Korea NT 2017

  • Wide roster for Grand Prix is out in some news article.

    OH: Kim Yeon Koung(Fenerbahce), Park Jeong Ah(IBK), Lee Jae Young(Heungkuk), Lee So Young(GS Caltex), Kang So Hwi(GS Caltex), Go Ye Rim(Hi-Pass)

    MB: Kim Su Ji(Heungkuk), Yang Hyo Jin(Hyundai E&C), Bae Yoo Na(Hi-Pass), Han Su Ji(KGC)

    OPP: Kim Hee Jin(IBK), Kim Mi Yeon(IBK)

    S: Yeom Hye Sun(Hyundai E&C), Lee Go Eun(IBK), Ahn Hye Jin(GS Caltex)

    Li: Kim Yeon Kyun(Hyundai E&C), Na Hyun Jeong(GS Caltex), Kim Hae Ran(KGC)

    Bold Font: Part of the team who competed in Rio Olympics
    Italic Font: Part of the 2016 NT(And got cut in the selection for those who'll compete in Rio Olympics)

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  • No Lee Da Yeong? :( :( :(

  • Yes, No Lee Da Young. All of the setters are quite short.

  • I guess for Korea, KYK is a once in a generation kind of a player. I hope they find a way to have a player or preferably a better team for her. She's getting older and none can change that.

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  • 2017 Korea Women's NT Roster for World Grand Prix

    OH: KIM Yeon Koung (Shanghai), PARK Jeong Ah (KEC Hi-Pass), LEE So Young (GS Caltex)

    OPP: KIM Hee Jin (IBK Altos), KIM Mi Yeon (IBK Altos), HWANG Min Kyoung (Hyundai E&C)

    MB: KIM Su Ji (IBK Altos), YANG Hyo Jin (Hyundai E&C), HAN Soo Ji (KGC Ginseng)

    S: YEUM Hye Seon (IBK Altos), LEE So La (KEC Hi-pass)

    Li: KIM Yeong Yeon (Hyundai E&C), KIM Hae Ran (Heungkuk)

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    Update - LEE So Young is out of the team due a knee injury sustain from training.

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  • 2017 South Korea Women's NT Roster for 2018 World Championship - AVC Qualifiers

    OH: KIM Yeon-Koung (Shanghai), PARK Jeong-Ah (KEC Hi-Pass), LEE Jae-Yeong (Heungkuk), HWANG Min-Kyoung (Hyundai E&C), CHOI Su-Bin (KGC Ginseng)

    OPP: KIM Hee-Jin (IBK Altos), HA Hye-Jin (KEC Hi-Pass),

    MB: KIM Su-Ji (IBK Altos), KIM Yu-Ri (GS Caltex), HAN Soo-Ji (KGC Ginseng)

    S: LEE Go-Eun (IBK Altos), CHO Song-Hwa (Heungkuk)

    Li: KIM Yeong-Yeon (Hyundai E&C), NA Hyun-Jung (GS Caltex)

    South Korea can't seem to settle who they want to play in the setter position. So far this international season they have used about five setters. YANG Hyo-Jin (MB) is still ruled out due to injury.

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  • well both Hye-Seon Yeum and So-La Lee played poorly during WGP, I don't know how the other ones played in further part of season :whistle:

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  • Totally agree with you, both play so poorly. I just don't understand why they didn't select Cho Song-Hwa in the first place for the WGP, and if not the WGP they should have given her a chance for the Asian Championship, or for the WGCC. Cho Song-Hwa was the best setter last season in the v-league, heck she even won the best setter award. Cho performed better than both Yeum Hye-Seon and Lee So-La (btw not even first choice setter in her team :whistle:) for the entire season.

  • It's been a busy season for Korean national team, congratulations for winning a qualification in Thailand. Nonetheless, I find mr. Hong Sung-Jin way of managing his setters questionable. The treatment of aforementioned Cho Song-Hwa in this tournament was quite peculiar.