finals, no matter how many excuses you find...

  • By the way, Perovic had better attack efficiency today than Lippmann (47% to 40%) - of course, it was not clever from her, to try the same ball three times in a row, after Schwerin began to block her.

    I didn't write, that Stuttgart had won the final series under better circumstances (i.e. without the injuries). But the injuries made the task for Schwerin undoubtedly much easier. The IMHO clearly wrong referee decisions in the first tie-break enabled Schwerin a win, which broke the master plan of Stuttgart in the first place - to win all three home matches. It may be a weakness of this seasons Stuttgarts team as a whole or by the majority of the players, not being strong enough in the head in certain situations, that's true. Maybe they need a sports psychologist now, the last three seasons they definitely didn't need a such, but than other players were on the court.

    And finally, that all OHs are usable was a major piece of the success for the whole season for Stuttgart. Not being able to use this system any longer, was a serious drawback in the moment, when it counted the most. And the difference in strength is generally much smaller than it often seems, so small disadvantages can build up an inadequately big difference in outcome. When I view the statistics, reception was today the weakest part of Stuttgarts game, but in many regards they were not worse than Schwerin, in some even better, for example in service (direct points positive - negative) and in blocking as usual.

    Of course I'm sorry for all viewers, that this series was shorter and less close as it was supposed to be, but preconditions were clearly not balanced.

    Maybe I got a wrong impression, but several statements by Schwerin sounded not okay for me, even considering that they of course wanted to win.

  • Matthias is right, you are a bad loser! Especially because you have nearly no respect for the teams behind top 3. And not even any repect for Dresden during the whole season.
    I remember the loss of Stuttgart in cup against Wiesbaden - In your opionion this happened because Stuttgart had other plans in this season.
    I remember the very close cup match against Münster - it all was only because Stuttgart played sooooo weak! But it was a good fight from Münster!
    And even Schwerin could only win because the referees helped them...


    I have never read real congrats to other teams from you ever. It was all about Stuttgart - all the time.
    If I understand it correctly the numbers told by Dresden about debts of Stuttgart have not been contradicted. So believe me, this can end in a neverending story (like it happens in Münster).

    Ulm in 2003 and 2004 was a problem for Münster because they made so much debts that it was very hard to compete. In these seasons Münster also paid to much for the team (and also in 2005). And because of this I can understand the words from Dresden, if they are the truth!

    We will see it in the upcoming years!

  • I hope Michaela Mlejnková doesn't do a wrong move (she was heavily crying when saying good bye yesterday in Stuttgart), because Polish league has now only few good teams remaining currently, opposed to a few years ago. For example Valerie Nichol made a big fault to go to Wroclaw, which played a really bad season, far away from the level they had some years ago. Only Police, the two teams of Lodz and Rzeszow were really good this season.

  • Speaking about Valerie, she had really good start but later she became the bench player in Wroclaw.

    I'm not sursprised. When a good player goes to a weaker league he/she plays worse. Just think about Hill in Sopot and Wolosz in Police.

    In a few months Wolosz looked a completely different player this season. And she just plays in Serie A1. Think about her playing in Turkey.

  • I don't know, if anyone watched the LEDcon displays during the final matches, because I made an interesting observation: I saw ads of Allianz, Stuttgart main sponsor, in Palmberg hall display, and vice versa Palmberg ads in SCHARRena. This means, that both Germany wide active sponsors used the TV airing to bring their ads to a bigger number of spectators. This makes me hope, that the teams can somehow gain of the TV airing, because the league won't develop any further without more money now; the poor number of participants in European cups from German Bundesliga is one rather visible negative sign, that they are mostly not sufficiently well financed. The last 5 years just once all 5 berths were used... in the coming season there is a risk, that in worst case only two use it (Dresden for CL qualification and Stuttgart for either CEV or Challenge cup, already giving up on the too expensive CL pool stage; Schwerin might be banned, what would be by far an exaggerated reaction by CEV IMHO).

    At least the negotiations with TV station Sport1 are running and chances are, that they succeed, and eventually the important league sponsor may finally step in, which is searched for by VBL for years now? Bad develoment for Polish league, that Orlen didn't continue this season league sponsoring, so I hope, this will persist, when it is beginning.