Germany - VBL 1. Bundesliga 2017/2018

  • Münster - Dresden 1:3 (17:25 18:25 25:22 19:25)
    MVP: Lina Alsmeier / Mareen Apitz

    VCO Berlin - Schwerin 0:3 (19:25 11:25 8:25)
    MVP: Josepha Bock / Elisa Lohmann
    Jennifer Geerties with 10 aces and Beta Dumancic with 9 :white: VCO is simply pathetic :aww: The idea of the project was good once upon a time, but in the last years most of the players there didn't reach top level, and also from the current team there are only very few girls that seem talented (Agbortabi, Skinner).

    1 Dresdner SC 12 11 35:10 32
    2 SSC Palmberg Schwerin 12 9 32:12 28
    3 Allianz MTV Stuttgart 11 9 29:11 28
    4 Ladies in Black Aachen 12 8 26:19 21
    5 USC Münster 12 6 25:22 21
    6 VC Wiesbaden 11 7 24:18 20
    7 Rote Raben Vilsbiburg 12 6 22:21 17
    8 SC Potsdam 11 4 18:24 13
    9 VfB Suhl LOTTO Thüringen 12 2 10:32 6
    10 Schwarz-Weiß Erfurt 11 2 9:30 6
    11 VCO Berlin 12 0 5:36 0

  • any source?

    It is announced in the VBL master plan (long version) and sometimes referred to like in this article from Berlin:…r-der-Volleys-werden.html

    In the master plan the 30. June 2018 is mentioned as publishing date for the new rules regarding domestic players (it would be illegal due to Bosman sentence to directly limit (EU) foreigners). Because there are not too few two year player contracts, it is expected, that not before season 2019/2020 (if at all and not even later) the rule gets into power.

  • it would be illegal due to Bosman sentence to directly limit (EU) foreigners).

    On the question of whether this is illegal: look at Italy, where there are also self-restrictions of the league clubs with the aim of promoting domestic players.
    Neither Stuttgart, nor Aachen, nor Suhl or Erfurt have a minimum number of at least 3 competitive German first league players. I see huge problems in the next years for the national team without extensive youth work in the lower-class clubs and corresponding competitive sports training in the youth teams. A self-obligation of the league clubs is necessary, but this can only be a component on this path.

  • I hope Bundesliga stays the way it is now. Foreign limitations are just useless. Applying the new rule the VBL would just ruin the league now, that it made its way to be the third best league in Europe.

    Germany is bridge between the players from USA and Netherlands and the top teams from Europe. There are many of the future star players there. It makes no sense trying to change it.

    This is not the kind of change which makes things better for the NT. If Germany produces strong players, they will play, no matter what, in Bundesliga and even better league, like Grun, Roll, Pachale, Weiss and Furst did for years; if Germany won't produce strong players, they won't be playing in Bundesliga, that's it. This won't make the league better neighter: money and skills (of the clubs) do.

  • There is a number of reasons, why we have relatively few domestic players in the league. Some of them DVV and VBL can influence, others not.

    DVV sports director Christian Dünnes (until last season professionell player in the men's Bundesliga) stated, this league is the fourth best in Europe currently (Poland has weakened considerably the last few years, while this one strengthened or kept level in this time). Also Russia is definitely still better than us, against at least Kazan and Moscow our best teams Schwerin, Stuttgart and Dresden are still without chance.

    The main issue for the lack of domestic players is definitely the lack of wide spread good professional education in this sports. In female area especially there is also rivalry with beach volleyball, which is more attractive nowadays for many girls - remember, that German women beach volleyball is currently leading the world even before Brazil and USA.

    But we have only three federal bases for this sports in whole Germany with a mid-term perspective, because of the damaging intention to close one of them (most likely Münster due to financial reasons, despite their good work in the last years). IMHO we would need instead at least 8 such federal academies, to make this much more covering the demands.

    Opposed for example to Italy most clubs here can't afford a high level education for young girls, and it is not about the number of girls in this age - this is in total higher in Germany as in Italy, not to speak about small countries like Serbia, where nearly every girl seems to be addressed in young age regarding volleyball.

    The last years saw a strong tendency to hire foreigners to strengthen the rosters of the clubs. Indeed numerically they are mostly from USA and Netherlands, which share one reason: the level is just right, not too high and not too low for their purposes. Other reasons vary (USA: no (yet) established professionsal national league and most Germans speak English sufficiently well, Netherlands: too low budgets and quality of their DELA league, being neighbor country and ease with our language).

    And I think, their is no other league with decent or top level in Europe (I count 7 currently: Turkey, Italy, Russia, Germany, Poland, Romania, France), which doesn't have either a tradition of forming enough domestic players for their league or having rules, which ensure enough domestic players on court (i.e. Poland and Italy) or both.

    So this approach is definitely not unusual, but have to taken with care here. It can help a little bit, but is of course not the only measure to improve things here, also education area is addressed and proposals for it will come, hopefully for the better in future.

    Prescribing three domestic players per team at any time on court like in Italy certainly would ruin the level of the league currently. More realistic, at least at introduction, is number of 1 or 2, I think. But we will see, what the working group will announce in summer.

  • So the three favourites took their three points: Dresden against Potsdam (in a kind of revenge, again four sets), Stuttgart in Aachen (after another dramatic fourth set, when they had to avert Aachens set ball) and Wiesbaden in three sets against Erfurt, likely the easiest task of the three teams today.

  • Dresden – Potsdam 3-1 (22-25, 25-19, 25-20, 25-11)
    MVP: Mareen Apitz / Marta Drpa

    Aachen – Stuttgart 1-3 (19-25, 25-23, 19-25, 25-27)
    MVP: Jelena Sunjic / Pia Kästner

    Wiesbaden – Erfurt 3-0 (25-17, 25-22, 28-26)
    MVP: Kimberly Drewniok / Erika Mercado

  • Dresden - Wiesbaden 3:0 (25:20 25:17 27:25)
    MVP: Ivana Mrdak / Tanja Großer

    Erfurt - Stuttgart 0:3 (19:25 13:25 20:25)
    MVP: ?

    Aachen - Schwerin 2:3 (15:25 25:15 25:22 18:25 23:25) Last 10 min of tie-break
    MVP: McKenzie Adams / Greta Szakmary

    Suhl - Vilsbiburg 3:1 (33:31 25:21 23:25 25:19)
    MVP: Krista DeGeest / Michaela Bertalanitsch
    Suhl won despite 43 errors :white:

    Tomorrow Münster-Potsdam, and with Suhl's surprise win Potsdam suddenly is under pressure to even lose 8th place.

  • Dresden - Wiesbaden 3:0 (25:20 25:17 27:25)
    MVP: Ivana Mrdak / Tanja Großer

    Erfurt - Stuttgart 0:3 (19:25 13:25 20:25)
    MVP: ?

    MVP Stuttgart: Nika Daalderop, Erfurt: Erika Mercado.

    This was a rather one sided match, even regarding spectators: we were louder as 50 fans (most of us arrived via SSB bus there) as the more, but still relatively few domestic fans of Erfurt.

  • Regarding the race of the three top spots for the playoffs in the league round: Schwerin lost ground today against Dresden and Stuttgart by losing two sets and one point in Aachen, which Stuttgart could avoid a few days before there. A key match regarding the lead of the league will be on Sunday in a week, when Stuttgart hosts Dresden. With a three point win Stuttgart can take away the lead from Dresden, which looks better as it is in the table currently, because they have one match more (the VCO Berlin points donation match).

  • I have never seen a match before, like Aachen-Schwerin yesterday...WOW !!!

    I'm curious wether McKenzie Adams will get an invitation for the wide roster of USA NT...

    Of course, she plays only for a small club in German League.. but at least in Bundesliga, I see no better OH.

    On the other hand, I hope she will not get so much attention, because I want to see her in Aachen again next season ;)

    By the way, Aachen's block was again impressive, yesterday. Polder and Stoeten are doing really well :teach:

  • Lisa Thomsen is out with an ankle injury for Münster, so today Linda Dörendahl makes a surprise comeback and she plays as if she had never retired :super: (she still played for their 2nd team this season, so she didn't completely retire).

    Potsdam is a lost cause. I've never seen a team with decent individual players looking so disorganised and most of all uninspired.

  • Münster - Potsdam 3:0 (25:19 25:22 25:21)
    MVP: Ines Bathen / Ljubica Kecman
    Weird MVP choice, Kecman has horrible stats and didn't do anything great that doesn't show in the stats either during the match :what:

    1 Dresdner SC 14 13 41:11 38
    2 Allianz MTV Stuttgart 13 11 35:12 34
    3 SSC Palmberg Schwerin 13 10 35:14 30
    4 USC Münster 13 7 28:22 24
    5 VC Wiesbaden 13 8 27:21 23
    6 Ladies in Black Aachen 14 8 29:25 22
    7 Rote Raben Vilsbiburg 13 6 23:24 17
    8 SC Potsdam 13 4 19:30 13
    9 VfB Suhl LOTTO Thüringen 13 3 13:33 9
    10 Schwarz-Weiß Erfurt 13 2 9:36 6
    11 VCO Berlin 12 0 5:36 0

  • Schedule for the weekend, all matches live on

    Sa, 19.00 Uhr: Vilsbiburg vs. Erfurt
    Sa, 19.00 Uhr: Schwerin vs. Suhl
    Sa, 19.00 Uhr: Wiesbaden vs. Münster
    So, 14.30 Uhr: Stuttgart vs. Dresden :!:

    Regrettable, that the last one Stuttgart vs. Dresden is not aired on TV, because it is Saturday - but there will be one exception on last league match day, when also on a Saturday for the first time Sport1 will air Stuttgart vs. Schwerin.

    By the way, getting a home match aired by Sport1 costs money - I'm not sure, if I am allowed, to reveal the amount (insider information via members of our team). At least Sport1 wants to keep it as a secret. Anyway, we are used to be obliged in Germany to pay money for getting into TV or internet streams...