Dutch NT 2017

  • Netherlands volleyball league isnt up to standard, so it's hard to find a good player there. Many new players are so short and i think they won't be able to compete with world-class opponent. There are many who are 189+ cm but there spike reach arent up to 305cm. What im surprise is Dagmar Boom is on the roster. I mean i like her and she is the best reciever in the u18 roster. However, her height is still too low.

    There are many interesting player i want to see they in line-ups too, which are Nika Daaldelop, Laura de Zwart, and Marlies Wagendorp whose spike reaches are 317, 325, 312. Laura de Zwart's spike reach is even higher than Lonneke!

    Based on the facts on CEV page. Nika Daaldelop play as an opposite. The opposite position's already given to Sloetjes lol but i believe she can be a good backup too since Pietersen converted her position to oh. Laura de Zwart is a middle blocker which used to be the position for duo de Kruijf and Belien. Maybe she can replace de Kruijf bc she is injured. Marlies Wagendorp is a middle blocker too, so this roster will have many good middles.

    However, the real roster's gonna based on their performance during the practice but i really really want to see some good new players from Ned national team

    Ps. Sorry for my English

  • I really don't know what to think about Debby Stam's name in the roster for Montreux and on this picture..

    As far as I remember, she retired after Rio...

    Would be great, if she would continue ( since Schoot and Knip are much weaker than Debby, especially in reception), but actually I can't imagine, until she confirms herself...

  • Since our new headcoach is in Japan at the moment, I expect the roster to be released only next week.. :teach:

    The most important things for this summer will be of course who will replace Steenbergen and Stam in the roster at ECH..

    For MB-position, I expect Marlies Wagendorp as the main-candidate. For libero-position, Schoot should be the main-candidate.

    In Montreux we will probably see a few totally new faces :win:

  • For MB-position, I expect Marlies Wagendorp as the main-candidate. For libero-position, Schoot should be the main-candidate.

    I think Jeanine Stoeten will get the nod for MB. She had a very good season in Aachen, better than Wagendorp in Vilsbiburg IMO. Also judging by the shirt number, Stoeten is #7 and Wagendorp #23 :D But there still is Koolhaas :whistle::D

    About libero, is Stam retired or not?? It's confusing...

  • I'm too curious why Meijners is not playing for Dutch NT? :whistling:

    I hope you are joking... :teach:

    On topic: Grothues and De Kruijf are already practicing with the team at Papendal Training Centre...

    The 4 players from Scudetto finals and of course Sloetjes and Buijs will have some time off...I don't expect them on court before the start of World Grand Prix. Especially since Morisson wants to see new players in Montreux.

  • I am not kidding. I dont know reason why Meijners out of team. She is better than Pietersen and Plak :whistling:

  • For everbody asking in the future about Meijners and Dutch NT:

    Meijners was in the Dutch golden roster of WGP in 2007 as opposite-substitute for Manon Flier.

    After that season (probably also because of Avital Selinger's 'regime' , she decided to retire from Dutch NT, because she didn't want to spend the whole year in the gym anymore.

    Until now she hasn't changed her mind. And, to be honest, I don't think the current roster would accept her anymore..

  • http://www.volleybalkrant.nl/n…bij-oranje-pietersen-niet

    Judith Pietersen takes the summer off to recover from some physical problems. Debby Stam will be available for WCHQ, if she'll continue to play afterwards isn't known yet. Sloetjes is the only real OPP in the team now, Morrisson intends to use Plak in that position if necessary.

    Training roster for Dutch NT:
    S: Laura Dijkema, Femke Stoltenborg, Britt Bongaerts.
    OH: Maret Balkestein-Grothues, Celeste Plak, Anne Buijs, Nicole Oude Luttikhuis, Marrit Jasper, Nika Daalderop.
    MB: Yvon Beliën, Robin de Kruijf, Jeanine Stoeten, Tessa Polder, Nicole Koolhaas.
    OPP: Lonneke Sloetjes
    L: Debby Pilon-Stam, Myrthe Schoot, Kirsten Knip.