Should FIVB bring back the Best Server award?

  • Should FIVB bring back the Best Server Award? 14

    1. Yes (11) 79%
    2. No (2) 14%
    3. Whatever... (1) 7%
    4. Maybe (0) 0%

    The serve has become such an ultimate weapon in volleyball in order to get an ace or disrupt the plays of the opponent. In many matches nowadays, the serve pressure is what makes or breaks the team. The fact that the serve is now excluded from the awarding ceremony is a blasphemy that should be undone.


    Do you agree with me that FIVB should bring back the server award? Do you disagree with the nonsense FIVB did by undermining the importance of the serve in post-tournament awarding.?

    Favorite players: M: Maxim Mikhaylov, Murilo, Serginho, Aaron Russell, Otavio, Simone Giannelli, Ivan Zaytsev, Tsvetan Sokolov, Michał Kubiak, Mariusz Wlazly, Pawel Zagummy W: Sheilla, Zhu Ting, Natalia, Fe Garay, Fofao, Gabi, Thaisa, Foluke Akinradewo, Wei Qiuyue, Ding Xia, Carli Lloyd, Fabi, Natalia Goncharova, Yuko Sano, Saoris Kimura and Sakoda

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  • I like the current system more. Rewarding the players who are only good at one element of the game doesn't sound fair to me. Instead, CEV and FIVB should consider all elements while picking the best players for dream teams. There are algorithms that statistic programs use to pick best players in combination with the players performance at serve, block, attack and reception depenging on their position. That system also consider the number mistakes too. However, this is not the case with best server or blocker awards, which uses only direct aces and stuff blocks. If one player is using a risky serve and gets one ace and one serving error every time she serves, I wouldn't call her as best server. A server who is smart to serve the ball towards the weakest player in the opponent team should get more credit.

    On the other hand, current system does not consider different elements of the game at all. Thus, an algorithm that combines each element would be the fairest way of rewarding players. The system used in Turkish volleyball league is quite fair. So far it suggests that dream team of Turkish league should consist of Naz Aydemir-Tijana Boskoviç-Zhu Ting-Mİa Jerkov-Milena Rasic-Eda Erdem-Nihan Güneyligil. Since Jerkov is a really good server, she is considered as one of the best OHs although one would pick KYK as best OH probably without considering all in all performance in different elements of the game. The dream team could be found via this link:

  • If they did a points systems based on serving results that can be measured easily.

    Such as 20 points for an ace, -10 for a service error and 1 point for a serve in play, and then divide by the total of serve attempts. You would need to have a minimum number of serves or sets played to qualify for the award. Highest average score wins.

    The Japanese league has no touch aces, aces with a touch (different point value), effective serves to determine their best server.

  • I think they should bring it back. I just don`t a have opinion in which would be the best way to rate it.

    According to the FIVB stats in the Olympics. Rasic and Zaytsev were the best servers.