Italy - Serie A1 2017/18

  • Are the stats right? Piccinini and Gibb with 0 points

  • I think Malinov for Woloz

    why isn't De Kruijf in Novara? :whistling:

    They needed De Kruijf. No offense (nor much blocking) from middle without her. Wolosz was not smart and often trapped her hitters low today too.

    I do not know why Shame is ragging on Hill. She had a great day. Was very strong hitting (despite no threat of middle attack), passed well (better than anyone on Novara's side statistically - and the majority of balls went right on top of Wolosz's head), dug well and was the only one to get decent block touches on Egonu. If Conegliano had a weakness today, it was too many unforced errors hitting and some silliness from Wolosz.

    Conegliano is the better team with full foreigner allotment.

  • Yes, it's right. There's no way Agil can involve the middles as long as they play a 2 liberos and 2 opposites system. Chirichella has been dominant lately, but she didn't get enough balls as well. :whistle:

    And they still won, amazing. I'm impressed that Gibb did not bench.

  • Congrats to Novara! It was hard but they came through with a tough match.

    Picci in the last three years won two super cups, a champions league with MVP title, a championship and an italian cup: just enough for an enviable palmares :D :D :super:

  • Today is very interesting match between Novara-Conegliano again. Winner of this match is the mos likely to won regular season. (Conegliano would be still number even if they lost 3:2) And Scandicc is second right now and they can finished this regular season as second team if Novara lose today.

    Novara is outplaying Conegliano in every part of the game so it will be hard fot them after they lost 2 games against them.

  • She got injured against Novara in last match of CL. But it didn't look so bad.

    That is 5th player who got injured in Conegliano this season.

  • What happend with Bricio ? She can't score, She is looks so scared :S. And She is still making error after error.
    Hill didn't got set, players are making to many errors. I don't like this :S
    Only good news is that Folie is really back

  • Novara - Imoco 2:1 (25:21, 25:22, 19:25)

    Egonu 19points vs Fabris 18 points. Very close match between this two teams.

  • Novara - Conegliano 3:2 (25:21, 25:22, 25:19, 25:16, 15:11)

    Egonu 30 points vs Fabris 31 points, Samanta scored 10 points alone in 4th set. Now Conegliano is one step closer to won regular season and to qualify for next CL. :D

    Even if Conegliano loset they finally showed good game, OHs are making stupid mistakes. Hill and Bricio needs to clear their heads. Thank you god Play-Offs aren't so close so they have time. I hope Robin will come back, does somebody has info about her ???

  • Everything is still open I just don't know how it will work if Scandicci and Novara won 3 points in last match and Conegliano won only 1 points. All of them will have 51 points ??
    1.Coneglino 50
    2.Scandicci 48
    3.Novara 48