Korea NT 2017

  • 2017 World League Wide Roster.

    OH: Song Hee Chae(OK Savings Bank), Jung Ji Seok(Korean Air), Park Joo Hyung(Hyundai Capital), Ryu Yoon Sik(Samsung), Lee Si Woo(Hyundai Capital)

    MB: Lee Sun Kyu(KB Insurance), Shin Young Seok(Hyundai Capital), Park Sang Ha(Woori Card), Jin Sang Heon(Korean Air)

    OPP: Choi Hong Seok(Woori Card), Lee Kang Won(KB Insurance), Kim Jung Hwan(Woori Card)

    S: Lee Min Gyu(OK Savings Bank), No Jae Wook(Hyundai Capital), Hwang Taek Ui(KB Insurance)

    Li: Bu Yong Chan(KEPCO), Oh Jae Seong(KEPCO), Kwak Dong Hyuk(KB Insurance)


    I'm quite surprised that some of the Korean V-League standouts are not part of the list.
    Choi Min Ho(Hyundai Capital) is entering or have entered the army service, Moon Sung Min(Hyundai Capital) had a surgery on his left knee on April 19th. But no Han Sun Soo(Korean Air), Kim Hak Min(Korean Air), Park Chul Woo(Samsung), Seo Jae Deok(KEPCO), Jeon Kwang In(KEPCO) and Song Myung Geun(OK Savings Bank)??

  • Really weird because all of the OH are like defensive OH. The Opposites are meh too. Seo Jae Deok have been their best scorer in the past few years. Him being not included is really a surprise.