Poland - Liga Siatkówki Kobiet 2017/18

  • No, they dont have any chances. Bełcik and Mirkovic are very weak. Zaroślinska is playing her worst season. Maybe if they will buy some reliable OH and put Smarzek as OPP, they can fight for F4. But I think that Developres has more chances.

  • Zuzanna Czyznielewska left Lodz and signed with Pałac Bydgoszcz.
    Magdalena Gryka left Azerrail and signed with KSZO Ostrowiec. She is already in Poland. Does it mean azeri league is over?

    Polish Cup - 4th round
    Wisła Warszawa - MKS Dąbrowa
    Mks Kalisz - Impel Wrocław
    Solna Wieliczka - Legionovia
    E.Leclerc Radom - Poli Budowlani Toruń

    4 teams will advance and then 8 teams from LSK (teams 3-10) will join.
    Chemik and ŁSK will start play from quarterfinals.

  • Polish Cup - 4th round
    Wisła Warszawa - MKS Dąbrowa 3:2 Stats
    Mks Kalisz - Impel Wrocław 0:3 Stats
    Solna Wieliczka - Legionovia 3:2 Stats
    E.Leclerc Radom - Poli Budowlani Toruń 3:1 Stats

    So 3 out of 4 teams from second division advanced to the next round :D

    5th round:
    Wisła Warszawa - Developres Rzeszów
    Proxima Kraków - Pałac Bydgoszcz
    PTPS Piła - Impel Wrocław
    Solna Wieliczka - BKS Bielsko-Biała
    Grot Budowlani Łódź - Muszynianka
    E.Leclerc Radom - KSZO Ostrowiec Św.

    [Chemik and ŁKS will start from quarterfinals]

    Polish League - Standings after 14th round:

    1 ŁKS Łódź 37 pts
    2 Chemik Police 36
    3 Developres Rzeszów 32*
    4 PTPS Piła 25

    5 Budowlani Łódź 25
    6 BKS Bielsko-Biała 23
    7 Muszynianka Muszyna 22
    8 KSZO Ostrowiec Św. 19
    9 Proxima Kraków 16
    10 Legionovia Legionowo 15
    11 Pałac Bydgoszcz 13*
    12 Impel Wrocław 12

    13 Budowlani Toruń 12
    14 MKS Dąbrowa Górnicza 4

    *Developres and Pałac played 13 games so far (one match less)

  • Hi ppl, first half of the regular phase is already here, anyone would like to share their thoughts on the potential list of the NT...? Of course still a lot will happens until the real choices will be made. Also, what do you think about the level of OL?

    After what we have seen so far I would go with:

    Wolosz, Nowicka
    Smarzek, Bociek
    Medrzyk, Damaske, Twardowska, Wojcik, Murek
    Kakolweska, Efimienko, Tokarska, Chojnacka
    Stenzel, Krzos

  • I'm glad that you included Twardowska and Damaske, both deserve to play in NT. Julia was the reason why Łódź won a set against Vakifbank.
    I would add Alagierska instead of Chojnacka, maybe Klaudia needs to improve her attack, but her blocking skills are already good.
    I hope that Smarzek will play as OPP, because Bociek isn't ready to be #1.
    Murek has some decent matches in the league even though that this is her first season, she can do much more in attack than Martyna. I hope that she will take Grajber's place as defensive player in NT.

  • I totally agree on Bociek benching for now. Seriously, a starting lineup made of our most talented young players (my subjective choice): wolosz smarzek(OPP) medrzyk damaske/murek kakolweska stenzel and I'm not sure about the second mb... it would be a competitive and very young team. Probably efimienko will be the second starter but actually this season it would be a reasonable choice (which was not always the case previous years). I think Chojnacka should get a chance she's very good in defence and setting, she can play slides on even higher balls even though she's not that high.
    I have such a good feeling about Stenzel this girl is incredible I'm sure that once she plays WGP and "the world sees her" she will leave Orlen Liga soon for Italy or somewhere

    Oh and Also, I asked in the Turkish league topic how is Grejman doing and apparently she's doing well! That's definitely good news.

  • I want to see Grejman (her team is #1 in Turkish division 2) and of course Mucha. I agree about Stenzel.. She is 19 and she plays amazing.. In 2 years, the biggest clubs in the world will fight for her.

  • An unexpected major upset of (no more) leader LKS Commercecon Lodz was done by Enea Pila today: the hosts won in four sets against the surprise team of this season and helped title defenders Chemik Police back to the lead of the league.

  • I think there is something beetwen impel's players. Julia Szczurowska added a photo from Italy on her Instagram. She is recovering there. Ilona Gierak (impel player) commented that its good that she is having great fun there and greetings from her teammates (irony). All Impel players liked that comment (Murek, Chojnacka, Nichol etc). Then Szczurowska father (ex volleyball player) replied that julia is having recovery, Stenzel replied that Julia is having a nice break. Szczurowska deleted that comments
    (Except Gierak's) and deleted from her bio that she is player of Impel Wroclaw. Also Radoslaw Gil (Polish Setter and probably Szczurowska's friend) replied that julia should stay in hotel and give up sightseeing Italy because some people are having pain in ass because of that.

  • I guess it might be because of money and other things like: short bench. Without Julia they have only 9 players! Some players have to play no matter what (minor injuries etc). That's not good for the team.
    On the other hand, I read some interviews with Julia and I think some of her words are just rude.

    Btw, something for Veljkovic's fans. I've never seen her with glasses before :flower:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kP1HgI72whE

  • Polish Cup - 5th round:
    Wisła Warszawa - Developres Rzeszów 1: 3
    Proxima Kraków - Pałac Bydgoszcz 2:3
    PTPS Piła - Impel Wrocław 3:2
    Solna Wieliczka - BKS Bielsko-Biała 0:3
    Grot Budowlani Łódź - Muszynianka 3:2
    E.Leclerc Radom - KSZO Ostrowiec Św. 3:1

    Quarterfinals: (02/14)
    ŁKS Łódź - Developres 3:1
    Enea PTPS Piła - Pałac Bydgoszcz 3:1
    E.Leclerc Radom - Chemik Police 3:2 :!:
    Budowlani Łódź - BKS Bielsko 3:0

    Chemik is out. They lost against the 3rd team from second division :D E.Leclerc Radom have amazing journey. They beat Chemik, Budowlani Toruń, KSZO Ostrowiec and different teams from lower division because they played they cup since the beginning. Chemik as first division leader started from quarterfinals...

  • Wow, LKS Commercecon Lodz hardly won in Legionowo: the hosts were even 10:7 up in tie-break, but the favourites from Lodz won at the end 13:15. Remember, Legionowo is only 11th, while this (better) Lodz team is still second behind defending champions Chemik Police and lead the league a considerable time this season.