Tokyo 2020 Qualification rules

  • This is not true! Do you know how many players became victims of this very same federation? How many were forced to quit volleyball or haven't developed well enough because of ludicrous contracts (with clubs directly and the federation indirectly, binding them for life), inadequate but "appropriate" coaches, favorable players, or unacceptable sports conditions? It has a lot to do with the federation's business. Pity that even those in the current NT didn't support the boycott of 2012. Instead, they remained silent and some have declined NT invitations over the years in one way or another.

    Prandi is officially Bulgaria's new head coach. This was made public at the start of 2019 or at the end of 2018, I don't remember. He will help the NT, of course. The same way he did back in 2008-2010 (to me, the best volleyball Bulgaria ever played). But this will be his second tenure at the NT and I wish he had the decency and self-respect not to sign with the same federation which fired him unfairly for dubious reasons and Prandi had to hear it from friends and journalists, not in person. The so-called Prandi scheme, as it remains for the archives, was used to get rid of Stoychev afterwards, too.

    Thanks for the additional context about Prandi.

    Actually, what I meant is that the players are not responsible for the corruption of the federation. The NT players deserve a better coach (Prandi) to train them to play better and achieve better result.

    We can't blame the players not to take stronger action against the federation. Taking part in the Olympics is every athlete's dream. Not everyone can be Kaziyski, who's already become one of the best players in the world and wouldn't need to worry about his career or finance; I also recall he's one of the very few who are completely free from the Bulgarian Volleyball Federation in terms of financial responsibility.

  • Match schedule of group D (Gdańsk):

    Friday, 9 August

    17:00 Poland – Tunisia

    20:30 France – Slovenia

    Saturday, 10 August

    15:00 Poland – France

    18:30 Slovenia – Tunisia

    Sunday, 11 August

    12:00 France – Tunisia

    15:00 Poland – Slovenia

  • Very “smart” arrangement of the schedule from the Polish federation. France and Slovenia faces each other in the first match and the loser would have a slim chance of winning the pool. No matter whether France wins the match or not, it’s not going to be an easy challenge for them, and the match will likely end around 23:00. With a very short time of rest, France will then face Poland early in the afternoon the next day. I think that’s why Poland arranges their own match as the first one in the first two days, and why they don’t arrange to play France, presumably their strongest opponent of the pool, in the last match.