Italy - Serie A1 2017/18

  • In a fair world, Stufi would be starter for some good NT. But in Italy she's not even considered among the best 5 or so MBs :(

    I agree. ;(

    "Voglio i tuoi occhi quando sognerai per farmi rimanere qui"
    "...come la terra la pioggia d'estate"
    "Io ti ho coperto le spalle, scoprendo tutto il mio cuore"
    - Emma :heart::love:

  • Yes, but she doesn't play today, she's not even in the roster.

    Oh sorry, we were all talking about Busto-Bergamo match and I thought crovolley was asking about that match :lol:

    I'm not very good in judging MBs (mostly because of the block abilities) but Lucky wasn't very happy about Stufi...
    Ps Anyway for what I can judge I like her ;)

    MVP for me Gennari or Orro :heart:

    Monza won 3-1, last set 25-13 :white:

  • don't know some of these players since i just started watching some of the club season, but ...

    stufi is definitely very good.

    i don't get nicoletti. she's a good server but not impressive as an attacker. she should be the top scorer of her team as the OPP but she's not.

    also i didn't understand why the coach kept switching fabris and nicoletti back and forth, without any reason or pattern? i didn't think it made any difference...

    why did they award medals at the end of the novara x imoco match? like it was a final or something?

  • Diouf took a ball in the eye yesterday and now has a retinal edema, she should be out a week they said.

    And Guiggi had dizziness for an allergic reaction to a pharmacological infiltration.

    Bricio was in Imoco last year as well (first time in Europe after american college), but she didn't played much because she had a long pneumonia first and then and ankle injury.

  • I agree. ;(

    I also agree, she always has been a solid MB, not too striking but always does her job on the court. Speaking of Busto, where is Giulia Pisani? I thought she was Busto's symbolic player, or at least close to it.

    As for Conegliano, Bricio is a splendid attacker, however still Easy's absence will be a big pain in their ass, as a matter of fact. The most positive factor about this team is that Wolosz has shown pretty smooth connections with her MBs (Folie and De Kruijf), but definitely needs more work with Fabris. Hill also needs to be on her mettle too, in terms of attacking. It's just beginning of the season and the whole team hasn't worked for a month, they obviously need more time.

  • I agree. ;(

    This is so true. Im actually confused why she isnt in the NT when in fact shes been scoring very well in Busto. But looking in the NT, when you have Chirichella, Folie. Although i think she's better than Danesi and Bonifacio, it's just that the two is much younger and is the future of the Italian NT.

  • Enright was excellent in Italy last season as well for Firenze. I think she played in Azerbaijan before that?

    how old is she ?
    maybet turkish top teams' scouts are monitoring her..i havent watched her ....could she be good replacement for Larson ? is she a balanced OH ?

  • Not sure just how old she is but she's not that young, probably in her mid-20s. She is quite a balanced OH with good serving and receiving. Her attacking is quite good, but not as good as Larson at her best

    Larson hasnt been at her best in the recent seasons offensively...

  • Folie out for about 10 days for a muscular problem, Diouf on Friday will have the doctor check for the eye (and until then she will stay out for sure), Whilithe doesn't have fracture bust just an important distortion (that could mean everything...)

  • Enright played in Japan as well, but she had an ending season injury. She's among the best all-around OHs in world since 2014/2015 IMHO.

    "Voglio i tuoi occhi quando sognerai per farmi rimanere qui"
    "...come la terra la pioggia d'estate"
    "Io ti ho coperto le spalle, scoprendo tutto il mio cuore"
    - Emma :heart::love:

  • 4th Round

    Imoco Conegliano - Sab Legnano 3-0
    Hill 19 (52%), Bricio 11 (50%), Nicoletti 11 / Drews 15, Degradi 6, Newcombe 5

    Pomì Casalmaggiore - Saugella Monza 1-3
    Pavan 20, Guerra 11, Stevanovic 9 / Havelkova 20, Ortolani 18, Begic 15

    Igor Gorgonzola Novara - Lardini Filottrano 3-1
    Egonu 22, Enright 20 (50%), Piccinini 20 / Tomsia 16, Scuka 13, Mitchem 12

    Unet E-Work Busto Arsizio - Foppapedretti Bergamo 3-1
    Bartsch 20, Gennari 20, Piani 19 / Malagurski 14, Acosta 10, Popovic 9

    Il Bisonte Firenze - Savino Del Bene Scandicci 0-3
    Sorokaite 12, Tirozzi 8, Milos 6 / Haak 21 (58%), De La Cruz 10, L.Bosetti 9

    MyCicero Pesaro - Liu•Jo Nordmeccanica Modena 2-3
    Van Hecke 24, Aelbrecht 19, Nizetich 16 / Barun 27, C.Bosetti 16, Heyrman 13


    1. Savino Del Bene Scandicci 12
    1. Imoco Volley Conegliano 12
    3. Igor Gorgonzola Novara 11
    4. Unet E-Work Busto Arsizio 9
    5. Saugella Monza 6
    5. Liu•Jo Nordmeccanica Modena 6
    7. MyCicero Pesaro 4
    8. Sab Legnano 3
    8. Pomì Casalmaggiore 3
    8. Lardini Filottrano 3
    8. Il Bisonte Firenze 3
    12. Foppapedretti Bergamo 0