Italy - Serie A1 2017/18

  • I think the confusion is in that those live score stats don't make a distinction between spiking and serving errors, you have to look at the detailed stats for that.
    For example, last week it said that Guiggi had 5 mistakes and I wondered how a MB like her could make that many, but it turned out 4 of those were from the service line.

  • How do you call that ? I don't get it. You made error in attack if you hit "out" or in the block...

    If you hit out that is a err, but if u hit in the block and get blocked, that is not a err, you get blocked because someone else is doing their job right in blocking you. The point count a block for whoever blocked you and does not count as a err for the spiker... otherwise there would be no way to count blocks if they were counting getting blocked as a err

    But ok..she had 4 service errs which bring her to 11. I`m sorry I was thinking u were saying she had 11 spiking errs that`s why I said she had only 7 errs and not 11. ( I was not couting the services errs)

  • Whenever I watch Arcangeli (and Sirressi), I wonder what De Gennaro does in NT...

    Same here! I must blame De Gennaro and her motivation. If things goes bad, her motivation sinks and you can read that in her facial impressions and even body language. She doesn‘t even come to the middle to her teammates after getting or losing the point and she downs the motivation of her teammates as well!

  • What I really like is how Parisi trusts Haak and keeps her on court even if she sucks for two sets. And she definitely deserves the trust.

    Did Bianchini played a bit as OH? Because she proved to be able to get on court during an already started matches and shine, so I woukd have tried her as opp.

    But I agree that a young and talented player needs to be given time to pass through her own mistakes, otherwise in the important matches she may melt down if she'll have trouble playing that day.

  • Pesaro is finally showing what they can do. They have Lisa Van Hecke and Nizetich, both of them are very good players so I'm not surprised by this result.

    And Isabelle Haak scored 30 points that is amazing but what is not amazing is number of her errors, 11.

    Tonight Fabris scored 31 points, 9 errs and got blocked 5 times. If you wanna count getting blocked as errs this brings a total of 14 errs.

    Ortolani 31 points, 3 errs and got blocked 3 times.

    Haak 27 points, 8 errs and got blocked 0 times.

  • Wow, a lot of first yesterday!

    - First defeat by Scandicci
    - First victory of Bergamo (I'm very happy for them! from the stats it looks like Malinov played as titular but Sylla only entered the court as a sub?)
    - First loss point by Imoco --> congrats Busto! after taking the first (and for now only) point by Novara, they did the same with Conegliano. I'm really, really happy for how they're doing this year, with all these mostly young Italians it's impossible for me not to care about them, even if I also like the three big teams ^^
    - First 3-0 victory by Pomì and first victory at home, but the most important thing is that the finally come back to victory
    - First victory at home by Modena

    And I didn't expected Pesaro to won vs Monza, but I must say the signals were there considering the last round.

    Ps Bricio had a fever.

  • 7th Round

    Pomì Casalmaggiore - Lardini Filottrano 3-0
    Martinez 17 (50%), Pavan 15 (57%), Stevanovic 11 / Scuka 13, Tomsia 12, Hutinski 5

    Foppapedretti Bergamo - Il Bisonte Firenze 3-2
    Popovic 16, Acosta 13, Malagurski 12 / Sorokaite 24, Tapp 21, Santana 20

    Liu•Jo Nordmeccanica Modena - Sab Legnano 3-2
    C.Bosetti 23, Barun 19, Heyrman 17 / Mingardi 26, Pencova 14, Degradi 11

    Savino Del Bene Scandicci - Igor Gorgonzola Novara 0-3
    Haak 27, Adenizia 7, De La Cruz 6 / Egonu 20, Plak 14, Piccinini 11 (52%)

    Unet E-Work Busto Arsizio - Imoco Conegliano 2-3
    Bartsch 23, Diouf 19, Gennari 13 / Fabris 31, Hill 23, De Kruijf 17

    Saugella Monza - Mycicero Pesaro 2-3
    Ortolani 31, Dixon 15, Loda 13 / Van Hecke 23, Bokan 15, Nizetich 15


    1. Igor Gorgonzola Novara 20
    1. Imoco Conegliano 20
    3. Savino Del Bene Scandicci 17
    4. Unet E-Work Busto Arsizio 16
    5. Liu•Jo Nordmeccanica Modena 11
    6. MyCicero Pesaro 10
    7. Saugella Monza 7
    7. Sab Legnano 7
    7. Pomì Casalmaggiore 7
    10. Il Bisonte Firenze 6
    11. Lardini Filottrano 3
    12. Foppapedretti Bergamo 2