Poland - Liga Siatkówki Kobiet 2017/18

  • L Anna Pawłowska (ŁKS Łódź) and L Justyna Łysiak (SMS Szczyrk/Impel) signed with PTPS Piła.
    Zuzanna Kucińska and Alicja Markiewicz will leave the team.

  • MB Katarzyna Połeć (last team: Leagionovia) and L Zuzanna Kucińska (last team: PTPS Piła) signed with Wisła Warszawa.
    Setter Gvantsa Marqrashvili (last team: ŁKS) signed with VK Presov (Slovakia).
    Setter Gabriela Jasińska renewd with Budowlani Toruń.
    The transfers of Agnieszka Woźniak, Kinga Hatala and Martyna Łukasik were confirmed by Trefl Proxima Kraków.

  • Kondzio, I have some updates for you :D
    Impel -> Magdalena Stasiak retired :(
    ŁKS -> Gvantsa Marqrashvili signed with VK Eperia Prešov http://www.svf.sk/sk/archiv-sp…avy/_po-me-pride-gruzinka
    Susic, Leszek and Gamała will probably leave ŁKS. Because according to their facebook page, there are 13 players in the team.
    Toruń -> Gabriela Jasińska renewed with Toruń (you probably missed the news)
    PIła -> Zuzanna Kucińska signed with Wisła Warszawa (1st league)
    Legionovia -> Połeć signed with Wisła Warszawa.
    Kraków -> Gabriela Ponikowska will play in AZS Eco Uni Opole (1st league). Marzena Kropidłowska probably will take a break.

  • Opp Zuzanna Czyżnielewska signed with Budowlani Łódź.
    Dajana Boskovic might play in PTPS Piła. She practises with the team.

  • Orlen resigned from being a sponsor of the league so it changed name and now it's Liga Siatkówki Kobiet :wavy:

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  • The supercup game between Chemik Police and Budowlani Łódź will be played today at 6.00 PM in... Dabrowa Gornicza. Looks like the hall will be empty.

  • Why does Poland as a whole keep insisting on Smarzek as OH? She can't receive at all and from the looks of it, she hasn't been improving in any way. She's so, so much better as OPP.

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  • And it ends 26-28 :rolll:

  • Congrats Budowlani!
    I think league season started too early and feel so sorry for all the players that played at ECH last week :( For example, Maret joined Chemik on Wednesday.

  • This SuperCup is playing a little to early. Girls had only few days to "rest".
    Anyway, congratulations to Łódź :flower: