Tokyo 2020 Qualification rules

  • People can call me ignorant, but I don`t understand why is the America continent divided into North America and South America when it comes to FIVB tournaments, but then we have the Pan American Games and Pan American Cup where all these teams compete together.

  • Quality, imho.
    I think that both NORCECA and South America have an overall better quality than Africa (or Oceania). Their best two teams are highly probable better than their first team.
    If course it's possible I'm wrong about their quality and/or about the idea of overall respecting this presumed quality (so 1 spot for South America for me isn't enough, while 3 are probably too much, if for example Argentina and Brazil qualify in WOT/IOT and let's say Venezuela in the CQT)

    You are contradicting by yourself :aww: If it is about quality, be it all European who are better than Argentina :rolleyes:

  • so for example, n. america has 2 strong teams (USA and CAN), so let's say both teams qualify via the W q or the IC q. then NORCECA would have a 3rd slot, which would be a conceivably weaker team

    a WC-type event where 3 top teams qualify (the 12 teams would be WCh winner, plus 2 from each continent, plus a host country).

    then continental Q tournaments (5 spots).

    then all those not qualified, let's say the leftover top 8 in the world, would then compete for the last 3 spots.

    Exactly, I think it would be the most fair order for the exact reason you expressed in the first quote: no offense, but I prefer many European teams (plus Iran) to – let's say – Venezuela and undersomething Cuba.
    Obviously if Venezuela will beat Argentina in their CQT, congrats to them ^^

    You are contradicting by yourself :aww: If it is about quality, be it all European who are better than Argentina :rolleyes:

    No, I'm not :whistle:
    My point is: the qualification should be arranged in order to (ideally) express the quality of the CONTINENTS, not the quality of the teams in itself.

    So, for me NORCECA, South America and Asia+Oceania all deserve 2 spots, Africa 1, Europe 5 (or 4 if you don't consider Japan in the 2 of the AVC, but I would).
    That doesn't necessarily mean the 6th European team isn't better than Argentina or Iran, but for me it would be unbalanced having 6/7 European teams and only spot one for the other continents, plus the host.
    [for the female I would change the numbers a bit, for example adding spot for Asia]

    If the CQT would be held first, Brazil and USA would probably get that spot, potentially leaving too much (too much for me, of course – others may think otherwise) space to Europe in WOT and IOT (plus 1 from the European CQT), and potentially leaving out (in this example) both Canada and Argentina.
    [I'm just imagining the scenario with all 'free' spot to Europe, obviously Canada and Argentina can qualify trough IOT and WOT as well]

    On the other hand, as ossubtus explained, I wouldn't like the CQT as last tournament because if Brazil, Argentina, USA, Canada had already qualified we may end up with more teams from America than reasonable (again, reasonable in my opinion, other could think it's reasonable to have 3 teams from NORCECA and 3 from South America).

    [All this thought are based on the most probable results of these QTs, obviously it's theoretically possible – for example – than Brazil doesn't qualify at all. Or that Canada beat USA un the CQT, and so on.]

  • Screw Africa with their one fixed spot out of 12, it should be all about the poor Europeans with all their chances to qualify, right?

    Some people here need to learn the real meaning of the Olympic games ASAP

    No, it shouldn't be all about Europe and no, we haven't forgotten about the real meaning of the Olympics. According to the ancient Olympic slogan, however, everyone should have the right to participate. And unlike most (individual) disciplines where you might just pass the qualification time/result/minimum, team games are a different story. Hence, the continent where the best volleyball is played on average and where most of the best players earn their salaries is at a disadvantage. Not because they should all qualify but because they don't have the chance to try to participate/qualify. This is the whole difference! Besides, the "participation only" slogan is long void, sports nowadays is an industry and participation only is not enough. I will just leave the scandals, the doping cases, etc., here, without launching a further discussion on it. This is why they should either alter the format (as of now, inapplicable), reduce the overall importance of the Olympic volleyball tournament (like in football, but who knows if it will be a good idea), or change the qualification process by either distributing quotas properly (I am sorry, the quotas in Rio were very pro-American and anti-European, we know who the FIVB president is; this might be the best scenario, though) or dropping the continental ones and leaving it to the best teams (I am not a fan of this idea either!).

  • I agree that Europe should have more slots, there is no discussion on that. When I talked about the meaning of the Olympic games I was referring to some people simply wanting to put the 12 best ranked teams in the world, which would obviously leave Africa completely out of the tournament.

  • I heard following qualification system will be used for OG 2020 men :

    - 1 ticket host Japan

    - 6 tickets = 6 winners of six world tournaments in mid August 2019 (each tournament four teams) selected according to FIVB ranking on 1st Jan 2019 - serpentine system

    /FIVB ranking will not cover Volleyball Nations League/

    - 5 tickets = 5 winners of continental tournaments in January 2020

    We have to wait for final FIVB decision/confirmation but what it means in practice ? More strong teams in OG ! There might be in theory even 7 teams from CEV.

  • That's what I read before too, but today I came accross different info here.

    According to this, there will be three stages again. World Cup is essentially replaced by World Qualifying Tournament, with pretty much the same formula: 12 teams (host, world champion, 2 best ranked teams per continent), top 3 qualify for the Olympics.

    After that, there will be continental qualifiers, with one qualifying quota per continent, like before.

    And finally, the best 12 ranked teams not already qualified will be divided into three groups of four teams, and the winners go to Tokyo.

    If this is true, the qualifying system remains basically the same.

  • This is going to be a mess.

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  • So they destroyed the World Cup (a fascinating tournament loved by everyone) and replaced it with...another tournament doing the same? RIP Vabochan, you'll be missed.